Dezi's surgery is TODAY!

Dezi, who also goes by Peanut, is an amazing little red kelpie (border collie mixed with a dingo) girl who was rescued from a high kill shelter in North Carolina after being surrendered at only 3 weeks old. As last Memorial Day weekend came along, before the shelter closed for the long weekend, Dezi's angel rescuer found her and brought her home. Named Muffin, she was bottle fed, helped thru mange, and at 3 months of age, was sent up to NJ to find a furever home.

I met her and couldn't let her go. She was sweet, loving, she made people smile. She was unique. She was amazing. On her transport up to NJ, she had contracted kennel cough. It started showing up a few days after she came home. I was devastated. She was limp, wouldn't eat or drink, she slept constantly. It was a horrible experience, I thought I was going to lose her, and was estatic when she made it thru. I hoped that she would never suffer from anything else again, my poor girl. 
After her recovery, she was a very happy puppy, loved to play, run, hike, meet new friends. Only a few months later, I started to notice Dezi having trouble getting up, sitting down, laying down. I noticed her getting an attitude when another dog would want to 'meet' her. She started to dislike playing, especially when the other dog would go near her back legs. I thought maybe it was a growing pains, I thought maybe she just had an attitude? She's a puppy, what could be wrong?!
One day, late April, we went for a hike with a handful of other dogs and people. Halfway thru she just stopped on the trail next to me, looked up at me, with an expression which i could tell meant: I'm in pain. This hurts. The photo below was taken later on that night. Her 'sister' rescue, Ella, would not leave her side. She knew Dezi was in pain, and constantly cuddled with and consoled her, which was amazing to see. While I appreciated seeing this bond, it hurt so much at the same time, not to know what this pain was.
The next morning I scheduled our visit. It was days before her first birthday. I was praying she maybe had been bit by an infected Lyme tick. I had only HOPED that was what it could be, an easy treatment, a few doses of medication and she would be good to go and feeling good as new! 

However, after an exam and x-rays, I was given bad news. Dezi, in fact, has double hip dysplasia. She was born with it. It was described to me that compared to a fracture, which is an 8 out of 10 on a pain scale, my baby was in a constant 6 out of 10 of pain. The only thing that will help is a surgery for each hip. I couldn't hold back tears, feeling horribly bad for my girl. Learning the pain she  truly is in, how she should only be experiencing pure puppy happiness at this age. Excitement and joy, when in fact, she suffers. Each time she stands up, sits down. Each time she takes a step. Every move she makes. I was upset because of the pain she is constantly experiencing at such a young age, as well as knowing the $6000 cost is an unattainable reach for me, and that the longer I wait to get the surgery, her hips will become more deformed as her bones try to grow to compensate, which will only make it worse. Knowing that the initial $700 visit was only a fraction of what the cost would be, was a hard pill to swallow.
The amount of happiness Dezi brings me is unmeasureable. I was told about this outlet,, which I hope is the light at the end of the tunnel for me and my girl. It is my hope, that with sharing my story, and thru donations from people who understand how dogs are truly family; my peanut can get the surgeries she needs, to have a long, happy, life. Hiking, running, playing, loving.

Any amount will get me that much closer. Any share will get me closer.

Thank you for your time!

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