Ashley Bromberg's Memorial

Ashley greatest joy came from nature. If anyone would like make a donation in Ashey's memory we are providing this Go Fund Me page. Any funds will go to a charity that will be in Ashley's name and that was close to her heart.

Poem for Ashley - by Lacey Howlind

She looks like the sea
her skin warm like her soul
her hair light and wild like the wind
her eyes blue/green like it's depths
her surface shining like the stars she reflects
she is a child of the stars
she taught us about the universe
about being in the now
never has anyone danced so freely
a child of the jungle
she paints what she sees
every flower, every leaf
green and pink
like life itself
her love for the present
moving through her every limb
dancing in the sea
dancing in the jungle
dancing on the mountain
she is a free spirit
an artist
never could anyone catch her
never could they label her
never can they box her in
she is free like the wind
bursting with fire like the sun
and the stars
she could paint the universe perfectly
if only she had more time
Her laugh rings through the jungle, through every human she's touched, every paint she has stroked, every sloth she has seen.
She is an artist. And a loving soul. She always gave more than she received.
Selfishly I want to share every memory. Every moment so I don't forget.
she is a light for so many so I will save those for whispers to the wind
I'll never forget
How free she made me feel
how nothing could hold her back
How any moment we shared always had us running and dancing, laughing, chasing the sun and truly existing
in those moments when she was surrounded by music and lights and the living souls of this earth. the artists. people that live. those that create.
those eclectic and fascinating souls.
she drew them to herself like a moth to a light.
never realizing she is one of those fascinating souls herself.
If I could kiss her cheek one more time.
if I could climb one more mountain with her
And feel the rain splashing on us
she is "my love."
she sent me things for my son...

but she is a star child
free from this earth
made to return home
I feel her yet still
in every flower, every splash of salt water, every melted snowflake, every swipe of pink and green paint
she is alive in every moment we
Her memory will always remind me
to live and love
I love you Ashley
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  • DeLuca Family 
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