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Hi wonderful people! My name is Nida. I am far more comfortable giving than receiving and have spent much of my life devoted to helping others but right now I have no choice but to leave my comfort zone to appeal to you for a chance at life.  

Some years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  This was a shock. I never thought it would happen to me. With some modern medicine and lots of holistic healing, I was cancer-free within nine months.   Five years ago, the cancer returned…to my bones.

In March this year, I was informed it has spread into my head.  Conventional treatments have left me immobile and with zero energy, but I am determined to overcome this challenge.  This is why I need your help.

I want to give myself every chance of survival but it comes at a price that I cannot afford. I have discovered a clinic in the US that boasts remarkable success using a combination of alternative, integrative and conventional medicine to destroy cancer cells. Their evidence of survival has given me great hope. This online appeal truly is the last straw.

People, especially family and friends, have been so generous but my goal of €50k is a big ask! This is why I'm asking for your help. Any amount no matter how small can help get one step closer to my goal.  Please donate whatever you can to give me a chance to spend more time with my family, as well as making my lifelong dream a reality: to inspire, motivate and encourage human connection and unconditional love. I have so much I want to do.

Here are links to show you the work I am passionate about , and I desperately want to continue this work.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Love & Hugs
Nida x

To find out (a lot!) more about me, please keep reading..........

Nida is a name chosen by my beloved father, along with our parish priest. I was told it was a very ancient Irish name; however, when I looked it up, it turned out it also meant Arabic for "a calling". Since I was a small child, I felt different in the sense that I was loud and opinionated; I was passionate about community connection, and driven to make a positive difference in the world through my gift of the gab and genuine love of people. When I was young, having fun and partying was a priority, and eventually finding a job that gave me the freedom to go out and have fun became important. My parents always encouraged us to follow our own path as long as we understood we had to support ourselves, work hard, and always do our best. 

I was always more creative than academic so decided to become a florist, as well as following in my father's footsteps by studying photography. I worked in our family business until the recession hit in the eighties. After that, I moved to the west of Ireland to manage a flower shop and had a great fun life making new friends. I eventually moved back home and opened my flower and photography business.

When I was about 17, I became a personal development junkie after reading the great book "The Power of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale. I read hundreds more books that asserted that we have the power to have, do, and be, anything we set our minds to. Thankfully, I came from a home that encouraged prayer and deep faith; I combined this with following great mentors and put my findings into practice, which worked for me.

I met my beloved husband Gerry and moved to Surrey in the UK to be with him. I did simple jobs which taught me so much, but after the birth of my eldest girl I started working on my new career as a specialist family portrait photographer. It was wonderful to be self-employed as I was in control of my time. We later had another girl and, like any couple, we were having a wonderful time with regular visits home to Ireland. 

After my Mother's passing in 2000, I became very unsettled and desperately wanted to return home to be with my father and family. We moved back that same year and set up home. I began to redevelop my photography business, which went from strength to strength; I even began to employ my own staff. It was the time of the boom and we were all having a wonderful time.

Then at the age of 42, when our girls were just 10 and 6, our world came crashing down. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I never thought it would happen to me.  
Thankfully, I'd been into my personal development books and read about our ability to heal ourselves with the power of positive thought, along with faith. As I was so devastated and scared, I also followed the route of surgeons, oncologists etc. I never stopped working as I never felt sick, and flew through treatment, matching it with my own holistic methods of changing diet and exercising etc. Nine months later I was cancer free, and over the following ten years all I wanted was to spend quality time with my family.

My award-winning business gave us the freedom to travel, and by the age of 12 our youngest daughter had visited 12 countries! My children still tell me that sharing those travels with their parents was the best experience of their lives, and for that I've no regrets. 

During this time, I became passionate about raising funds for those who had helped me through. With the help of friends, I successfully raised €54,000 both for the local oncology unit that I've attended for 14 years, and for the local home for the elderly where my father was lovingly cared for. I carried on raising funds for national charities and donating my personal work as vouchers valued up to €1,500 each to numerous charities. I used my talent to support local charities like cancer care centres, and became passionate about helping cancer patients, especially by introducing the holistic approach.

I decided to invest in an old church to turn into a venue for all things happy and healing; I used the inheritance from my father to pay the deposit and subsequently put a vast amount of our personal savings to develop the site. Then the recession hit like a ton of bricks and put me into a spiral of heartache, fear and shame. I used the skills I had learned and practised trying to cope; I focused on what I could learn from the challenge. I studied and certified as a life- and business-coach, using myself first to prove I had the ability.

When I was about to launch my new business five years ago, we discovered cancer had returned in my bones. As devastating as it was, I just believed it was happening for a reason and God had a plan. I desperately wanted to support others because that helped me support myself. As a big people person, I didn’t want to feel isolated; instead I started to concentrate on connecting in a positive way with others. So began my "Nida Hug "campaign and the local charity I founded called "Little Wishes Edenderry."

“Nida Hug” is about promoting the benefits of positive human connection for healing. It's a scientific fact that the more we all hug, the better we feel, and it releases hormones which are beneficial to the body's ability to heal itself. Not to mention the fun and joy it spreads. I run the “Nida Hug” campaign alongside my health, success and happiness coaching. Although I've been living with cancer, my dedication to these groups has inspired and motivated me.

Unfortunately, due to my ill-timed investment and inability to do physical work, my financial situation hit rock bottom. As someone who has always earned and has always been very comfortable, being completely broke was devastating to me.  I felt unable to choose healing methods, I couldn’t get around as my car had to be stored, and I knew what it felt like to be under horrible strain. We were in dire straits. It was surreal. Then the worst happened. 

I was experiencing dizziness and funny sounds in my ears. I told no one for a while as I just couldn't have my family and friends go through all this again. In March, I was informed that the cancer has spread into my head.

Since then I have undergone conventional treatment but as mentioned, this has left me immobile and with zero energy. My options are limited now which brings me back to why I am taking this drastic step to ask you for help. 

I want to get better.

I believe I can get better.

I need your help - please x

Here are links to help you see the work I am passionate about doing

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Love & Hugs
Nida x
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