Help HKC Make Bombproof Knives

Over 5 years of design, 6 months of collaborative research, and a year of ergonomic prototyping has led to this. 
Working in direct collaboration with firefighters, military, and police together we came up with some beautiful knives and truely innovative rescue tools. Its time!
Its time to put them into the hands of those that will use them to protect our communities and our country as well as to the general public.
With manufacturing partners, professional prototyping tools, and distribution sources garnered over the past 2 years everything is  finally ready. All thats left is one final push.
All funding will go to the final materials, tools, facilities, and parts orders to get these knives and tools made.
We need $15,000 to make it happen, and ,though it sounds like a lot, together we can make it. For every $500 over goal I will hand make and donate 1 custom knife or rescue tool to a random firehouse or military member to help them in their duties.
These tools can and will make a difference in communities all over the USA. If you believe in this project then help make it happen! Everything helps bring this dream to life.  


This is perhaps the most anticipated design from this project. Meet the RipSnips. A hand held low profile structural wire cutter. It can be used with just one hand and works by letting firefighter simply pull the handle to cut. how does it work? just press the button at the bottom into a hard surface or even your hand. This opens the jaws by pushing forward on a binding axel between the blades. Wire captured between the jaws is cut by being drawn into and captured by the "maw" or blades.

Next up is a personal favorite. This is the Hachidori (hummingbird in japanese). Fast, light, precise, and elegant this blade is true to its name.

Just another karambit? I think not. The Hachidori took 28 revisions to get it perfect. It will be made from 3/16" thick D2 tool steel giving it a light yet robust form factor as well as an ideal balance of edge retension and shock resistance. The tip is an inverted tanto for superior tip strength. 
Oh, and that secondary edge? thats not a false edge like most american designs. This is the real deal. Made by someone trained in the traditional use of such a blade. 

Want a simple knife truely designed for firefighters? The FRK (Fire Rescue Knife) delivers

At the request of local firefighters the FRK is a super versatile, super simple knife. Its short enough, at just under 7.5" overall length, to not interfere with your gear, and it's 3" single bevel blade is blunted for when the adrenaline is high and your fine motor control isnt at its peak. It's core is cut for use as a standard gas wrench. 

For those that want the very best in hyper minimalism, I give you the Occam.

All business, the Occam's 4.3" blade is great for day to day tasks as well as light field use and has good mobility for use as a defensive fighter. A unique handle loop allows it to be used similarly to a karambit.  It hooks conveniently onto belt loops and MOLLE/ PALS webbing for those moments when you need your hands free quickly.

The Occam is nice but for those that want something a little more outdoorsy, the Hornet might fit you better.

The Hornet was designed first and foremost as a skinning knife. Its continually radiused 3" blade  makes getting into a deer that much easier. With the same handle design as the Occam, it makes for an extremely quick transitioning fighter. Perfect for EDC, hunting, or self defense, it's hard to go wrong with a Hornet.

Last but not least, the Boot Buddy. Designed to be a classic compact fighting dagger, it's lighting deployment, smooth transitions, and secure wedge grip make it ideal for combat applications.

Not quite a spear tip, certainly no applegate fairbairn, What is this? Its a micro cinqueda. The cinqueda was a renaisance era spanish dagger designed specifically to penetrate plate armor. Unlike the stiletto, it wasn't designed to be disposable. What does all this mean? It punches like a bear and penetrates like a world class tanto... you're welcome.

These are just a few 3D rendered pieces from my portfolio. To see these and many more made in steel, this project needs to become a reality.  You know what to do to see that happen!

What to look forward to:
After a succesfull funding campaign, we will have enough to make 100 knives. Each one will feature high quality Austrian D2 tool steel for the blades, hand ground bevels and edges, vacuum furnace heat treatment, hand formed G10 grips (if applicable), and an individually formed Boltaron sheath using the same highly adaptable MAMMS mounting hardware used in HCDIY's concealed carry holsters allowing it to be mounted at virtually any angle to suit user preferences.  MAMMS (Multi Angular Modular Mounting System) is our own proprietary set it and forget it mounting system. It is made entirely in house using a professional 3D printer and is constructed from weather and impact resistant polymer.

They will be available for sale within 2 months of the end of this campaign through local and online vendors.
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