Chad's Road to Recovery

Chad and Angie have been married 25 years and have had a great life. Chad is 45 years old. They are inseparable.
On May 17th, with what was otherwise an ordinary day, Chad ended up feeling a sudden sickness and went to the hospital. That night he was admitted into the ICU and was diagnosed with Sespsis.

Sespsis is an infection of the blood. Which was caused by Chad not having a spleen, since the age of 12. This has never been a problem in the past, but he had pnemonia and then contracted strep throat. His body couldn't clean the infection and it spread to his blood.

The next day they were told he had a 0.01% chance of living. They put him under an induced coma, started him on dialysis and a ventilator, but his body was rejecting it and his heart stopped. Doctors were able to get his heart beating again and they gave him a paralytic to help stabilize him. During this time, all family members were told to come if they could to say their last words. 
Miraculously his body started accepting the dialysis and over the course of that week doctors said it looked like he could pull through, and he was put at a 10% chance of living. 

During all this time that the doctors were worried about his survival, his body had stopped sending oxygen to his extremeties and was focusing on his internal organs. This caused gangreen in his hands, feet, nose and ears. Doctors were not as concerned about his extremities as they were about his internal organs at this critical time.

In the next couple weeks, they slowly lowered the ventilator and he was breathing more on his own and showing more awareness. He was responding to questions by blinking his eyes and even grimacing at music he didn't like and smiling to his favorite songs.

On June 5th, Doctors decided he was stable enough to transfer him to a hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah to address the issues with his hands and feet.

On June 12th, they removed both of his feet up to his calves. Unfortunately, Angela had to work and wasn't able to get the time off to make it. However, his Dad was able to make it up in her place. June 16th, they removed his left arm and his right hand up above his wrist. Angela was able to get there, but not until after the surgery was completed.  

When he saw Angela after the surgery, he smiled and blew her a kiss and mouthed the words "I love you." He is aware of the people who are around him and what is happening. He is very grateful to have his wife by his side, every chance he gets.

With the hospital being in Salt Lake City, it is a 6 hour drive away from their home in Reno, Nevada. This puts a huge strain on Angela as she wants to be by his side but can't all the time since she has to work. Unfortunately, the state of Nevada doesn't offer any sort of disability benefits to aid them and they are down to only her income.

For those who don't know Chad, he worked in the construction industry installing high end entertainment systems, which he will no longer be able to do. And on his spare time he designed and built haunted houses.

We want to raise this money to help Angela out with living and transportation costs, and transition them both out of recovery and getting through this difficult time.

Anything helps, and it will all go to helping them both through this truly devestating time.

We just want to see him home and pray for a quick recovery. Thank you all dearly for your support through this time.
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