Duck's & Goose's Winter Home

The purpose of this fundraiser is quite simple, raise enough funds to repair the barn and insulate the metal shed for more ducks and geese this winter all Live Streamed on YouTube.
Part 1

Fix the barn floor and replace the 3 lower foundation logs so we can open the front doors of the barn to a solarium type enclosure on the front of the barn for the ducks this winter.

With this barn repair we can increase the number of female ducks we can keep over the winter for next year's breeding season and more eggs for the local food bank, hoping to have enough females this winter so I can easily hatch at least a 800-1,000 ducklings live on YouTube during the spring of 2018.

Part 2

Insulate the metal shed so we can keep the new geese we received from Metzler farms and breed & hatch them also next spring.

The geese have to be kept separate from the ducks in the winter because they get too aggressive when kept together in the pen over the winter, ducks get hurt and we can't have that.

Most of the work will of course be Live Streamed on YouTube so you can actually see your money in action.

There are other costs which I will have during this upgrade which I honestly have no idea what they will cost as with most construction projects until you actually start doing the work, but I will cover them myself personally and then update the GoFundMe Campaign.


Cost Breakdown

PAID Materials for Duck Barn and Goose Shed, $1,000.00 Discount from Wood Works of Renfrew $2,000.00 (Tax Included)

PAID Concrete barn floor $2,335.00 + HST = $2,638.55

PAID Replacing the 3 bottom logs on the barn $3,680.00 + HST = $4,158.40

PAID 17 Patio Stone for Barn entrance $127.50 = HST = $144.08

PAID Lath Wire & Mortar for logs $45.85 + HST = $51.81

PAID Conduit (Internet) and barn drain $159.84 + HST = 180.62

PAID Cash deal for metal roof $100.00

PAID Roofing materials $256.27 (Tax Included)

PAID Black out weekend secret contractor help framing & sheeting barn $360.00

PAID "Kinda Cute Keith" for help Nov 1st - 21st $670.00 includes $100 From Black out weekend above

          Screws & Expanding Foam          $73.94
          Barrel Bolt                                   $10.61
          Goose Shed Electric                    $115.38
          Barn Door Hinges                        $45.99
          Credit Return Materials not used -$115.81
PAID Balance                    `                   $130.11

Sub Total $10,589.84

GoFundMe & WePay Fees 7.9% = $836.59

Grand Total $11,426.43
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