Almost there; Help The Hoovers

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

     Our primary objective is to remain sheltered, clothed, and fed until we can get back on our feet 100%.  Every little bit helps, including resource leads as well as currency.  Our goals is $5,000.00 to pay our past due bills, get caught up on rent, and stay sheltered until our income stabilizes.  

First, an introduction to our Family:     

My name is Clinton,  

     My wife, Nadean

Our 3 wonderful sons;
Aidan Blade (11 yrs), nickname Buddha,

Anthony Drake (7 yrs) nickname Squishy,

and Alexander Markus (3 yrs), a.k.a. Xander, a.k.a. Mogli.  

     We have been struggling, like many families these days, to raise our family for the last 11 years through many setbacks, illnesses, job layoffs, family deaths, etc..  Fortunately, we are now in a position to finally achieve financial independence and self-sufficiency, but some of our toughest roadblocks still lie ahead.  As we have explored many options for help, most of our resources have been depleted.  We are now reaching out via GoFundMe to try and finalize our financial stability and move forward on our own steam.

     How did we get here, you may ask?  Great question; I'd be happy to share...

     Without babbling needlessly about the woes, I'll put it as simply as I can.  My wife and I have endured numerous deaths and suicides that affected us greatly, I was laid-off from 4 jobs in 3 years due to off-shore outsourcing, It has been determined that our 7 year old son is on the Autism spectrum, we are just waiting our turn (March of 2015!) until we can have him definitively diagnosed, and to top it all off I had no idea I had been battling severe depression and massive anxiety for my entire life. So the depression was already there, hibernating; 
Add a few crises and some grief and you find yourself hiking barefoot in a tarpit, figuratively speaking.

     Luckily, here's where the clouds began clear.  After experiencing a full break down in 2012, I finally got the help I had so badly needed for a very long time.  I went through counseling, and have been taking a very small dose of mild anti-depressants.  My wife also had the good fortune of finding a wonderful grief-counseling program as well.  With all the doom of the past now neatly stored away, we are now stronger than ever!  Our children have even noticed the difference; it's amazing what they notice..........

     Now than times are looking up, here is our plan to get back up on our feet completely:

1. I have been offered a great job with a great company.  I start work on August 4th (2014), so there is one piece of our self sufficiency plan in place!  The income is going to be about $25,000.00 per year, which can at the very least cover our basics; Rent, electric, and communications (internet & phone). 

2. As Nadean has also been looking for work, she is currently taking jobs via Direct Labor and she has been a CHAMP!  She has been doing everything from yard work to cannery work.  She has commited to do her part to cover what she can, which so far this can cover transportation expenses, so we can all get where we need.  Her great work ethic will definitely get her full-time work soon!

3. Currently, our household basics and food funding is coming from the State of Oregon, and this certainly won't last forever.  We can rely on this for now, but full time work from Nadean will cover these expenses.

     I am going to complete my degree in Infomation Security Systems online via University of Phoenix, which will greatly increase our earning potetnital!!  I have already done the paperwork and am waiting to start until I have a consistent work schedule to plan around.  

Our basic plan is in place, now here is where we desparately need help:

1. We are being evicted.  

     It looks like our landlord's patience has run out.  Even though we have always caught up our rent anytime we have fallen behind, we were served an eviction notice on 7/16/2014.  Any resources we have used in the past for help with this have dried up.  By the time court is over, we will owe July and August rent, late fees, and court fees totaling $2,425.00.  My wife and I will be presenting several different payment options to our landlord (which, coincedentally never answers his phone or returns messages....) at our hearing on 7/28/2014.  If he accepts our plans, then AWESOME POSSUM! If not, then the $2,425.00 goes to finding a new place to live in 30 days or less.  

2. We are behind on our electric bill
     Luckily, we have had the aid of a local Community Action group who has been wonderful and has helped us with this predicament thus far.  That funding for us has run out, and we can not ask for more assistance from them for two years.  We currently owe $190.00, and I'm suspecting by 8/1/2014 we'll owe more like $390.00.  

3. Our communications to world have been severed!
    Well, not completely (obviously... <smile>), but it has certainly become much more difficult.  Our cell phone problem was solved about 2 months ago when my wife signed us up for SafeLink.  This program provided us with a free cell-phone with about 400 mintues a month.  Now internet, there's another speed-bump.  I owe Comcast $485.00, plus a $100.00 deposit just to re-connect my service....YIKES!  Unfortunately I was in a service contract and when I could no longer afford the bill, I got hit with early termination fees.  Also, they are the ONLY (yes, I checked <wink>) internet provider in my neighborhood. This also adds fule to the eviction/moving conversation.  Going forward, my service will only cost $48.00 per month, we just need to get out of the cellar with Comcast.

(Looking for current bill....)

4. The Griswold Family Truckster
     Our primary source of transportation is a 1999 Mercury Mountaineer, a.k.a. a re-dressed Ford Explorer.  SIze-wise, it's perfect for us, especially since our sons are only getting bigger.  As vehichles go, it needs some minor work.  Luckily, I am very mechanically inclined, as my origial major was Engineering.  I can do 100% of my own auto work, as long as I have the right tools and facilities.  Since I don't have a professional garage (yet...<wink>) I am limited to some basics, but it saves us a ton of money.

     Currently the vehicle needs:
     TIRES:                $800.00
     Alignment:         $150.00
     Tune-Up:            $120.00
     REGISTRATION    $130.00
     Insurance            $ 85.00
     TOTAL           $1,285.00

     Regular monthly income will also help maintain these expenses, but we just need that push over the hill to make sure we can get to where we need.

     As far as our medical expenses are concerned, we are currently completely covered by our state healthcare system.  Plus, my new job has an excellent benefits package.  Thankfully, this will make sure 

     Our goal is to raise $5000.00 to help us avoid eviction, full utilitiy disconnection, and severe hardship just as my wife and I are on the brink of being able to financially support the beautiful family we have created.

    Please help our family meet our goals and help us to achieve our long term goal of being self-sufficient, and financially independent.  

     It has been a long, tumultuous journey, but the light at the end of the tunnel is near.....

Thank you again.

UPDATE:  7/30/2014

Here is the payment plan we wrote up with out landlord, and she was absolutely wonderful:

Date            Amt.                  Balance                
 7/27/14    ($1,225.00)     ($1,225.00) 
 7/28/14          $350.00         ($875.00)     Scheduled Payment

Date            Amt.                  Balance
   8/1/14          $350.00         ($525.00)     Scheduled Payment
   8/4/14          $100.00         ($425.00)     Scheduled Payment
   8/5/14     ($1,075.00)     ($1,500.00)   (Aug. Rent+late fee)
 8/22/14          $650.00          ($850.00)    Scheduled Payment

Date             Amt.                  Balance
    9/1/14         $350.00          ($500.00)    Scheduled Payment
    9/5/14    ($1,075.00)     ($1,575.00)   (Sept. Rent+latefee)
    9/5/14         $650.00          ($925.00)    Scheduled Payment
  9/19/14         $650.00          ($275.00)    Scheduled Payment

Date             Amt.                  Balance 
  10/1/14         $350.00              $75.00     Paying ahead!!
  10/3/14         $650.00            $725.00     Scheduled Payment
  10/5/14    ($1,075.00)         ($350.00)   (Oct. Rent+late fee)
10/17/14         $587.50            $237.50     Scheduled Payment
10/31/14         $587.50            $825.00     Scheduled Payment

Balance As Of 10/31/2014        $825.00
(Credit balance toward November)
All is caught up and everyone is happy!

Onward we trek!   :)


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Clint Hoover 
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