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Looking back there were things that stuck out in Gage's behavior from the time he was two that had us questioning just how this little one saw the world. But we simply tried to chalk it up to the "terrible 2's" and moved on. But here is where the problem begins, in the moving on. You see Gage has a brain imbalance which means one side of his brain matured while the other side lagged behind. It is Gage's Right Hemisphere or Right Brain that has not matured to the same six year old brain that his Left Hemisphere has. This causes a lot of behavioral and social issues for Gage since it is the Right Brain that is in charge of these skills as well as many others.
His brain has also failed to let go of his "primitive reflexes". Those are the reflexes all babies are born with such as grasping and startle. We all lose those by our first year so that we can develop new and needed reflexes. This causes him to be highly impulsive and have outbursts of rage which at times get very physical. Those bright blue eyes you see looking back from these photos are a mask for the turmoil within, and very often these days they are dull and sad. Gage lacks the ability to read a person’s body language or facial cues that would let you or I know someone was upset with us.  He also struggles with impulsive behavior which at times can lead to dangerous situations . Regular forms of discipline simply do not work with him; time out, redirection, withholding of TV or other favorite activity, spanking...nothing gets through, believe me when I tell you we have tried it all. Once he veers off down the path of disobedience he is gone.  It is like living with a minature Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This has made life with him and for him very difficult. Pre-K was hard but Kindergarten has been a roller coaster of emotions. Within the first two weeks we were concerned that he was going to be dismissed for bad behavior. Everyday brought another infraction; pushing, hitting, threatening. His daily report sheets were covered with notes concerning his altercations with others and lack of ability to listen. My daughter took him to a behavioral therapy clinic that is associated with the school he attends. Their answer was to medicate him. Which we did. The medication keeps him calm and focused so that he can participate in class. It keeps him manageable at home, when he is on it. Mornings are the roughest part of the day as the medicine has cleared his system during the night.  He is a champ when it comes to taking his medication, which I am grateful for. I believe he knows it helps him and I also believe that he struggles to understand why he does the things he does. 
We, as his family, do not like the idea of him being medicated for his entire life. So this set us on our journey of answering the question all parents and grandparents ask, WHY? Why does our beloved child carry on so? What did we do or not do? What can we do? Will he always be this way? The answer I have found to the final question is "NO". He does not have to struggle through life this way. His brain can be healed. 
Dr. Melillo, the creator of the Brain Balance Program, is an internationally known chiropractic neurologist, professor, researcher, and expert in childhood neurological disorders and author of "Disconnected Kids" and "Reconnected Kids". Dr. Melillo has found the answer for children like Gage. Below is a brief video that explaines a bit about how Brain Balance works.
We recently traveled to the Brain Balance Center in Little Rock with Gage and had an assessment done. The  results came back declaring he is Right Brain deficient. The good news is this can be corrected. It will take 84 to 120 visits at the center. Gage's mother, I and my husband are willing to travel the 2 hours with him 3 times per week for the 1 hour sessions and then 2 hours home. Since main stream medicine does not recognize this type of treatment insurance will not cover the cost. Therefore we are left to come up with it ourselves. We, his family and extended family, are more than willing to invest as much as we can toward this treatment, but are not able to come up with it all. So we have turned here to you, seeking a helping hand. The amount we are seeking to raise will cover the cost of all treatments as well as help with fuel cost as we will be traveling over 260 miles round trip 3 times per week for minimum of 28 weeks.The therapy he will receive at Brain Balance has the ability to turn Gage's life around. It has the ability to see him medication free in 2018. Once his brain is brought into balance it will hold and move forward correctly with both sides maturing together. 
There is no amount of physiological therapy that will correct this, it is a physical condition that can and must be repaired. Counseling along with medication is only a Band-Aid on a gaping wound. That is not to say he can not benefit from counseling once his brain is balanced. However, without the Brain Balance program he will continue to struggle as the Left Brain leaves the Right Brain farther and farther behind. The aggression and impulsivity will only get worse. School will become harder and harder. We are not willing to allow him to travel that path. So, it is with your help that we will set his feet upon a new and positive path. There is a kind and loving spirit that resides in Gage. We see glimpses of it each day in the love he has for his baby sister. He is very bright as most children with  right brain imbalances are. He has a keen since for detail and a sharp memory. We want to heal his brain so that he can grow into his full potential and have a happy and productive life.Time is of the essence. Each day that passes is another day lost.  Your kindness and consideration are greatly appreciated. If you are not able to assist financially your prayers are much appreciated.
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I invite you to read some of the testimonies you will find there from other parents. I encourage you to share this information with friends or family members who may also have children whom would benefit from this same treatment.
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