Bring Abbie Sweeper Home from Hospital

Help Bring Abbie Home

Your backing – however big or small – can help put back the pieces of 10-year-old Abbie’s young life, which was completely shattered in July 2019 in a horse fall. Our Abbie is a Junior Champion Equestrienne and sustained a major injury leaving her a ventilator-dependent Tetraplegic.

Abbie is our gorgeous daughter who is lucky to be alive. Having been an avid horse rider since she was two, the ramifications of her recent fall means our family life will never be the same. So far, she has been in hospital for 13 weeks and, with the help of the Ronald McDonald House assistance program, we’ve been at the hospital with her 24/7.

Abbie needs assistance with many of the simple things you and I take for granted – but, thankfully, she still has her cheeky smile and her love of family, friends and horses. Her spirit is amazing.

 As she can’t breathe without a ventilator, Abbie’s required to live a maximum of 40 kilometres from Brisbane Children’s Hospital to receive the Home Ventilation Program. We live two hours from the hospital and, despite selling our home, we can’t afford one with the necessary modifications for her. We will still be short of the funds needed for Abbie to live with me, her Mum.

Abbie now has a list of special things she needs to keep her alive when she comes home. It’s a list you wouldn’t wish upon anyone.  We need your help.

We desperately want Abbie to be able to escape the four walls of her hospital room, to go outside again like any other 10-year-old. To listen to birds, look at the blue sky, and enjoy the love and support of her family and friends in her own home environment.

And that’s why we’re reaching out for a little help from those with big hearts. 

Abbie loves horses and wanted to be a specialist vet. Now, the life ahead of her looks very different.

Our baby girl’s wish-list is not about trips to Disneyland, going to see a Harry Potter movie, or even a day in a theme park.   

Here's Abbie's wish-list.    Will you help us to bring Abbie home?

$53,000 Kia Carnival which can be converted into a wheelchair mobility vehicle
$16,000 Eyegaze computer which Abbie can operate with her eyes
$7,000 we'd like to purchase Abbie her own wheelchair
$400 for an extra battery for Abbie's Ventilator so she can venture outside
$150 for a trolley to carry a second ventilator and the equipment needing for any outing
$100 for a 2 hr tutoring session to catch up on lost time from school
$450,000 the shortfall we need to buy Abbie her own home near the Hospital

We need your help to bring her home.  Our role is now about making each day for Abbie a little brighter than the last. 

Every donation is appreciated and going directly into Abbie's bank account.  Your donation and support no matter what size, helps make a different.  Let's bring Abbie home.

with my genuine thanks,
Amanda Sweeper

Who are we and where your donation goes:-
I am Amanda Sweeper, together with my former husband Russell Sweeper we are raising funds to ensure our daughter has the equipment and care she needs to stay alive.    Our daughter is Abbie Sweeper, she had an accident on 14 July 2019 where she fell off her pony and tragically she faces life as tetraplegic.  We reside 2 hrs outside of Brisbane Australia and Abbie is in full-time are in the Children's Hospital at present in ICU.    All monies raised will be going directly into Abbie's bank account and used solely for her health and well-being.   We are working with a team of specialists including medical, legal (Robert Bryden Lawyers) and charities such as Ronald McDonald House program which is where we reside near the hospital during this horrific ordeal.   All help is genuinely appreciated.

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Amanda Sweeper