Resilience Workshops with Young people

Resilience Workshops in Schools 

In this current climate schools are struggling financially but more importantly so are the children

Our workshops will support three partner schools housing the most vulnerable young people. 

More than ever before young people are suffering with greater feelings of emotional complexity and the current resources are often alienating, have limited space and avilability and are not accessible.   

We can help! 

We are currently applying for funding to support three partner schools with their year 4 and 5 students build resilience and learn coping strategies to help combat difficult life events.  

Providing 180 young people with resilience tools that might just save their lives and prevent negative future life trajectories. 

Each workshop runs for 12 weeks and will provide not only an end of term performance but data / social proof on the efficacy of our work.

Measuring the impact in the following areas: 

- Higher academic attainment
-  Greater Self-awareness
-  Enhanced compassion and empathy for others 
-  Elevated confidence
-  Raised self esteem
-  Poised body language and posture 
-  Refined articulation and speaking and listening skills
-  Ability to build resilience in challenging moments
-  Activated aspirations dreams and goals
-  Inspired greater work ethics

With your help we can provide young people with a safe reflective, fun and engaging space to explore, express and release any core issues through our unique and innovative therapeutic drama and coaching workshops. 

It is our vision that no child should be left to suffer in silence. We can help young people cope with adversity and thrive in their interpretation of the world. 

As a gift to all our donors we offer FREE  Guided Meditation sessions every Thursday at 7.30 pm (BST)

See sign up link below:

Our suggested donations are... 

1- £7.77 (Angelic Connector-  Attracts prosperity into your own life whilst doing the same for others)

One Guided Meditation Session.   

2- £25 (Benevolent Giver- Opens up new neural pathways of abundance and breathes life into your future prospects)  

Four Guided Meditation sessions. 

3- £50 (Patron of Arts- Supporting the emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing of our future generations ) 

Full  7-Week Chakra Healing journey. 

4- Secret Giver- Donate an amount of your choice. 

All donations go towards the staffing necessary to initiate the program. 

Why our work is effective? 

Arts based practices like drama are more engaging, relatable and therefore more sustainable when creating change.  

See data 
below on the importance of our work 

NHS Data has shown that now more than ever young people are struggling to cope with difficult life events and as a result are bombarded with overwhelming thoughts and emotions that they do not know how to deal with. 
Now 1 in 6 young people will suffer with a mental health issue by the time they are 18 and these are not always genetic dispositions, they are often caused by social and environmental factors which can be prevented through awareness, support and by learning resilience tools.
2- Repercussions of not doing this work 
Working as a teacher for over 12 years in mainstream education opened my eyes to how overworked and underpaid most teachers are. Most do not have the time to provide counselling and emotional guidance on top of all the other jobs, despite their willingness to help. 
It was always heart-breaking for me to see so many children suffering and not have the time or energy to support them the way they needed. To simply pass the case on the “Designated Safeguarding Lead” who I expected would alienate the child on the first meeting and put them right back to square one: Suffering and alone. 
And now with cases worsening we need to ask ourselves: Could this be another situation like the pandemic?

Where we can see the problems arising but just hope that it will sort itself out? 

We can not afford the luxury of another global crisis!
The Guardian was calling this mental health crisis an epidemic back in 2017 and now  we see these issues escalating even more. 
See reports from Guardian on mental health epidemic with young people:



What are we doing to help? 
Young people need role models that are fun. They need an engaging medium, such as drama, and the support of a safe community to help them trust the adult working with them and open up. 
See testimonials on our website here

What are we preventing? 
Addiction, self-harm, sexual exploitation, gang and grooming influences, abusive relationships, emotional violence, antisocial behaviour, depression and anxiety, apathy and low motivation, unemployment, teen pregnancy, eating disorders and even suicide are some of the repercussion we will face if nothing is done about this. 
These are just some of the coping strategies that many young people today are using to deal with their emotional pain. 
Would you want your children to suffer with any of the above? 
The reality is that without learning healthy coping strategies to deal with difficult emotions many young people are struggling and are suffering in silence. 
Wouldn’t you feel safer knowing your children were learning resilience and coping skills in school in the designated P.S.H.E time? 
Through a relatable medium that is fun?
With experienced professionals? 
Why us? 
We have developed a system from our 15 years of research and practice that has shown between 98-100% effectiveness in its practice models in schools to date. 
These stem from our research into Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Person Centred Counselling, Neuroplasticity, Guided Meditation, Mindfulness, Theatre for Development, Psychotherapeutic Drama, Teaching and Learning educational practices and healing strategies in relation to the development of children.  
What you get out of it? 
In addition to our free guided Meditations all our donors and patrons receive termly updates with data reports on the success of the projects, so that you can see how your money has impacted the lives of so many young people.
We can no longer afford to turn a blind eye and naively believe that we are doing enough.  
The future of our young people and country depends on it!

All support is welcomed either financially or through skills and time.
Please see the set of skills and finances that you can support with below

Social Media and Marketing

Will pay for one week of social media and marketing staff to help get our presence out there.

Will pay for 12 weeks of social media and marketing staff to help get our presence out there.

Skills needed:

Design content across social media platforms
-Develop a content strategy that aligns with the company's wider goals.
-Organise free giveaways for mailing list sign ups
-Maintain social media groups and pages and mailing list
-Research key word targeting to drive traffic to website
-Increase brand awareness through advertising.
-Cultivate leads and sales through social media communication

-Create eye-catching social tiles and graphics
- Work with influencers and media to promote brand
-Repurpose content for different mediums including social media and video.
-Creation, editing and design of informative video content 
-Experiment with emerging trends in new media

Workshop Leader

Will help us pay for one workshop leader per week.

Will help us pay for a workshop leader year or 12 weeks.

Skills needed: 

-Run workshops in accordance with company guidelines, plans and structures

Admin/ PA work 


Will pay for one week of admin staff to communicate with schools. 


Will pay for 12 weeks of admin staff to communicate with schools. 

Will pay for one year of admin staff to communicate with schools. 

Skills Needed

-Emailing schools and clients
- Editing written content
- Copy writing and grammar checking written material 
-Telephone communication to drive up leads
- Organising mailing lists and sending out emails
- ending out social media content to relevant parties and clients.
-Grant writing

Accountant/ Bookkeeper


Will pay for one week of accountancy staff to ensure legal compliancy with government guidelines.


Will pay for 12 weeks of accountancy staff to ensure legal compliancy with government guidelines.

Skills Needed

Check insurance and legal documents for school’s work
-Acquire business licences and permits
-Ensure school guidelines and GDPR regulations are met.
followed and maintained.
-Generate risk management reports -Accountancy advice
- Billing clients
- Paying invoices
-Keep and accurate record of bookings in regulation with government guidelines.
-Organise business banking
-Inter account transfers
-Data entry
-Filing and producing financial reports for management

Business Mentor session

Will buy one session
with a business mentor

Will buy three sessions with a business mentor

Skills needed

Business planning and strategy
Legal Matters
Setting up and finances
Business development

Business vehicle

Will pay for one weeks use of a business vehicle.

Will pay for one year’s use of a business vehicle.

Business insurance


Will pay for one week’s company liability insurance.


Will pay for 12 weeks liability insurance

IAPCM registration

Will pay for one week’s
legal registration for Life Coaches and Mentors

Will pay for 12 weeks legal registration for Life Coaches and Mentors

Yell Reputation Manager


Will pay for one week’s
Reputation Manager for website.

Will pay for 12 weeks Reputation Manager for website

Skills Needed 

S.E.O skills- generating leads and traffic to the website.  

Total £9,486
The more support and funding we receive the more children can receive our fun, engaging and relatable workshops to build resilience. We provide a space where young people can process any limiting thoughts and beliefs and be guided back into a state of wellbeing through the relatable medium of games, Imagination exercises and drama.
See the schools section of our website and the programmes we offer for more information.

Any questions please contact us at: 

[email redacted]


  • Nicola Clark 
    • £30 
    • 6 mos
  • Rachel Ventimiglia 
    • £50 
    • 13 mos
  • Miguel Angel Jerez Ortega 
    • £80 
    • 13 mos
  • Lydia Maley 
    • £10 
    • 20 mos
  • Cherise Cross 
    • £20 
    • 23 mos


Karyn Hilborn-Game 
Harrow, Greater London, United Kingdom

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