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Help Romeo Rabbit Rescue Build an Adoption Center

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Thank you for stopping by our GoFundMe. My name is Erin Silas. I am the owner of Romeo Rabbit Rescue Inc. a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Since we opened in July, 2021, we have grown exponentially and are now ready to expand into a large full time adoption center. We began pursuing commercial property during the winter of 2023 and even signed a commercial lease for retail space in Shelby Twp, MI in April, 2023. Three weeks into renovations, we applied for our certificate of occupancy and were denied due to improper zoning. This was frustrating because I personally contacted the city of Shelby zoning department and was told on multiple occasions prior to signing the lease that this particular plaza was zoned c3 which was appropriate for our purposes. However, it turned out we were given the wrong information and the property was actually zoned c1 - not appropriate for housing animals. As much of a setback as this was, we quickly got the sense this might be a blessing in disguise as the unit in the strip plaza on Van Dyke Rd was not at all what was initially envisioned. It was, more or less, a small space we was settling for.

Our original vision for our bunnies included much more than a simple adoption center. It would be located on beautiful acreage we own, on which we would have a beautiful vegetable garden and green house for growing our own organic greens and veggies for our bunnies, a hay field, a serene and peaceful memorial garden so we can lay the bunnies we lose to rest with honor and provide people with a quiet place for mourning.

We would have enough space for multiple branches of a much larger bunny center of which our adoption center, aka Bunny Showcase would be only one attraction. We would have a for-life bunny sanctuary for bunnies who are chronically ill or otherwise cannot be adopted. We would also have enough space separate from the showroom, sanctuary, and intakes to house boarding bunnies.

In addition, we would build a one-stop-bunny-shop bunny feed and supply store as well as selling all kinds of bunny merch for our human bun families. We would open a non-profit exotic (bunny only) veterinary practice to bring affordable and reliable quality vet care to our bunny families as well as offer low cost spays and neuters. To provide an experience to remember while bringing in much needed funds to care for our rescue bunnies, we would build out a top-notch "all bunnies welcome' bunny cafe and an outdoor bunny themed play area for children. Our vision is nothing short of a bunny utopia in which we would provide a valuable service to our communities through our rescue efforts and numerous community outreach projects, events, and services while providing a powerful bunny therapy program as well as a series of educational classes and workshops for first time and seasoned bunny owners alike.

Our dedicated board of directors and team of volunteers sincerely appreciate you taking the time to check out our GoFundMe page and it would mean so much to us if you would take a few more moments of your time to read on and learn more about who we are, what our vision is for the future, and how you can help us turn that vision into a reality.

to All Things Bunny featuring Michigan's highly sought after Romeo Rabbit Rescue, Inc. a 501c3 nonprofit organization. All Things Bunny is a center dedicated to providing the community with all things domestic bunny related. Our mission is to rescue as many unwanted and abandoned domestic rabbits as possible, provide them with the vet care and TLC they need to recover from their afflictions, and give them a second chance at a happily-ever-after by pairing them with thoroughly screened and approved adoptive families; all while raising awareness and educating the general public on what it takes to be good bunny parents. From our one-stop-bunny-shop to Romeo Rabbit Rescue adoption services, surrenders, disaster relief and crisis intervention, bunny boarding and bonding services, special events, field trips, birthday parties, community outreach, educational classes, bunny therapy, and more; we are committed to making this world a happier place, one bunny at a time.

All Are Welcome
We do not discriminate for reasons of race, age, gender, religion, education, or sexual orientation. No matter your background, you can expect to be treated with kindness and respect.

Meet The Founder
Romeo Rabbit Rescue, Inc. was founded in July, 2021
by Erin A. Silas, Christian, wife, mom, retired health and fitness professional, and former business owner.

A Message from The Founder
When I rescued my first eleven meat rabbits over two and a half years ago, I never imagined it would take me down this incredible journey of owning a non-profit rabbit rescue. Since that time, Romeo Rabbit Rescue has become an important part of my life and the bunnies we rescue have worked themselves into my heart in such a profound way that I will never be the same.

Though our family had owned rabbits prior to opening RRR, I simply did not understand them completely until I fully invested myself to their care and well-being. When I did, I was truly awestruck at the undeniable human-like qualities they possess; and I realized that people have been doing rabbits all wrong. They truly are the most misunderstood domestic animal. Because of their sensitive and loyal nature, their need for constant companionship, and the depth in which they bond to their humans, I commonly refer to rabbits as man’s other best friend.

So why, then, do so many rabbit owners give up on their rabbits and surrender or abandon them? Because they don’t understand them. Just as I once did not. They believe the lies told to them by pet stores and breeders and house their rabbits in a manner that makes it virtually impossible for their rabbits to form meaningful attachments to them. Consequently, they have a negative experience and then toss their rabbits aside, missing out on one of the greatest human-pet relationship they never knew could have existed.

We aim to correct these misunderstandings and to reach new circles of animal lovers who would not otherwise consider adding rabbits to their family. By doing so, we will reduce the number of surrenders and abandonments and increase the number of bunny homes, while bringing love, joy, and healing to bunnies and humans everywhere.

What We Do
  • Rescue and rehabilitate abandoned domestic rabbits.
  • Provide necessary medical care, including spaying/neutering, vaccinations, and treatments.
  • Provide continued care for special needs and elderly bunnies at our “for life” Bunny Sanctuary.
  • Promote responsible rabbit ownership through educational programs.
  • Facilitate the adoption process to find suitable, loving homes for the rabbits we rescue.
  • Spread awareness through a variety of community outreach events, educational classes, and programs.

As of February 17, 2024, Romeo Rabbit Rescue has:
  • Rescued 303 Rabbits
  • Facilitated over 200 Spays or Neuters
  • Facilitated over 160 Adoptions
  • Happily Boarded over 40 Bunnies
  • Successfully Bonded over 40 Pairs
  • Completed over 50 Outreach Events including educational classes and seminar.

The One-Stop-Bunny-Shop
Enter our facility through our store where you will find everything you need to provide your rabbit with the pampered life he deserves. With brands such as Oxbow, Sherwood, Small Pet Select, and Natural Selective, you can find comfort in knowing that we only sell high quality foods. Unlike standard pet stores that sell food and treats harmful to your rabbit, you won’t have to wonder if what you’re buying for your rabbit is safe. If we sell it, it’s safe! With misconceptions stemming back from bunnies as livestock, pet stores line their shelves with cages and water bottles, neither of which are suitable nor appropriate for rabbits. Rabbits want to enjoy the same freedoms to roam their home, and the same relationships with their humans that dogs and cats have. We sell the basic necessities such as Xpens, litter boxes, hay and water feeders, and food dishes; plus a variety of hideys, beds, blankets, mats, tunnels, toys, and more to provide your rabbit with the proper enrichment he needs. Treat your bunny like royalty with a custom-made castle by Dan and Diana’s Castles, made with high-quality materials and customized to meet the needs of your bunny and your home! And don’t forget to grab some gourmet bunny treats hand-made to perfection by local small businesses and bunny enthusiasts.

Your bunny isn’t the only one who deserves to be pampered. At All Things Bunny, we sincerely appreciate all bunny parents who take the time to educate themselves on what it takes to properly care for their bunnies. We think you deserve a little pampering too. Don’t leave our store without treating yourself to a variety of bunny related merchandise for bun moms and dads. From bunny apparel, linens, and slippers to custom made bunny jewelry, mugs, water bottles, bags, home decor, squishably soft plush bunnies, and so much more. You can shop for yourself or your loved ones guilt free knowing that 100% of profits are donated directly to Romeo Rabbit Rescue. The more you buy, the more bunnies you help us save! Don’t forget to treat yourself to a sweet indulgence with a tub of Moonsugar organic cotton candy (only the best tasting cotton candy you’ll ever try!), or a gourmet baked good from one of our local bakeries, and more. Shopping at our store not only provides financial support for Romeo Rabbit Rescue, but also supports the local small businesses we team up with to provide you and your bunny the absolute best!

Quality Boarding and Bonding Services

Care you can trust!
  • Boarding bunnies receive expert care and daily love and affection.
  • We have never had a boarding or bonding bunny get injured during their stay at RRR.

Bunnies are high maintenance pets that require daily care and interaction. Bunny owners cannot simply leave extra food out for their bunnies when they go away on vacation or a weekend getaway. It is necessary for the bunnies' health, safety, and emotional well-being that they are left with bunny-savvy pet sitters or boarded at a reputable bunny-only boarding center.

Because they are prey animals, bunnies are notorious for hiding illness and injury. It takes a close watch by an experienced bunny person to catch the subtle first signs that something is wrong. Leaving a bunny in the care of someone who is not a bunny person is risky. Due to the sensitive nature of bunnies, and the depths in which they bond to their owners, it is not uncommon for them to experience sadness and confusion when their owners leave for vacation. This can lead them into a condition known as GI stasis, which is fairly easy to treat if caught early, but often fatal if not. Pet sitters are often not able to pick up on these signs, and bunnies may pass away while their owners are away.

Not only are our bunny experts able to catch these symptoms early, but we keep all of the necessary stasis meds and treatments onsite. We have never lost a bunny to GI Stasis.

Happier in Pairs!
  • Give your bunny the gift of love in a warm, safe, and stress-free environment at RRR bonding camp.
  • Or bond your bunnies at home but not alone with our bunny-bonding coaching program.

Bunnies are social animals. They do not do well alone and often require constant companionship, making it difficult for even the most devoted bunny owners to meet the social requirements of a single bunny. Aside from a select few, bunnies are almost always happier in pairs. Because bunny depression can lead to life-threatening illnesses, such as GI Stasis, bonded bunnies usually live longer, heathier, happier lives than single bunnies.

Bunnies are also highly territorial, making the process of bonding bunnies stressful and risky. It is always best to allow your bunny to choose their own companion, and even then, bunnies are like toddlers, drawn to each other, but often lacking the social skills needed to get along on their own. The pair may need some extra support from their human, or an experienced bunny bonder to ensure a safe experience and successful outcome.

Many bunny owners pass on the opportunity to find their bunny a companion for fear of the bonding process. We can help your bunny select their perfect match from our many adoptable bunnies, and we offer different bonding programs, from bonding camp, to virtual coaching, to help your bunnies bridge the gap from single to bonded, without stress or injury, so they can live their hoppily ever after. And rest assured, your bunny will love you more for it, not less.

Bunny Therapy
Did you know domestic rabbits make great therapy pets?
  • They help you:
  • Slow Down
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Melt Away Stress
  • Decompress
  • Smile More
  • Be Comforted
  • Feel Loved

Domestic rabbits are possibly the best kept secret when it comes to therapy pets. This is because many rabbits attach themselves to their humans as deeply as dogs do, becoming excited to see them and running to greet them, often following their humans around and sleeping near their feet. Of course, this isn’t necessarily true for every rabbit, nor is it true for every dog, but for the rabbits who do possess therapy bunny qualities, the healing and restoration they can bring to a wounded soul may be immeasurable. So, what are these therapeutic bunny qualities? A therapy bun comes to you often, climbs on your lap, rest their chin on your leg, and sleeps near your feet. A therapy bun is easy to pick up and hold, will cuddle under your chin and in your neck, and will hug you back. A therapy bunny may give kisses and can sense when you are sad. A therapy bunny may also have a troubled past and shares comfort in your affection.

While many rabbit owners find their bunnies to be therapeutic even without these qualities, bunnies who do possess these therapy bunny traits can bring so much love, joy, and healing to anyone who spends time with them. This is why, in addition to community field trips and bunny visits, we are excited to offer our on-site bunny therapy program.

Reserve our special bunny therapy room with one of our designated therapy bunnies or pairs, cozy up on our comfy living room sofa or recliner, in front of a warm fireplace, select a movie of your choice from provided Netflix or Amazon Prime movie titles or listen to your favorite music in surround sound. Help yourself to a variety of complimentary refreshments, twenty-one and up enjoy a glass of complimentary wine or champagne. Treat yourself to a couple hours of decompression time with our fluffy cuddle buns when the stress piles high or reserve a standing weekly appointment as part of your mental health maintenance.

Bunny therapy gift certificates make the perfect holiday or birthday gift for friends and loved ones and will surely be a gift they will remember for years to come!

Community Outreach
We bring the bunnies. They bring the smiles.
  • Office Parties

  • Birthday Parties

  • Senior Centers

  • Autism Centers

  • Fairs and Festivals

  • Dynamic Assemblies

  • Children's Hospitals

  • Hospice Care

Whatever the situation or event, bunnies bring joy, lift spirits, improve morale, reduce tension, and simply brighten everyone’s day. We bring our friendliest, most easily handled, affectionate, and loving bunnies into the community to visit with humans of all different backgrounds and circumstances. For a reasonable donation to our rescue, you can invite our bunnies to your school, workplace, birthday party or other special event, senior center, daycare, hospital, cancer center, hospice care and more, to add joy and excitement to a festive event, an educational program to your place of learning, or bring much needed comfort to those struggling with affliction.

Educational Classes
  • Little Kids
  • Big Kids
  • Adults
  • Basic Bunny Care & Handling
  • Bonding with your Bunny
  • Grooming Workshops
  • Bunny Wellness
  • Bunny Bonding

Let’s face it, bunnies can be confusing, and for first time bunny parents, this confusion can lead to much frustration and disappointment, often causing once excited bun parents to want to surrender or, worse, abandon their bunnies. There is so much misinformation out there about how to properly care for bunnies, it can be overwhelming and difficult for first time bunny owners to know what to believe. Consequently, they often make decisions that are not in the bunnies’ best interest, which can lead to scared, angry, grumpy, and even aggressive bunnies who they will be unable to bond with. This misinformation can also lead to health problems and even early death for bunnies. To better equip first time and seasoned bunny owners to properly care for their bunny while nurturing their relationship with their bunny, we will offer a variety of classes, each geared towards a specific purpose.

Romeo Rabbit Rescue Cleaning Services
  • RRR Cleaning Services, Inc. is a sister, for-profit company to Romeo Rabbit Rescue, Inc.
  • RRR Cleaning Services was launched to offer financial support for Romeo Rabbit Rescue, the nonprofit organization.
  • 100% of RRR Cleaning Services' profits are donated directly to Romeo Rabbit Rescue.

We, the owner of RRR, our board of directors, and our hard-working volunteers want our supporters to know that we wholeheartedly appreciate each and every donation no matter the size. We also don't want to take one donor for granted by assuming or expecting all of our funding to come from private donations. While donations from our community are crucial in aiding us to do the work we do, we don't want to over burden our supporters by relying on their donations solely. We are prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure our rabbits have financial security, so we never have to worry about housing or feeding the rabbits, or how we will afford to help with the next emergency medical case, animal control hoarding case, or bunny explosion case. Therefor we began a new, for-profit sister company, Romeo Rabbit Rescue Cleaning Services, offering professional cleaning services for home or business. RRR Cleaning Services may be for profit, but 100% of the profits earned are donated to Romeo Rabbit Rescue. Though RRR Cleaning Services is still in its infancy, we are taking measures to develop and grow the company to be a lucrative funding source for RRR to ensure no bunny ever goes without the food, hay, greens, supplements, enrichment, and veterinary care they need to thrive. This will allow us to better meet our rabbits needs without being so dependent on our supports for funds. We understand our hard work and commitment to see this project through is just as critical to the livelihood of our bunnies as community donations are. We are dedicated to do whatever it takes to see this vision come to fruition.

Customers can feel good about hiring RRR Cleaning Services for their home and office needs knowing that 100% of profits go towards helping Romeo Rabbit Rescue save, care for, and provide loving homes for more unwanted and abandoned domestic rabbits.

Premium Garden Fertilizer
From our bunnies to your Garden.
Bunny Berries
  • Whole manure straight from the bunnies
  • Great for working into topsoil before planting.

Bunny Dust
  • Pre-ground and sun dried for ease of use and better absorption.
  • Great for adding to crops throughout the gardening season.

Rabbits are very good at producing an excellent source of manure. It is rich in many nutrients and very simple to use.
Rabbit manure is one of the best manures for your organic gardens! It will increase poor soil by improving soil structure and also improving the life cycle of the beneficial microorganisms in the soil.

Rabbit manure is packed with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and many minerals, lots of micro-nutrients, plus many other beneficial trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc, manganese, sulfur, copper, and cobalt just to name a few. Rabbit manure doesn’t smell as strong as other manures making it easy to use.

Nitrogen(N)- Rabbit manure is higher in nitrogen than sheep, goat, pig, chicken, cow or horse manure. Plants need nitrogen to produce a lush green growth. Nitrogen helps plants grow greener and stronger helping the plant reach its full potential. This is great for all those quick growing salad greens! Great for the early growth of tomatoes, corn, and many other vegetables.

Phosphorus(P)- Rabbit manure is also higher in phosphorus than the other manures. It helps with the transformation of solar energy to chemical energy. Which in turn helps with proper plant growth. Phosphorus also helps plants to withstand stress. Phosphorus in the soil encourages more and bigger blossoms helping with flowering and fruiting also great for root growth.
Potassium(K)- Potassium helps with fruit quality and reduction of disease. Plants will not grow without it. Plants use potassium as an enzyme to produce proteins and sugars. They also uses potassium to control water content.

More than just the awesome NPK values, rabbit manure is loaded with a host of micro-nutrients as well as organic matter that improves soil structure, drainage, and moisture retention. Vegetable gardens, pastures, and flower gardens all will benefit from using rabbit manure. It helps retain soil moisture and soil structure.

Rabbit manure is one of the few fertilizers that will not burn your plants when added directly to the garden and can be safely used on food plants.
Grab a handful straight from the litter box and work it into the topsoil.

Rabbit manure is better and healthier for your garden, providing food and nourishment for your plants as well as earthworms and other beneficial animals and microorganisms in your soil. So why use chemical additives that are known to kill all soil life? Some manures have to be aged so they do not harm your garden, but rabbit manure can be used fresh.

Naturally organic, rabbit manure is the best way to add nutrients back to the soil. Romeo Rabbit Rescue sells both fresh and ground rabbit manure to be used by gardening enthusiasts everywhere.

The Bunny Doctor
  • Is a Licensed Exotic Veterinarian
  • Only Treats Domestic Rabbits
  • Offers Same Day Emergency Visits
  • Offers Affordable Spays and Neuters
  • Offers Affordable Routine Well Visits
  • Offers Affordable Sick Visits and Hospitalization

Finding affordable and trustworthy veterinary care for your rabbit is challenging no matter where you live. Exotic and rabbit savvy vets are hard to find, as are affordable spays, neuters, and emergency care. It is a sad reality that too many bunny owners are forced to make the difficult decision to euthanize their beloved rabbit because they cannot afford treatment for a treatable illness or injury. Others attempt to treat their rabbits at home rather than take them to the vet or ER for the same reason. Most people who own pets are not able to afford the average $1500 per night hospital stay that many emergency animal clinics charge, especially when multiple nights are needed.

We believe veterinary care should be affordable. By offering affordable vet care for rabbits, more people will be able keep rabbits as pets which will aid us in our mission to rescue as many domestic rabbits as possible. Part of our vision is to partner with exotic veterinarians who will specialize solely in treating domestic rabbits, making them more knowledgeable and experienced in rabbit care than other exotic or rabbit savvy vets who treat a wide variety of species. Our veterinary practice will be a registered non-profit. We will seek alternative funding sources, such as grants, which will allow us to keep the costs of care, routine and emergency, to a minimum.

No domestic rabbit should be without quality veterinary care and no bun mom or dad should be forced to euthanize or surrender their beloved bunny because the only veterinary care available to them is not affordable.

The Bunny Cafe
All Bunnies Welcome!
Indulge Yourself
  • Coffee and Lattes
  • Caps and Fraps
  • Cocoa, Chai, and more
  • Teas and Smoothies
  • Specialty Ice Cream
  • Fresh Spun Cotton Candy
  • Baked Goods Galore

Indulge Your Bunny
  • Just for Bun Salad Bar
  • Healthy Made Fresh Bunny Treats
  • Premium Pellet Sampler
  • Premium Hay Sampler
  • Specialty Foraging Mixes
  • Sweet Indulgence Fresh and Fruity Deserts

Picture This...
It’s Saturday morning, your eyes open and close as you linger in bed a little longer. Still exhausted from the stress of your workweek, you are relieved the weekend is finally here and begin to think about all the ways you could spend your time. Suddenly a boop on your cheek tells you its time to get up. Somebunny wants breakfast. You pull yourself out of bed and open your bedroom door just in time for your best bun to race past your feet, zoomie through the livingroom, into the kitchen, and straight to the fridge, begging for morning greens. This gives you an idea.

A couple hours later you pull up to your favorite cafe, smiling and waving as your BFF pulls in beside you. Almost in unison you both exit your vehicles, round to the back to grab your strollers, and plop your hopity furbabies in for ride.

Seated comfortably at your usual table, no need to look over the menu as you are greeted by friendly wait staff. You order a chai tea latte, breakfast baguette, and creme brulee for that sweet indulgence you’ve been craving. Your beloved furbaby pops up out of his carriage, booping the table, certain to make sure you don’t forget about his highness. Giving him a quick forehead pet, you order a pellet and hay sampler (you’ve been wanting to try a new pellet but are unsure of what he’ll like so this is the perfect way to find out without running the risk of wasting a whole bag of something he wont eat. Royalty can be picky.) Your BFF seated contently opposite you orders a power green smoothie, vegan quiche and a specialty blend foraging mix for her lop who graciously kisses her hand from inside her carriage bed.

Friendly chatter fills the air and you glance around, taking note of all the adorable furbabies seated hoppily with their humans throughout the dining area. A beautiful velvety mini rex to your right, and fluffy lionhead to your left, a flemish giant straight ahead, lop ears and teenie tinies, big squishes, and a pair of floofs, “meat mutts” who will never be someone’s meal, a lovable tripod, and a hotot mix, a family of little furry munchkins, and a sophisticated Champagn D’Argent. And let’s not forget the cafe’s very own American Chinchilla, making her way from table to table greeting each guest with a boop or a chin like any good hostess would! You can’t help but notice the beautiful bunny mural on the wall and the inviting sign over the counter that reads, ‘Every Bunny Welcome!’

Making A Difference!
What purpose are we here for if not to make a difference?

We believe every human life should have a positive impact on the lives around them, human and animal alike. Our passion is for bunnies. And for spreading joy, love, and comfort throughout our communities and beyond through these remarkable beings!

We are saddened that such a gentle and loving species continues to suffer greatly at the hands of humans and vow to continue to work tirelessly to protect these gentle and loving creatures who cannot fight for themselves.

We work with animal control and local shelters to rescue bunnies from a variety of situations including but not limited to abandoned or dumped bunnies, hoarding situations, home evictions, animal abuse, and accidental litters. We also take in owner surrenders as space allows. Our rescue bunnies are quarantined on intake until they receive proper vetting and are cleared of illness and parasites, at which time they join the RRR bunnies in the bunny showroom.

Our adoptable bunnies are fully vetted, spayed, neutered, (microchipped) and RHDV2 vaccinated (Microchips and Vaccinations will be added as funding permits.). We adhere to the House Rabbit Society standards of living. Our bunnies are never housed in cages. We provide a minimum of 4’x4’ or larger bunny safe space at the adoption center and adopt only to homes who are committed to providing their bunnies with the indoor house rabbit life they need to live long and happy and to enjoy a relationship of companionship and love with their humans. Our bunnies are fed a diet of high-quality hay, pellets, treats, and daily greens, and receive daily enrichment, love, and affection from our many volunteers.

Not only do we provide rescue and refuge for bunnies in need, we also heavily focus our efforts on changing the perception of the public, to open eyes and minds to the beautiful and friendly nature of domestic rabbits, and to teach our communities how to properly care for them so that domestic rabbits and humans may live harmonious lives together, sharing the genuine love and companionship these beautiful pets are capable of. Because once you experience domestic rabbits in the proper environment, it is clear to see that they truly are ‘Mankind’s other best friend!'

Together we can make it happen!
Over the last couple years, we have built up a solid team of volunteers to help with both bunny care and administrative duties. I could not feel more blessed to have such dedicated, selfless, generous, and hard-working support of these people. They have restored my faith that humanity still exists in this sometimes-dark world. We are 100% volunteer run and rely heavily on donations from our supporters.

We have also hired a high profile grant writer with a proven track record to go after some large figure grants for us. Our first grant application was submitted on March 1st, 2024.

To turn this vision into a reality, we need to make a move now, and we need your help! We have an opportunity that has presented itself to open up a bunny showcase and storefront. This will be phase one of bringing our vision to life. With the achievement of each phase, we'll move to the next, adding the veterinary clinic and the bunny cafe down the road.

To move on this opportunity, we need to act fast. We are asking for donations from our supporters in the following amounts, for the following purposes...

$10,800 - Closing costs and lease payments for the first six months in our new storefront.
$10,000 - Merchandise Stock to get the ball rolling. We will offer a variety of high-quality rabbit food pellets, hay, treats, snacks, supplements, toys and enrichment, plus XPens, litter boxes, water bowls, food dishes, hay bags, tunnels, etc - everything you need for your house rabbit set up. We have wholesale accounts with Oxbow, Sherwood, and Small Pet Select, and The Well-Kept Rabbit and are working on obtaining merchant accounts with several bunny and pet supply companies. We will also offer a variety of bunny-themed merchandise for humans, including our RRR logo apparel and merch.
$24,768 - Payroll for two full time employees (or an equivalent number of hours for more part time employees) for six months. This will allow us time to build up our revenue before having to take on the financial obligation of payroll.

Total - $45,586
We are turning to our supporters and the animal loving community in hopes to raise a minimum of $45,568 so we can move on to the next phase of our journey. We have not asked for this much funding from the community before and hope we have earned your trust and faith in us as an organization who cares deeply for this cause, and who will work hard to

If you are a rabbit lover, or even an animal lover, or have an appreciation for the powerful role therapy pets play in the lives of humans, or simply want to support a great cause, please consider making a donation to our organization. We are a 501c3 non-profit and your donation is tax-deductible. Please contact us if you need a receipt of charitable giving for tax purposes.

Thank you for your consideration. ❤️



  • Ryan Kink
    • $200 
    • 4 d
  • Cathryn Grant
    • $25 
    • 5 d
  • Alina Muresan
    • $10 
    • 5 d
  • Michelle Sutton
    • $300 
    • 24 d
  • Tim Marschner
    • $100 
    • 24 d

Fundraising team: RRRAdoption Center Fundraising Team (5)

Erin Silas
Raised $2,150 from 7 donations
Romeo, MI
Romeo Rabbit Rescue, Inc.
Registered nonprofit
Donations are typically 100% tax deductible in the US.
Missy Dodge
Team member
Raised $210 from 2 donations
Diane Bendig
Team member
Jacqui Broser
Team member
Michelle Sutton
Team member
This team raised $370 from 9 other donations.

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