Help Tofu! - Gun shot to her chest

The goal for her existing medical bills has been met! Anything further will be going to help with her futrue vistits to see how she is healing as well as a possible court situation to attempt to get some justice and closure from the shooters. Thank you so much for all the love and support!

On 7-3-17 at Apx 8:30pm our dog had gotten out due to being scared of fireworks. She was then shot by a neighbor and found collapsed and bleeding to death 2 houses down from ours. She was rushed to an animal care center and the bleeding was stopped.

We didnt know where she was all night after looking and had just found out the next morning that she had been taken to an emergency vet to get her stable then returned to animal control. We called in to try to pick her up and were given 2 options. They could put her down on the spot or rush her to an emergency vet to be prepared for possible surgery to remove the bullet. Tofu is the closest thing I have to a daughter so of course there was no question. She was kept over night at the emergency vet to be seen by a surgeon in the morning about removing the bullet from her chest. It was decided that it was just too risky to try to remove it due to it being so close to vital organs, lungs and heart. 

Some details on where she was shot and how we know. X-rays revealed that the bullet entered her skin on the right side of her chest went through a rib then stopped half way to the other side. We have a witness to her being shot that said that she was not making any aggressive body movements before being shot. She was in fact just calling her over for pets to see if she was ok just before a man came out and shot at her with what we think was a high powered BB gun. Just based on the bullet shape via X-ray. The top of the X-ray is her front area. 

After taking care of Tofu at the vet I went over to speak with the women who told us she had been shot at and showed her a photo to confirm it was in fact Tofu. She confirmed and pointed me over to the mans house who shot her. When I went over to his home he denied shooting her and even said that he does not own a gun.

At this time we are gathering all info to file a full police report and get to the bottom of things. Since we have a witness as well as several people who know her to be a very friendly dog I am sure we will at least get some form of justice for her pain and suffering.

We are a low income household and have put all medical on credit cards so she could get the treament needed to save her life. Any help would be greatly appriciated and help us have back up fund in case she needs to go back in to have the bullet removed.  Thank you veryone for well wishes and spreading the word. We are so happy Tofu was able to pull through. Here are some more photos of her and her injuries. 

Some donations were made before this was posted so it was reflected int he amount. Thank you so much!
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