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Kingdom Blueprint: Embracing Our Future Five Fold Ministry

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Kingdom Blueprint is realigning its objectives to concentrate on certifying life coaches, to integrate them into churches to foster growth and increase accessibility. Our strategy unfolds in several stages, with the first phase dedicated to revitalizing interest in the crucial yet frequently overlooked practice of covenant agreements.

This marks the commencement of our dedicated efforts to address a prevalent issue across various denominations within the Christian community.


At Kingdom Blueprint, we understand the journey of spiritual leadership is both a profound calling and an immense challenge. The phenomenon of "ministry burnout" looms as a stark reality for many dedicated pastors, tasked with the monumental role of shepherding their flock.

Yet, in this sacred mission, you are not alone. Our purpose is to stand beside you, offering support, guidance, and resources to not only prevent burnout but to ignite anew the passion and purpose at the heart of your ministry.

Imagine a ministry vibrant with energy, where the well-being of its leaders is held in as high regard as their mission. We are committed to helping you achieve this vision.

By focusing on nurturing your own spiritual and emotional health, you cultivate a sanctuary from which you can serve God and your community with renewed vigor and joy.

Embracing this journey together, let us help you navigate the complexities of pastoral duties with grace and resilience. Through personalized support, we aim to empower you to lead with confidence, ensuring that your ministry remains a beacon of hope and healing.

Remember, being a pastor is a calling of extraordinary significance. The task of touching lives, healing hearts, and fostering spiritual growth is a noble endeavor. In this sacred duty, Kingdom Blueprint is here to offer a hand, helping you to serve with love, strength, and endurance. Together, let's build communities rooted in faith, love, and understanding.

Kingdom Blueprint has a desire to help churches bridge this gap. Our goal is to honor God, not by attempting to take over the function of His house, but rather by seeking to collaborate with it. Our goal is to equip churches with certified life coaches, offering guidance and support to individuals at various stages of their life journey.


Transformation Academy will offer the essential certification for our coaches. The goal is to provide individuals with a certificate that validates their expertise in life coaching. This approach is the most cost-effective and scalable method for expanding the number of qualified life coaches.

Before expanding our support to churches, coaches must possess foundational qualifications. After establishing a foundational basis, the next stage of education will be the NBHWC (National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching) for certified presence in the United States. They are the essential piece to billing health insurance companies for health & wellness coaching.
Envisioning a future collaboration with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), we aim to elevate our role as a life coaching entity, serving a global community with enhanced sophistication.

The ICF is the global life coaching community that provides life coaching services and curricula to various organizations. If you are a life coaching organization, they set the gold standard for curriculum and coaching development. Before becoming a member you have to apply and meet prerequisites that include:

  • You hold an ICF Credential (ACC, PCC, MCC).
  • You have completed at least 60 hours of coaching education that meets ICF standards.
  • You are enrolled in at least 60 hours of coaching education that meets ICF standards.

Once you become a certified professional coach and member of the NBHWC you can bill major health insurance companies for health and wellness sessions. The membership with the ICF is to generate a presence internationally within the church network.

This exclusive setting stands alone as the sole environment where insurance companies acknowledge life coaching qualifications, presenting a unique chance for enhanced accessibility and exponential growth.

Welcome, fellow believers and seekers of lasting change! At Kingdom Blueprint, we're on an awe-inspiring mission to spread our wings further with other ICF-accredited Christian programs. We aim to touch hearts and transform lives across the globe through our uniquely designed programs:

Discovering Your Marital Harmony through Premarital Life Coaching
- Embark on a journey of discovery to ensure you and your future spouse are perfectly aligned. Dive deep into those essential questions before saying "I do," and emerge with solutions that resonate with your unique love story.

Strengthening Your Marriage: From Glory-to-Glory and Faith-to-Faith
- Immerse yourselves in the wisdom of biblical principles to navigate the beautiful yet complex journey of marriage. This program is a treasure trove for those seeking to deepen their connection, fostering a marriage grounded in faith, understanding, and love.

The Adventure of Parenthood: Guiding All Parents through Life's Greatest Journey
- Welcome to the unpredictable yet thrilling path of parenthood! Let us guide you through the highs and lows, ensuring you and your little one thrive every step of the way.

Embracing Your Golden Years with Grace: Financial and Spiritual Wisdom for Retirement
- Step into retirement with confidence and grace. This program offers a blend of practical advice and spiritual guidance to help you navigate this enriching phase of life, focusing on prosperity, purpose, and well-being.

Healing and Renewing Your Marriage: A Journey of Restoration
- Amid the turmoil, there's always hope for renewal. Our program offers a sanctuary for couples to confront challenges and rekindle their sacred bond, underpinned by the healing power of faith.

Fostering Godly Relationships: Christian Relationship Life Coaching
- In our fast-paced world, cultivating a relationship that honors God can seem daunting. We're here to light the way, offering wisdom on navigating courtship with faith at the forefront, and building a foundation that lasts.

Rediscovering Your Identity in Christ: A Path to Purposeful Living
- In the quest for meaning, let us guide you back to your true essence in Christ. This transformative journey will unveil your divine purpose, enriching your life and those around you. Here, we address mental health traumas, including maternal and paternal wounds, emotional and physical abuse, and manipulation, working towards healing and recovery.

Holistic Health & Wellness: Aligning Spirit, Mind, and Body
- Embrace a life of balance and fulfillment by aligning your entire being with God's vision. This program delves into the interconnection of spiritual, emotional, and physical health, guiding you to a state of complete harmony.


Imagine a world where every church is a beacon of hope, offering its congregation access to certified life coaches. These coaches, trained by Transformation Academy and endorsed by the International Coaching Federation, stand ready to guide you through life's challenges with wisdom and empathy.

Together, let's embark on this transformative journey, opening hearts and minds to the endless possibilities that faith and guidance can bring.

Join us, and let's create a ripple effect of positive change, one life at a time. Are you ready to embrace this journey? Your path to a deeper connection with God and a fulfilled life starts here!

What Is The Five Fold Ministry Gifts: Being Inspired In Fivefold Ministry By The Gift Of The Holy Spirit From Jesus Christ

Kingdom Blueprint wants to create an environment for five-fold ministries to make use of their five-fold ministry gifts. God's ministry is a fivefold ministry where your local church government can use their spiritual gifts along with various five fold ministers in the body of Christ Jesus.

Any bible college can teach you about pastors and teachers or Pentecostal theology in the Old and New Testaments. Jewish teachers discuss a Jesus tradition and how it is accurately represented. The concept is based on the sender's mission first and given on the sender's authority to have apostles prophets evangelists speak for to watch the church grow. The sender is the Holy Trinity (All forms of God) and the apostles and prophets are doing unseen work for Him.

A 5 fold ministry is how we reach unity in God's kingdom as the body of Christ. The five gifts are more than what the little finger and index finger mean. The holy spirit at work with Jesus Christ is literally commissioned messengers carrying God's word to help the entire church body.

Five fold gifts are not a middle finger to the early church, it is the opposite. Any form of outreach ministry offices can find their whole measure is in their spiritual gift to prepare God's people to be like the Apostle Paul who offered biblical instruction from the things that happened in his own life that are recorded throughout the New Testament. The third finger or the ring finger represents the commitment to being a good shepherd to equip people for God's heart and how new believers should know the Old Testament as well for revelation knowledge.
My name is Aaron Dade and my wife Mary Dade are Christian life coaches/mentors for people seeking marriage restoration. My wife and I have a Marriage Restoration Ministry and our testimony is here:

Our goal is to partner with churches throughout the world to help people in their faith journey. We want to be there for people when they ask for help in their restoration goals throughout the world.

The immediate goal for this year is to get 5 coaches certified through the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching to have a United States presence.

The next step is the International Coaching Federation ready to serve churches when members of their congregation have issues with their faith.

We want to get 5 coaches certified through the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching:
Yearly Cost: $15,000
Cost per individual for Tuition: $3000 Minimum Tuition Cost

Cost for the Ministry To Make New Content & Curriculum:
Yearly Cost: $30,000
$2500 per month for multiple different services and marketing

God guides our lives every day in our journey to help as many as possible, this is extremely important to us. We coach people on the importance of marriage and family structure. We talk about multiple things in our curriculum and help deliver it to clients all over the world.

Unfortunately, many people cannot afford certain services in certain help. We offer many free resources for people but there's only so much that we can do without help. The funds that are going to be deposited here are for the scholarship fund to help those who seek help and cannot afford it.

We attempt to teach to bring God into marriage and expand His kingdom. We do individual coaching sessions, we also have featured challenges, and we also have virtual programs that are focused on what the scriptures say about marriage restoration.

We do all of this so that we can help people achieve marriage restoration and walk in their marriage restoration at as little cost as possible.

Our Matching Donation Structure:

“FIRST FRUITS MATCHING DONATIONS”, “Faithfulness Matching Donations” or “Partnership With Us Donations” can be made at any time with any amount above $5. The amount falls under a certain tier that is listed HERE.

To identify the donation the donor can send your description via email: Click Here For Our Contact Info.

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If you have not confirmed your donation with us or did not receive a receipt. Feel free to click here to contact us on our website. If we have not heard from you concerning the description, we will assume the description of your donation.


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