Cameron L Giles Medical Fund

I am setting up this page for my nephew, Cameron Lee Giles, a precious 4-year-old boy full of life who is going to have a tough road ahead for him and his parents, as he was diagnosed with leukemia just three days ago. If you don’t know Cameron, he is a child that could brighten your day in any situation. He is always smiling and has the most angelic voice you could imagine (ask anyone!) Cameron’s favorite things are playing baseball and watching his Daddy play college basketball.


Cameron’s Story:

Billy (Daddy) just graduated college (go RMU basketball!) in May and is currently working as a pool attendant until he can find employment pertaining to his degree in Organizational Leadership. At this time he is living with his brother (my husband), me, and our three children. Brittany (Mommy) is a teacher at a daycare facility and has been the most hardworking single mom since becoming pregnant with Cameron. You see, it was only a month after Billy left for college that they found out they were pregnant with Cameron. Billy attended college on a full athletic scholarship playing basketball. He had no financial support from family. Brittany understood the importance of Billy’s education for himself and his son, so she paid for Billy’s cell phone so Cameron could Facetime with his Dad every day. Even after Billy and Brittany decided it was best to not stay together as a couple, she continued to make the drive to PA from VA so Cameron could watch his father play in the basketball games. Their hard work and admirable co-parenting are apparent when you see how great of a kid Cameron has turned out to be.


About 4-6 months ago Cameron started to become sick with simple childhood illnesses: strep throat, ear infections, etc. He also broke the growth plate in his knee, which sadly ended his season of baseball this year. However, up until last week, it all just seemed like normal stuff that could happen to any kid.

But on July 6th 2017, Cameron, Billy, and Brittany’s world got flipped upside down. It started like an ordinary day; I was working from home and watching the kids, including Cameron. But something wasn’t quite right. Cameron wasn’t his usual happy self. He was lethargic and pale, and after a quick check with my finger, I realized his heart rate was extremely high. He’d recently been diagnosed with a sinus infection and was on antibiotics, but these symptoms were not just a simple sinus infection. He needed to go to the ER. I knew Brittany was feeling overwhelmed with all of the doctor visits and vague diagnoses and she was up to her ears in medical bills for Cameron already, but we decided we needed to take him.

The ER confirmed that something was not right: Cameron’s red blood count and blood platelets were extremely low and his white blood cell count was above normal. After a long day of tests and a blood transfusion, the doctor delivered news that is any parent’s worst nightmare: your 4-year-old son has leukemia.


Here we are three days after receiving the news, Cameron has had his first two rounds of chemotherapy, and he is showing that priceless smile again.  The type of leukemia Cameron has is B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), and with treatment, it has a good success rate. However, it will be a long road for Cameron, Billy, and Brittany. Making the money to pay the medical bills and support Cameron is going to be even tougher since they will need to take a lot of time off for hospital and doctor visits, and Cameron cannot be in school or daycare while taking chemo. The last thing I want them to worry about is how they are going to pay for all of this.

I am asking, if you can, please help this family. Any amount helps. I want to make sure Billy and Brittany can focus on Cameron’s health and stay strong for him. I don’t want either of them to worry about finances any more than they have to. Please help me take this burden off of them.

I have set a goal to raise $4,000. This is the amount that Billy and Brittany currently owe in medical bills for Cameron that have piled up the last few months since he started getting sick.

Whether you are able to help or not, please keep Cameron and his family in your prayers during this tough time. It’s going to be a tough road to recovery, but we know Cameron will beat this and kick cancer in the butt!

Thank you everyone for your time in reading this and your help.

Jessi Giles (Cameron’s Aunt)
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