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7 years ago, I found out that I am an at risk, brittle diabetic.  I do not have the ability to feel when my blood sugar goes high or low.  After 2 episodes of DKA, one of which severely damaged my overall health, my Endocrinologist determined that I am in fact a type 1.5 LADA Diabetic.  

I have worked hard to maintain my diabetes and all of its effects.  My Endocrinogologist has talked with me at great length about getting on a CGM - Continuous Glucose Monitoring device.  I am currently using a Medtronic Revel Insulin Pump, however i'm not due to upgrade to their newMedtro I am now eligible for this pump/cgm upgrade and I am working with Medtronic to get this completed.  

The other thing we talk about greatly is getting a Medical Alert Dog (service animal) that is trained to detect these situations of Low and High blood sugar levels. Many times my blood sugar slips to dangerously low levels, most often times while I am asleep, with nobody to see the outward effects of a low blood sugar level.  My wife and daughter as well as many of my friends and co-workers can see the changes in me as my sugar levels change, and warn me of what they see, prompting me to check my sugar.  It is very humbling to have to at times rely on others due to my not being able to feel the change myself.

I have a couple of friends who have gotten Service Animals for this very reason. The added security that these 24 hour watchers bring relieves so much stress from not only themselves, but their families.  I have always been the helper and protector of others, and the fact that with the type of diabetes I have, I've relied many times on those around me to prevent me from another round of DKA. One of the hardest things for me to do is to ask for help.  Right now, I need to find it for the safety of myself and the security of my family.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  If nothing else, spreading awareness on the effects of diabetes is my main goal.  While I would greatly benefit from a Medical Assistance Dog, I have a hard time asking for someone to donate their money to support my medical need.  If I can educate people, it will help myself and others in the long run.
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