McKenzie's Whole Health Recovery

Once upon a time, there was a boy and a girl who grew in love, got married and started their lives together. They were excited to settle into marriage, reflect on their past years in Bible college and on the mission field, figure out what they were called to do in the future, and begin to prepare to start a family. Little did they know what was truly ahead. 7 years of marriage brought them 4 beautiful children (along with 9 moves and 6 job changes), and though the sweet babies were unexpected and unprepared for, Jeff and McKenzie received them as God-ordained gifts and loved them fiercely.

But this is where tragedy enters the story, as childbirth brought McKenzie severe postpartum depression and anxiety, and it crippled her and sent her into a valley darker than she ever knew existed. Jeff gently, lovingly and faithfully walked with her through the valley, often carrying her, and caring for her along with all of their sweet little kids on top of trying to provide for his family.

But through this valley, God was faithful to them and used everything they went through to bring them closer to each other, and to Him. Each day brought unexpected but earnestly desired manna from heaven, through family, friends, and strangers extending love and support to them, often very sacrificially. This deeply touched and ministered to Jeff & McKenzie, and they made it through the long and dark valley to the glory and praise of God.

And so begins this next chapter for their family, as they journey back to stability and healing, and McKenzie recovers physically, emotionally, and mentally. This is where we invite you to join in supporting them, and helping them receive the help and care that they need. McKenzie's recommended treatment for recovery is detailed below, along with the costs. Any support would be greatly appreciated, and her receiving this care will tremendously help her get back to normal so she can adequately fill her roles as wife, mother, artist, and more.

1. McKenzie has been referred to Dr. Tricia O'Brien, a Functional Medicine Dr, to help get to the root causes of her anxiety and depression, as well as help with other health issues that have come up through these past years. Dr O'Brien's care is extremely customized and holistic, and she has excellent success ratings from her patients.
You can find out more about this high rated Doctor here:

Dr O'Brien does not accept insurance, but provides her patients with the information needed to bill their own insurance companies, and sometimes they are able to recover some of the cost. Payment is due in full at each appointment.

-- First consultation: $975

-- $200/hr per 30 minutes for following appointments.

-- lab work is 70% covered by insurance.

2. Jeff & McKenzie are both pursuing Biblical Counseling through to process the past years and find healing, support and strength. This online platform allows them to communicate with their counselor throughout each day and set up skype meetings, which allows more flexibility and saves time and money on childcare.

-Cost: $35/week

3. McKenzie's abdominal wall was severely separated (diastasis recti) from having big babies so close together, and she has also suffered an umbilical hernia due to the diastasis.

Treatment Plan:

--Weekly physical therapy to try and close the separation and at least strengthen it for the probable surgery she needs. Therapy will be 100% covered if McKenzie qualifies for financial assistance.

--Surgery to repair the hernia, and an Abdominoplasty to bring together her abdomen wall. McKenzie hopes to schedule the surgery toward the end of the year, so she can do as much physical therapy as possible first.

*Cost: $2000 to meet her deductible, then her insurance should cover the rest. McKenzie already has almost $2000 in medical bills that go towards her deductible from her hospital visit when she got the hernia at the beginning of January. She is needing help covering these bills, then her deductible will already be met for surgery.

*The surgery is extremely invasive and recovery time is 6+ weeks, the first few weeks on bed rest. Any extra funds will go towards childcare costs so that Jeff can continue to work while McKenzie recovers.

Financial Support Goals:
- Raise $1000 by 2-12-2018 so McKenzie can begin treatment with Dr. O'Brien.

-Raise $2500 by 2-26-2018 to help pay for McKenzie's follow up appointments with Dr. O'Brien, begin to pay her hospital medical bills, and help fund counseling sessions.
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