Help Mayor of Pickleball Settle the Goof-Up!

My name is Hollynd Hoskins, Esq. and I have donated my services PRO BONO to proudly defend the "Mayor of Pickleball" against the City of Denver's Park & Rec #Goofed-Up Felony Prosecution. If you haven't heard about this case, your head has been submerged in pickle juice as it has garnered International headlines: See MEDIA TIMELINE.
Arslan Guney - The Mayor of Pickleball - is a 71-year-old upstanding citizen, volunteer, neighbor, husband, father, grandfather and a friend to everyone he meets. He is a retired engineer who actually worked for Vlasic Pickles before his love of the game. Mr. Guney was lending a helping hand as a devoted volunteer at his local Denver recreation center when he made an honest pickleball #goof-up that got him indefinitely banned from all Denver parks/rec centers and landed him in jail facing felony criminal charges.
On May 11, 2022, in Denver District Court, the #Mayor of Pickleball and the City of Denver reached a Settlement Agreement after mediation requiring Mr. Guney to write an apology letter and pay one-half of the City's estimate to repair the gym floor in the amount of $4,672.29. In exchange - the City has agreed to reinstate the Mayor of Pickleball's Denver Parks and Rec Membership and recommend that all criminal charges are dismissed.
Was this a #Pickleball Shake Down?! ...Maybe.  But let's turn this Sour Dill into a Sweet Gerkin by HELPING out the Mayor of Pickleball.  Simone Jardim  - the Number One Ranked Woman Pickleball Player in the World from 2016 to 2020 - and Gizmo  - the flamboyant and amazing pro pickleball player who strives to grow the sport of pickleball - have teamed up to bail the #Mayor of Pickleball out of a #Bad Dill and back onto the courts.  Here is a Gizmo - the Cheeseburglar himself - telling you why you should support the Mayor of Pickleball: Gizmo Video 
Simone, Gizmo and the Mayor of Pickleball NEED YOUR DONATIONS TODAY to Settle the Goof-UP with the City by June 1st and to Give Back and share the LOVE of Pickleball with ALL the YOUNG and YOUNG at HEART in every Small and Great Community.
The first $4,672.29 (minus the GFM transaction fees) will be paid directly to the City of Denver on behalf of the Mayor of Pickleball pursuant to the Settlement Agreement to keep him out of jail and back out volunteering on the courts.
Every dollar raised above this amount will be evenly divided and donated to these Two Great 501c Foundations to Help Spread the Love of Pickleball to All:
Both Simone and Gizmo have agreed to use these funds to bring their great love and knowledge of Pickleball to our underserved communities - both young and old.
You never know - maybe Simone, Gizmo & the Mayor of Pickleball will team up and bring their love to your neighborhood.
Simone, Gizmo and the Mayor of Pickleball are so grateful for your support and monetary donations to help spread the love of pickleball to All.
Hollynd Hoskins, Esq.

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