Raising a Community Center for Collective Healing

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"A dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream you dream together is reality." -John Lennon/Yoko Ono.

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Michele Baird: Head Spokes Woman for Sacred Nectar Sanctuary
 Why should we care?

    Thank you for being here. If you are reading this, I ask you to take a deep breath and feel these words. They are not meant to be seen with your eyes, but felt with your heart

     Sacred Nectar Sanctuary is a land of a new reality. It is a place where a community can gather to live in right relationship with the earth and collectively heal. Right now it's calling to you to be part of a MIRACLE! 

    The original plan to purchase the neighboring house has fallen through due to being sold. The new neighbors are a bright couple that plan to use it as a summer home and we are happy to have a friendly family next door.

    The dream is still very much the same, only the energy has now taken a drastic shift towards an even more motivating, and actually original plan, of building a community building from the ground up! This community building will be built out of as many materials off the land as possible, as well as local, and recycled materials where necessary. The idea of sustainability will be the core principle that shapes our plans. This building will most likely be utilizing timber frame, straw bale, hempcrete, and cob. More details of how this will come to fruition will shift as the current planning shapes the directions that are most suitable to available resources, and the help and knowledge that is accumulated along the way.

    The general design of the building will be centered around a large community space for hosting workshops and classes with a second story balcony around the perimeter to maximize the space for attendees. Included in the design will be a commercial kitchen, art studio, bathrooms and showers, and greenhouse cafe. As of now nothing is set in stone and flexible. If you have resources of someone or something that you would like to share and is in line with this goal we are open and appreciate every bit of help in the organic development of this community building. There will be designs and plans shared soon in the coming future. The big shift in focus has changed a lot of our plans but it is all for the highest destiny as we allow ourselves to align to the divine. <3

    This dream is only possible when the faith of others is accumulated TOGETHER! Please join us to become a part of this miracle of building a better world!

Read on to hear more about our mission and to learn more about Sacred Nectar Sanctuary.

  Our Earth is becoming very sick. Greed and success tromp through the forests without looking back, leaving sickness in its path. Our Mother Earth  who has given us EVERYTHING we know, sits neglected, full of love and patience waiting for us to turn around and see the truth of our actions. 

    We are not to blame ourselves for what we have taken part in, it's okay, this cycle is a part of life, but we must acknowledge it. It's easy to ignore the problems going on around us when our screens tell us how to be successful and what to think, when we hide our trash and the world around us consumes more. We make excuses to carry on in the name of giving ourselves and our children a better life. Our egos justify everything we do to keep us from changing.

    There is a way to break free of the patterns that are causing harm to our minds, bodies and environment. I believe we each can change everything around us, and that the future is brighter than our current civilization has seen. 

    I share a common dream with those who are willing to face the darkness to bring their light. It's a dream ingrained into humanity. A dream that we are changing the paradigm of the current state of being that is proving to be detrimental to our planet's health. A dream to heal the earth and those ready to listen to the call. Once we begin to seek the darkness with compassion and forgiveness, not only do our souls fill with love and joy, but our minds become clear, our bodies begin to heal, and a special magic fills the void so many of us have been accustomed to feel.

    Bringing this light to our earth is not a job for one person it's not a job for 20 people, it's a job that takes common unity. We can not do it alone, we must all work together and ask for help and be that help for others. We are here build a place that shatters all of the false truths we have told ourselves up until this point, and teach each other of the new path to follow. A rapid change is happening on this planet and it must be taken seriously while enjoying the gift of life to the fullest. The dream I share is for all of the beautiful people in my life to build OUR community. The dream that our children will be excited to go to their classroom, to learn how to take care of one another and give back to the planet that sustains us.

   When my father was working for his family company he bought an old abandoned corn farm to get away from it all. A place of solitude and reflection. I have been so truly blessed with the opportunity to call this home now and I wish for this land to be a place others can call home too.

    This Sanctuary sits in the absolute perfect place for our dream to manifest. It sits tucked away at the base of Mt. Whiteface surrounded by the White Mountain National Forest and land conservation. It contains 280 acres of forests, wetlands, and expansive fields.  The mile long twisty dirt road leads to campsites that bring in those seeking to find something they are missing in the world. This Haven is truly is a place to get away from old mindsets and patterns we have been holding on to. It offers a new perspective to the life we once knew.

    Five yeas ago, as the truth started to unravel for me, I had a vision of what the land would become. It was a Sanctuary full of an unexplainable contentment and fullness. Some lived here to teach others of their skills and knowledge. Others would stay a short time and sleep in tents within the trees. Friends would stay in small homes made of dirt, or small structures like teepees, yurts, and tiny homes. Children  would follow their teachers through the forest, learning of the plants and their stories. Nature trails were scattered throughout the landscape and  bikes would scurry around them in the summer, skis in the winter. The sick would enter sweat-lodges and ceremonies to cleanse and discover what lies beneath the surface of their illness. Elders would teach the youth of spirit and our connection to all. Breath-work and movement was integrated into the lives of these people. Music filled the air with happiness. Truth was always spoken. Growth was a focus.  Meals were prepared from the gardens. And love was put into every dish. Art was not only in classes, it was a part of everything we created. People who did not know why they were here would find a part of themselves they never knew existed. From this place many would take the light they found within and bring it back to their own communities to spread the new way amongst the planet.

    While I was waking up to the deeper reality around me, my father put lots of the property up for sale to pay the taxes. This sparked a tremendous fire inside of me to save this pristine land and I knew I had to do whatever it took to save the land from development. These occurances were all so divinely guided as a part to save the grater whole. It was clear that spirit was giving me a message and ever since, I have felt a great sense of my purpose on this earth. 

    The first steps we made here were to put in place conscious camp sites that would pull in the necessary abundance to pay for the taxes. As friends became intertwined with the dream, the energy flowed here quickly. We now grow organic vegetables that nourish the mind, body and spirit. We host work stays that teach people were we can change in our lives to benefit the whole and how to grow food and build alternatively. We challenge and educate one another, and support the individual strengths we each carry while softly pushing one another to do better on a daily basis. 

    It is now time that we begin to spread our messages to the world. In order to do this we need community space. This message is a call for help. This community will give many the opportunity to pursue their dreams in hosting workshops, holistic healing retreats, art space, and the much needed gathering space to collaborate and focus dreams into actuality. When the vision comes to fruition with your manifestation this space will be dedicated to serving the community & the highest good for our future!

    If you are reading this there is a reason. You are the help we have been looking for and we need it now more than ever.  If you are feeling the call of the dream, I would like to ask you to support us and share this message. We are counting on a miracle, that miracle is you. From the very depths of our hearts we cannot thank you enough for believing in us. We promise to dedicate our lives for a better world and hope you can be a part of it. <3 

Sent with so many Blessings, 
 - The Sacred Nectar Family

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