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Due to the massive reposts of false accusations on social media around Vasily's family, we wanted to clarify the situation by attaching a legal document, Rita's death certificate, which indicates the real date of death and the diagnosis - Arteriovenous malformation AVM (see attached description below). This date refutes the false information about Vasily's intentional disconnection of his wife from the life support system on February 26th. Rita was pronounced brain dead by 2 neurologists on Feb 14th, 2023 and this is her legal date of death. According to the law, brain death is a legal definition of death and only because of her pregnancy she was on somatic support until the peri-neonatologists decided that the risks outweigh the benefits of the baby staying inside of Rita. At that point, they decided to do a c-section and Rita was disconnected from life support per the law. Vasilii did not sign any do not resuscitate orders as there was no option to resuscitate a person who is brain dead/legally dead. Doctors say that Rita's death occurred on the day when her brain stopped functioning. We hope this document will clear all your doubts. Do not believe unsubstantiated accusations without any evidence. May God bless you all and send His peace into your hearts!

What is an arteriovenous malformation (AVM)?
An arteriovenous malformation (AVM) is an abnormal tangle (like a bird’s nest) of blood vessels. The tangle is made of arteries that would normally supply brain tissue and veins that would normally drain brain tissue.

Are arteriovenous malformations dangerous?
They can be. The greatest danger is bleeding (hemorrhage).

What causes an arteriovenous malformation (AVM)?
Scientists aren’t sure what causes arteriovenous malformations. They believe they develop during pregnancy, so you’re born with an AVM (they’re congenital).

What are the complications of arteriovenous malformations (AVMs)?
Complications of brain AVMs include:
Brain bleed/stroke.
Aneurysm. This is a balloon-like bulge in the walls of any of the blood vessels feeding into or around the AVM (arteries, veins the AVM itself). They develop because of a structural weakness in your blood vessel walls. Aneurysms develop in about 50% of all brain and spinal cord AVMs.
Coma and death, especially from a large bleed in your brain.

Does a pregnant person with arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) have an increased risk?
Because of the increase in blood volume and blood pressure that comes with pregnancy, being pregnant with an AVM can increase the risk of an AVM bleed. In some people, the changes brought on by pregnancy can cause the sudden appearance or worsening of AVM symptoms.

В связи с наплывом ложной информации на просторах интернета вокруг семьи Василия, мы хотели прояснить ситуацию прикрепив легальный документ, свидетельство о смерти Риты, где указана реальная дата смерти Февр.14. Эта дата опровергает ложную информацию о намеренном отключении Василием своей жены от системы жизнеобеспечения 26-го февраля. Врачи утверждают, что смерть Риты наступила в день, когда ее мозг перестал функционировать. Надеемся, этот документ развеет все ваши сомнения. Не верьте голословным обвинениям, не имеющим под собой никаких доказательств. Пусть Бог благословит всех вас и пошлет Свой мир в ваши сердца!

January 24th, 2023 my brother’s wife, Rita Tabunscic, who is pregnant with their fourth child was not feeling good after a prayer service. While still being in the church she went unconscious, paramedics were called to the scene and she was taken to the nearest hospital. Her husband Vasiliy was not with her at that time since he was at home with their other 3 children. Rita has been in a coma ever since; the doctors are not giving any chance of her survival due to a massive hemorrhagic stroke. The main goal right now is to keep Rita alive to prolong the pregnancy and possibly save the baby. Due to this critical situation in their family, her husband Vasiliy is unable to work since now he is taking care of their 3 children as well as going to the hospital to make critical decisions for his wife and his unborn child. Everything is on Vasiliy’s shoulders and their family needs financial assistance. We ask for your prayers as well as your generosity. May God bless you abundantly for your opened hearts. All of the finances will go towards family support. May God protect your homes and prevent anything like this from happening to your family.

24-го Января 2023 года, молодой маме и жене моего брата, Рите Табунщик, беременной 4-м ребенком, стало плохо, после молитвенного служения. Мужа, к сожалению, не было рядом. Он, заботясь о детях дома, ложил их спать, когда это случилось. Неравнодушные люди вызвали скорую помощь к зданию церкви. Медики рекомендовали забрать ее в госпиталь, и с тех пор она не приходя в сознание, остается в коме. Врачи, не дают никаких шансов на ее жизнь, из-за сильного кровоизлияния в мозг. Основная цель, такого положения дел, поддержать стабильно-критическое состояние Риты, до безопасного созревания плода в утробе.
С учетом этих сложных обстоятельств, для семьи, муж Риты не в состоянии работать, в связи с тем, что большую часть времени проводит с 3-мя детьми, которым тяжело без мамы. Возить детей в школу, забирать их со школы, ездить в госпиталь для решения текущих вопросов, для поддержания стабильного состояния Риты, все это лежит, непосредственно, на плечах мужа. Просьба, поддержать молитвенно семью, моего брата, а кто расположен помочь финансово, это также можно сделать через этот Фонд.
Пусть Бог воздаст обильно за ваши неравнодушные сердца и своевременную помощь этой семье! Все финансы пойдут на поддержу этой семьи. Храни вас Бог НИКОГДА не оказаться в подобных обстоятельствах!

Unfortunately, I have to add to my post and clarify the false allegations regarding Vasilii and his family. There are many rumors out there regarding this family and what they have been through. Please take these accusations with a grain of salt, as they can jeopardize the well-being and future of this family. If you were thinking of blessing the family, but feeling torn between what is true and false, we encourage you to pray about it before donating to find that peace in your hearts. Your donations will be a great blessing to Vasilii’s family. Remember, what seeds we sow, we will reap. May God bless you.

Last night, February 26, 2023, due to an infection in Rita's body, the doctors decided to save the baby through a cesarean section. The child was born healthy, but unfortunately, Rita passed away. Please pray for this family, husband and 4 children who were left without a mother . All funds raised will go to the support and needs of this family.

Прошлой ночью, 26 февраля, из-за возникшей инфекции в теле Риты, врачи приняли решение спасти ребенка через кесарево сечение. Ребенок родился здоровым, но к сожалению, Рита отошла . Просьба, молиться за эту семью, мужа и 4-х деток, которые остались без мамы .
Все собранные средства пойдут для поддержки и нужды этой семьи.


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