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Hello, my name is Sian (aka Taevari), and I’m here to ask for your help in supporting my girlfriend Kass (aka CrowFangs/Sturmschwinge).

CrowFangs is a semi-professional German freelance artist, specialising in works of fantasy and anthropomorphic animals. Her work is her life, and it funds everything from rent to cat food. Between working on commissions for her followers and contracted work, there is little time for anything else other than sleep. There is also very little money left over for anything other than necessities. Sadly, her dealings at Eurofurence this year were very poor, leaving her struggling even more for money as she lost almost half her usual profits for various reasons.

Due to issues with the landlord and current living arrangements (bathroom ceiling is threatening collapse due to water damage and leaking foul drains from upstairs), she needs to move out as soon as possible. Her goal, therefor, is to move from Hannover to Leipzig for the following reasons;

1) It is generally a much nicer place to live than her current location.
2) A large portion of her friends live in and around the area, to offer support.
3) Leipzig is an artistic hub, giving greater opportunities for an actual business or collaborate projects.

However, this move does not come without its own risks. Due to past uncontrollable circumstances, there is a weight of debt looming. And that debt will make moving so much more difficult.

So, onto the money itself. What will it be used for?

First of all, the money will go towards clearing the overhanging debt. Once this is clear, everything will become much easier to manage. Making getting a new flat very likely. The rest of the money will be put into a safe account and will be put towards things like the flat deposit, rent, bills and either a moving company or paying friends/family/volunteers. Kass suffers terribly with a condition knows as Hypermobility Syndrome. This leaves her with weak muscles and joints, making heavy lifting of any kind impossible. It could cause serious injury. Suffering with this along with migraines, chronic back pain and other illnesses means that some days she cannot work at all. Having the debt around her shoulders weighs heavily on her anxiety, which triggers the bouts of migraine and other physical and mental health problems. Without the debt, she could be free of the main roadblock in her life and start to move forward.

While this campaign is going on, she will be continuing to offer out commissions and take on other freelancing work. If the target goal is surpassed, there will be a chance for donators paying £25+ to be invited to a freebie art stream, or receive a small thank you gift. HOWEVER THIS IS NOT GUARANTEED AND IS IN NO WAY A PROMISE. Please do not donate purely on the chance of getting artwork from Crow.

Order of Priority for Money Gained:

1) Removing debt
2) Securing accommodation
3) Paying bills/essentials
4) A safety net for emergencies

On behalf of Kass, I thank everyone who offers support, shares this page, or donates.

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