Veteran -65-bullied out of work, needs your help

My name is Alan Shawcroft. 
In August this year I attempted to commit suicide twice, due to bullying and harassment at work, which triggered a trauma memory from my Army service, but first I'll introduce myself and explain the horrendous treatment I suffered at  The World's Number 1 Brewer, at one of their many breweries in Samlesbury, near Preston by one person , and why I am seeking your help, to make them accountable for enabling a culture of bullying in the workplace.

I am 65 years old, a decorated veteran of the British Army and Police.   I have worked productively  for all my life, including assisting  emergency services, in times of national crises.
I had a very active role in preventing terrorist atrocities in  London whilst in the Police,  providing support to retrain the Iraqi police, followed by a variety of roles in civilian life.  The last of these was as a Security supervisor at a brewery of the World's Number 1 Brewer near Preston.  I worked there for over 8 years, building good relationships with managers and staff alike, I would like to think that they respected me for my wealth of experience, and integrity. 
However, the last 2 years, thanks to one individual female made working there an intimidating , corrosive and hostile experience, ie I was constantly BULLIED AND VICTIMISED for over 2 years, in an effort to remove me from site, which she did eventually with no evidence whatsoever apart from assumptions, the data used was eventually found to  be unreliable and discredited,  You would have thought that the Worlds Number 1 Brewer would make ensure they have competent people in place, and the equipment

I was eventually dismissed on highly contentious grounds, which led to me developing PTSD, severe anxiety and depression, I was essentially dismissed unfairly.  ACAS couldn't help, so reluctantly I had to start claiming benefits for the first time in my life, a humiliating experience for me, and have been signed off as unfit to work for the forseeable future, I am now on Sertraline for depression, Mirtrazine to aid sleep, and Diazapem when anxiety levels go up.

Getting nowhere with ACAS, I complained to the CEO of the World's number 1 Brewer in Belgium, who instructed the compliance team, based in Prague to investigate.  The team investigated, and indeed found evidence to corroborate my claim that I had been subjected to inappropriate conduct and behaviour BUT NO HARASSMENT OR BULLYING TOOK  PLACE, They  SAID SHE WAS BEING ASSERTIVE! which is totally incorrect, for over 2 years I was subjected to psychological harassment, through intimidation, belittlement, offensive remarks and humiliation, FOR WHICH I KEPT A DIARY OF INCIDENTS.  Apart from thanking me for bringing the matter to their attention, there was no apology, or what I felt I deserved  the appropriate compensation for the severe trauma and distress caused, which for  the with huge assets is unbelievable.  My life was then in ruins, thanks to this vindictive female  at the Worlds Number 1 Brewer she had won, but this large Global brewing giant, can't afford to compensate for the vindictive actions, of one of their female employees ( who I know has had several complaints of harassment made against her over recent years).

Such was my distress, trauma and hopelessness,  at the compliance team asserting I hadn't been harassed,  shortly after, I attempted suicide, with a  massive overdose of morphine,  however at some point in my delerium, I called the mental health urgent response team, who called an ambulance, where I was admitted to Wigan Infirmary, for assessment by the mental health team.

I have approached several employment solicitors for help to try and force the issue, but as someone with no assets, and absolutely nothing apart from my Army pension, I simply cannot afford their services, thus the reason for this campaign to raise the necessary funds to employ an employment lawyer to fight me case, but also to highlight bullying in the workplace, which I'm sure goes on not only at  the World's number 1 brewer, but also victims who are fearful of reporting it, as doing so, usually results in losing their Job, there is no place for bullying in the workplace.

So I would be eternally grateful to anyone out there, to help me reach my target, so that I can get the justice I deserve, by making the Wold's Number 1 Brewer realise that their employee  did psychologically harass  and intimidate me  to the point I am now as low as I can get psychologically, totally helpless, with my self confidence and belief non existent.  Bullying in the workplace not only ruins lives, it affects the operational effectiveness of companies.   

Employment tribunals are out of time for me, so the only option available, is through litigation, to sue for compensation, through the courts, which is why I have set my target at the level it is.

At the lowest point in my life, your donation will assist in not only making this Global Company, take responsibility for the vindictive  actions of one of their employees, but to also for this Global giant of a company, to offer  suitable compensation, for the number of years future employment I lost, but also for the distress and trauma caused over 2 years, I will personally thank every donation, no matter how big or small.

To me, your support will show that people are taking bullying seriously, yes I now have been psychologically damaged by this female at 0ne of the World's Number 1 Brewer's, which may or may not be cured, but the bully also has a problem, which will affect a companies efficiency and productivity, as an employee who is being bullied, spends most of their time at work, doing their best, to avoid the bully at all costs, as I did, meaning my bully could throw the accusation at me that I had performance issues. 


Alan Shawcroft

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