Help My Mom Get Better

My mom, Ginny, got diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer on Jan 19th. Our whole world has been turned upside down. But we are trying to stay strong and hopeful.  The doctors started her on high does chemo treatments 3 weeks ago. She has had to quit her job as a care taker & there is a waiting time for her to recieve disability. The money donated will be used for her to get varries treaments for her recovery. She started going to get Vitamin IVs which her body has responded really well to ( pictured below)  & they cost $200 a visit and her doctor reccomends she gets them at least twice a week. She started doing an Oxygen chamber (pictured below)  to give her body a lot of health benefits which she was reccomended to do at least once or twice a week for $90 a session. She's started getting acupuncture session which prevents the side effects of the chemo , gives her better circulation and general well being. The money will also be going into her move from the east coast to the west coast. We found out about a clinic in Mexico called Oasis of Hope. I really think she has a chance of going into remission if she gets into this clinic. They have incredible survival rates, 3 times higher compared to regular treatments in the US! (attached is a link of thier graph) They have state of the art technology and treatments, like a low dose chemotherapy that they induce over a course of consecutive days that is more gentle on the body but with better statistics. They would be giving her vitamin IV's everyday! The treatment plan would have her be an inpatient in Tijuana just over the boarder, only about 20 minutes from my apartment in San Diego, CA. They offer a second bed in the room for me to go stay with her for no additional fee.The treatment is 30,000. Please help if you can so we can get her into The Oasis of Hope and give her a better chance to beat cancer! Every dollar counts! The money will go into her getting medical treatments until we can raise all the money for The Oasis of Hope. I've been in New Jersey helping her get to appoinments, helping her stick to a healthy diet and giving her emotional support. here giving her moral support ever since the diagnosis. We're hoping to move my mom to San Diego soon so I can help her there too and so I can go back to work again. I'll keep everyone posted on our journey. 
For those who don't know her she loves to sing, hula hoop, yoga, crafting and she's awlays making jokes because she loves making people laugh. I love my mom so much! Thank you for taking the time to read this!-Kayla
P.S Here is a list of some of the treatments they offer at Oasis of Hope
Angiogenesis Inhibitors, Apoptosis-Inducing,Cancer Surgery, Cry-Ablation,Chemo Preconditioning, Dendritic Cancer Vassine, Epigenetic Cancer Therapies, Erbitux, External Radiation Therapy, Hyperthermia
Immune Stimulation Therapy, Insulin Potentiation Chemoterapy (IPT), Internal Radiation Therapy, Laetrile
Low Dose Chemotherapy, Metronimic Chemotherapy (Low Dose), Nutraceuticals, Nutritional Cancer Therapy
Oxygen Therapy, Patients Cancer Diets, Radiation Therapy, Radio Frequency Ablation, Rituxan, Signal Transduction, Sodium Bicarbonate, Stem Cell Therapy, Supplements, Vitamin C IV, Vitamin K IV

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Kayla Suzette 
San Diego, CA