Mission: IRIE

Much love and warm greetings to all taking the time to read this (please read to the end it's a nice read). My name is AYOTEMI, pronounced (AH-YO-TAE-ME), which is a Yoruba name meaning “my own joy”. “AYO” meaning joy and “TEMI” meaning my own/mine. I am a full blooded Nigerian man with the privilege of being a United States citizen.

       By the divine grace of God I have been made privy to my purpose as a spiritual being treading this earth. It's a purpose that you and I share; The duty to, through REVERENCE (love that is born of a certain type of respect. Respect for every living form that makes up our three dimensional reality, as a divine reflection of yourself and as a part of our interconnected system), work to uplift our collective consciousness, and we do that by making ourselves, our brothers and sisters aware of the liberating truths that would allow was to live more harmoniously within ourselves firstly, with each other secondly, and with nature thirdly.

       I have been blessed with gifts, one of them being my ability to hear and manifest music. As I've progressed on my journey in alignment with the purpose, my understanding of music and how it relates to the human experience has also progressed. How tones, chords, frequencies and their combinations can communicate certain vibrations and emotions. How a melody, flow and righteous content, is equivalent to the Angel Michaels' shield and sword of fire in this war against "the opposition".

       I've experienced but a short 20 years of time on this earth and in this short time I've seen more than enough negativity, pain, evil in all forms and shapes. Societies all over the world adopting the same "lower level", left brain mindset of materialism and survival/security by any means, regardless of the DISHARMONY it causes. This is what I believe to be the main problem with humanity today. It is the same mindset that allows humans to enslave other humans and believe that they are not only separate but lesser than themselves. It is the same problem we are seeing in our society today. Humans, whether in uniform or not, killing other humans.

       Brothers and sisters killing each other blind to their kinship by the glare of a badge, the color of their skin, neighborhoods e.t.c.

This can only exist when HARMONY is not prioritized and REVERENCE is not exercised.

       My band is called IRIE, which is a word that originates in Jamaica meaning to be perfectly content with ones state of being. To us IRIE is an acronym meaning I & I Reflects Interconnected Eternity. This acronym essentially explains what the term "I & I" means.  To say "I" is to say "WE". We are all part of a divine harmoniously interconnected network and we are all reflections of each other. We always have been and we always will be. We seek to spread love and encourage harmony through our words, actions and music. It is your duty as well as mine to help others realize our true interconnectedness so you can do your part by helping me in my mission, please.

       NOW, this is a mission that involves speaking  unapologetically against all ideologies, corporations and systems of oppression that have built themselves on the back of a corrupt system disregarding the HARMONY of all beings. With that said not only do I not expect assistance from those in the industry but I expect resistance from the evil forces that try to control freedom of expression through music and stop the truly independent artist from obtaining a platform for their music. In order for me to remain independent, my help must come from those who support me and those that have aligned themselves with God's mission; HARMONY.

All donations will go to:

• My tour of Kingston, Jamaica with my band IRIE.

• Building a platform as an artist seeking to inspire positive change.

• Merchandise to help spread this brand and consciousness.

• Recording equipment to better improve the quality of the weapon, music.
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Ayotemi Adediwura 
New Orleans, LA