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Able’s Story.
Able is a good-hearted, happy go lucky 25-year-old. He loves music and outdoor adventures. When he was 21 months old, he suffered a severe infection of meningitis and septicaemia. The resulting brain damage left Able with spastic quadriplegia, cerebral palsy, bone deformity and epilepsy. 
Since then, Able's had years of rehabilitation and needs to work hard every day to stay healthy and active. He cannot walk unaided and uses many kinds of mobility equipment to help him move around.

Without essential daily exercise and physiotherapy, Able’s condition can drastically deteriorate, greatly increasing his dependence on others to help him with even simple everyday tasks.

Despite his disability, Able cheerfully throws himself into all the challenges in his life. He even threw himself out of an aeroplane to raise funds for Dame Hannahs Special Needs Centre!

Able's always up for an adventure. Whether it’s sit-skiing, kayaking, abseiling, microlighting, sailing, horse riding or playing with Ocean City powerchair football team, he’s fearless and wants to live his life to the full. 


Tek RMD.
It's vital for Able to have frequent opportunities every day to stand upright and bear weight to maintain the strength of his bones, spine and muscles. Plus for the healthy function of his heart, lungs and digestion. It's crucial for Able to stretch out the acute spasticity in his legs and prevent his muscles and tendons from contracting.
The Tek RMD is a motorised standing device. It will be the key to Able's long term health and independence. Instead of sitting for long periods in his electric wheelchair, he'll be able to maintain strength and fitness for himself.

The Tek RMD will give Able the miraculous freedom to stand independently and move around whenever and wherever he wants. Inside or out in the world, Able will be standing on his own two feet!
Here’s a short film where you can see what an incredible piece of equipment the Tek RMD is!

This link is to the Anatomical Concepts website, UK supplier of the Tek RMD, with lots of great info:
Able’s Step Towards Independence.

Recently Able was thrilled to move into his own wheelchair accessible flat, provided by South Devon Rural Housing Association, in his home village of Dartington, Devon. He has daily assistance from a wonderful team of support workers. The aim is for Able to become as independent as possible.
With the Tek RMD Able will access all of his kitchen easily, learn to cook his own meals safely, reach shelves when he’s shopping and enjoy being on the same eye level when he's with his friends.


The Future
Able's so truly happy to have found the love of his life, his fiancée, Leanne.  He’d love to dance with her in his arms ... she’s nearly 6 foot tall!  His ultimate dream is to glide down the aisle together one day!

Thank You!
The Tek RMD will profoundly transform the quality of Able’s life and assure him a genuinely independent future.

Sincerest thanks for any donation you feel able to give.
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