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Hi everyone,

As many of you may already know, my girlfriend, Linda, has been very unwell now for 5 years as a result of contracting Lyme disease from a tick bite whilst on a spiritual retreat in rural northern California. Despite a recent senate inquiry, Lyme disease is still not yet recognised officially in Australia, and therefore Linda did not receive an accurate diagnosis for 8 months, despite seeing 10 different specialists. Because of this, Linda was prevented from receiving appropriate long term treatment in Australia and her life has been forever changed as a result.

Linda's symptoms have included severe body wide muscle pain, severe brain and spine swelling, unbearable migraines, neurological disorders (e.g. brain fog, short term memory loss, mental confusion, concentration and reading difficulties, trouble recalling names and words, and sensitivity to light, touch, and noise), extreme chronic fatigue (she was completely bed bound, sleeping 20 hours a day for much of the first year of her illness), breathing difficulties.  Additionally, she deals with very bad digestive issues (e.g. stabbing gut pain with each food intake), muscle twitches, nerve pain, body weakness, hair loss, skin disorders, night sweats, insomnia, chills, and prominent hormonal issues (including auto-immune Hashimotos Thyroidits), and much more.

Unfortunately, over the last 1.5 years, Linda has developed 3 major additional complications/conditions. For example, POTS- Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (effecting her BP, Heart rate, urinary function, temperature regulation and even ability to sit upright at times let alone be standing). She also now has Lyme Carditis (which only occurs in 4% of cases and gives Linda chest pain and extremely aggravating palpitations). Worst of all Linda now experiences constant and extreme chronic daily head pain (caused by auto-immune encephalitis) which is complete torture for her and recently led her to spend 6 months straight lying in a dark room unable to even read or watch TV crying out for relief. She still spends many days like this and is completely debilitated by this symptom, usually only leaving the house to attend medical appointments. Her pain range is usually a 8-10/10 and is a 5/10 if she is having a “good day”. This pain often results in hospital emergency room visits for intravenous pain relief including a recent five day long stay, although all the medications she has tried have given her very little relief.

It is Linda's newest symptom though that has led us to ask for everyone's help. This symptom we call "losing all hope”. Linda now often feels she can no longer carry on. The lack of physician empathy here, access to affordable treatments and the continual intensifying pain are now making her feel as fighting is no longer worth it or even logical.

As her boyfriend and fellow Lyme sufferer, it has been especially difficult to hear her talk like this over the last year. Despite my extensive knowledge about Lyme disease (I too have been suffering with it for 8 years) I feel incredibly helpless and disturbed by the amount of pain she’s been in. It's beyond even what I endure which makes it unimaginably sad. I know it has also been very difficult for her family and others close to her to witness this too and not feel able to help her.

In spite of all this, Linda has always been a very determined person and she has somehow made it overseas several times for various gruelling procedures in Germany, the USA and Cyprus. She has tried whole body hyperthermia, cryotherapy, apheresis (a blood filtration procedure), IV ozone therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, cavitation jawbone surgery, autologous fat stem cells, neural therapy injections, oral and IV antibiotics, a variety of mainstream medications, and hundreds of supplements that could literally fill up an entire kitchen bench. Linda even tried bee venom therapy (being stung with live bees 3 times a week) last year until she could no longer tolerate the exacerbation of her head pain.

In total treatments have cost Linda’s family $500,000 in addition to the $21,840 previously donated by many generous donors around the world. Most of these treatments did help her, and we are so grateful to her family, friends and even random people we never met who pitched in. They most probably saved her life. For example, she improved greatly initially after she first did Hyperthermia in Germany. However, she unfortunately relapsed after 5 months and every procedure she has done since has either given her only little improvement and kept her hanging on or worsened her condition, leading to further complications and more severe neurological issues.

Linda has found clinics in Israel and a new clinic in Cyprus that she has a lot of faith in, and she hopes to be able to go to either one or both of these places depending on how much money can be raised (they are geographically very close to each other). These clinics do various protocols using a variety of different modalities to not only help address the variety of different pathogens she has (the same tick bite gave Linda various other co-infections too including Babesia, a cousin of malaria, Bartonella, Rickettsia and more),but also to cleanse her blood, help to stimulate and modulate her immune system, and detoxify her body. Perhaps most importantly, we also hope that such treatments will be able to retrain Linda's body to remain in homeostasis and adapt to environmental challenges created by a complication called 'Mast Cell Activation Syndrome' which has led to Linda becoming highly allergic to mold, many foods, and chemicals and has made her intolerant to many of the Lyme treatments she could previously do without issue. 

Unfortunately these treatments are extremely expensive and she just can't currently afford them. We are terrified of losing the improvements she has made previously and more complications/added diagnoses continuing to arise. Sadly none of this is covered by Medicare and there is no way that Linda, her family or I could afford this without the help of all of you.

Linda is an extremely courageous, determined, unique, intelligent person and it is a huge tragedy that she has fallen so ill. She is also very kind, warm, generous and has a very big heart, and has always wanted to help others. She was studying a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology to accomplish this, her childhood dream, and only had a year of placement left. Throughout her illness she has never given up on her dream and really wants to work with Lyme patients on the emotional and psychological aspects of chronic illness in the future (something she knows all too well now), as well as continuing to raise awareness of the disease in Australia.

I finally moved to Australia last October to be with her during this horrific time after 2 years of a long distance relationship (post meeting in person for the first time at a USA Lyme clinic). Although myself and Linda’s family have helped her as much as we can, we don’t have much left to give her now except our love and support. It’s hard to see Linda who likes to be very strong and independent having to be looked after by others and it is very hard for her to continue to ask for help, but because of the severity of her illness we don’t have much choice.

It is a dream of mine to be able to do all the things with Linda that normal couples usually do like go out for dinner, go on holidays, go for nice long walks, socialise with friends, have a glass of wine, and eventually maybe even buy a home. Linda has always been very full of life and loves salsa dancing, swimming at the beach, singing, and discovering new things in the world. She also dreams of one day having children, but her time is sadly running out (she just turned 36), along with her chances at her professional dreams.

With your help, we truly believe that Linda’s dreams can still be achieved. She has so much to offer this world and it would be a tragedy if she was not able to do so because of this terrible disease. Hopefully one day Lyme will be recognised in Australia and there will be affordable and effective treatments here. However, currently, this is just not the case.

Please help by donating anything you can and sharing this link as much as possible. Our goal is to raise $40,000 ASAP to keep Linda's slow recovery moving in the right direction. We urgently need your help to make this dream a reality and to maintain Linda's hope. Every few dollars adds up and will have an immense impact for Linda.

Linda, her family and I all appreciate your time and donations. We know you are all busy and have your own issues in life. Please help us in any capacity that you see fit so that I can walk with, dance with, and live life with the woman I love! 

If you would prefer to send money directly to Linda’s savings account (and avoid the commission taken by this site) please transfer to:

Miss Linda Blatt
Commonwealth Bank
BSB- 063 143
Account No. – 10258893

Thanks so much in advance from the bottom of my heart,


P.S Here's a list of Linda’s media involvement to date:

Documentary -  (See Linda 45.38 minutes)

Newspaper article -

Newspaper article -


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