Epilepsy is awful. So are seizures. Even the toughest of epilepsy warriors sometimes struggle to not let epilepsy control their lives.

We think it shouldn't, and we want to help put people with epilepsy back in control. 

That's why we made nEureka®, a powerful all-in-one smartwatch for monitoring epilepsy 24/7, at home or on the go. 

It's got everything.

Self-reported seizure tracking. Medication reminders and tracking. Side effect tracking. Oh, wearers can talk to the watch through voice memos for those times they don't want to open their eyes. It's LTE connected, so it can send alerts to a loved one anytime the wearer needs help, from anywhere. It measures heart rate & activity levels.

It's also water resistant, so it's ok to wear in the shower -- a spot that's often tricky for those with epilepsy and worrying for their loved ones.

Plus, we think it looks great. Bye-bye, ugly medical bracelets!

The nEureka® system is designed under the guidance of epileptologists. We also incorporated feedback from people with epilepsy and their loved ones. After all, the system is for the epilepsy community. So it's designed to be comfortable, effortless while giving the wearer unprecedented health data, independence and control.

That's our goal: to bring people with epilepsy independence, and their loved ones peace of mind. Even better, we can do it in style.

With this campaign, we hope you can help us bring the watch to 100 people with epilepsy--especially to those who are struggling financially.

Join us in launching the nEureka® Lifestyle for the epilepsy community: Independence+Fashion+Peace of Mind!

More About nEureka®

Tracking seizures and medication is key to control epilepsy. But it's tedious. Most people will use their smartphone timer or apps. It's easy to forget or get frustrated.

We make it easy.

The smartwatch is packed with features:

1)  One-button seizure logging by the user. 

2) Alerts to caregivers: tapping "help" will send a text message a caregiver.

3) Medication tracking & reminders. 

4) Voice memos. Tired of writing notes on a phone? Why not speak to your watch? The voice memo captures any reminders or thoughts a user have throughout the day before forgetting. 

5) Side effects tracking. We've heard: side effects are sometimes hard to remember, especially when switching medications or changing dosage. You can easily track the side effects with the watch.

But don't just take our word. Here are some things people with epilepsy have said about nEureka®

Who Are We?
Hi, I’m Parisa. I’m a neuroengineer.

I worked on ways to monitor for epilepsy using health biomarkers such as heart rate for my PhD at the University of Toronto. For 7 years I dedicated my life to better understanding how health markers relate to epilepsy, and developing new ways to better capture and analyze them using Artificial Intelligence tools. I turn neurotechnologies from the lab into real-world solutions – and I want to do it for the seizure diary smartwatch.

Hi, I’m Shelly. I’m a neuroscientist.

I worked on how the brain ages and neurodegeneration at the University of British Columbia and UCSF for my PhD and postdoctoral fellowship for a decade. A new treatment system I developed may help save brain cells for multiple neurological disorders, including epilepsy. My passion is rapidly turning brain research into solutions that help people.

And we’re not alone.

Our team is packed with brain scientists, technologists and computer nerds, spanning three continents and even more countries. In 2018, we launched Novela Neurotech in the S.F. Bay Area, to inspire better cures for neurological disorders.

 You can learn more about us on our website.

How Will Proceeds Be Used?

95% will cover the cost of hardware involved in the smartwatch to give them away to 100 people with epilepsy. We are giving away all the software that we have developed for all patients benefiting from this campaign.

5% will go to the local, Northern California chapter of the Epilepsy Foundation. They do incredible work, and we’re proud to be their neighbor.


Thank You Gifts!

Donations of $10 or more will receive a personalized thank you from the team!

Donations of $50 or more will receive a classy #BigDataBeatEpilepsy mug!
Donations of $150 or more will receive a #BigDataBeatEpilepsy tee shirt, for you or your loved one! This is a great conversation starter, to raise awareness about epilepsy and the promising research you're supporting.
Donations of $500 or more will receive a #BigDataBeatEpilepsy hoodie, for you or your loved one! Plus the knowledge that you support our cause at the highest level!
We'll contact you to confirm sizes and colors before sending.


1.  Why Now?
Because we want to stop seizures now! Remote seizure monitoring is especially important during COVID-19, when people are staying home and delaying routine doctor visits.

2.  Is this campaign just for people in the S.F. Bay Area?
No!  We’re a Bay Area company, so we like the idea of reaching out to our neighbors first. But we'd love support from anyone who's passionate about ending epilepsy.

3.  Will your device predict seizures?
Not initially. We understand the desire for seizure prediction, but unfortunately, accurate seizure prediction is still challenging. Many clinicians prefer to make treatment decisions based on user reported seizure events.

4.  Instead of launching a new device, why don’t you just make a smartphone app?
Smartphones lack body sensors. That means they can’t collect the quantity or quality of data required for the research-level data platform we’re building to fight epilepsy.

5.  So why don’t you just make a smartwatch app?
Most smartwatch manufacturers only allow third-party apps to have minimal access to device features. This limitation makes it almost impossible to offer the convenience and ease of use intended for our smartwatch.

6.  Can I volunteer to try out the system?
At this time, we are selecting specific patients for a controlled study. If you are interested in participating in an upcoming study, please reach out to us here.


1 in 26 people in the US will be diagnosed with epilepsy at some point in their lives. You'll likely meet someone who has epilepsy. But seizures shouldn't control a person's life. We want to give back people with epilepsy a sense of independence, and their loved ones a peace of mind.

Help us beat epilepsy--in style!

Organizer and beneficiary

Shelly Fan
Alameda, CA
Novela Neurotechnologies

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