Sheila Kenney's Medical Emergency

Update (August 19, 2017):
Hello everyone! Amanda here, signing on for another update.

Great news! Sheila is doing much better, although she is still in the hospital. So far, her recovery has consisted of 81 days (!) spent in a hospital setting. She's improving on a daily basis now, and we are so thankful for that and for all of the love and support we've received from you guys thus far!

Between Medicaid only covering her rehabilitation through September and inching close to her discharge date every day now, I am calling on you for additional support, either via donation or through sharing this campaign.

With her improved condition, I've been able to focus on getting estimates for fixing her house, and they are quite scary. Just to make it livable, we need:

$5,700.00 to replace her roof
$3,775.00 to remove a half-dead red oak tree so it doesn't continue to drop massive limbs on her roof resulting in leaks; its root system is also compromising the structural integrity of the foundation of the house
$2,000.00 (at least) to demo the interior and replace the ruined sheetrock/drywall/ceiling tiles, remove the mold, and replace the flooring in the rooms that did not have salvageable hardwood
$11,475.00 total

Mom has been without income for almost 3 solid months now, and we're not sure how we're going to accomplish this daunting task on such a short timeline. While we have received a significant amount of donations for this campaign so far, we are still rather shy (approximately $6,900.00) of what we will actually need to get everything taken care of before Sheila's discharge.

Friends and family... please continue to share this campaign so that we can hopefully reach our final goal of $12,000.00.

Thank you, again, for your continued love and support throughout this trying time. Sheila can't wait to get back out into the real world so that she can return to work and restore her independence.

Sheila Kenney's Medical Emergency
Amanda Kenney is my friend... and a hardworking BRILLIANT paralegal for a top Law Firm in Austin, TX. She moved here for opportunity, experience, and growth. As she continued her dream in this great city... tragedy hit in her hometown of Pensacola, FL. Her mother was in the ICU as she was called at four in the morning by nurses at the hospital telling her to, "Get over here now." The words no one ever wants to hear from a nurse... especially about your mother. As I arrived at work on May 31st at 7:15am... I heard her sobbing from her desk with what later came to be the first call she took from the hospital where nurses explained to her... her mother is not going to make it, and that she needed to get on the next flight to Pensacola, FL to say her goodbye. Dr.'s worked on her mother, Sheila Kenney, through the night in an emergency surgery due to an abcess rupturing in her abdomen. By the time momma Sheila sought help, the infection had spread all through her abdomen and was about to take her life. 

With the Dr's incredible work, prayers, and her daughter now by her side 6 hours later, she survived the emergency surgery. To date, momma Sheila has pulled through her fourth surgery... her abdomen is still open and will not be closed until after (what is thought to be her last) sixth surgery. Amanda, has not only flown to her very ill mother but has also flown to a home that was once her childhood memories, now  to be uninhabitable. Holes in the roof, soggy floors from the leaks, fecal matter everywhere, a beautiful pet now left in horrible environment, food left out for some time, and mold covering most of the home. As this tireless young lady watches her mothers body go through extreme medical procedures, she also has to run around the city of Pensacola attempting to fix her mothers home. Amanda is a beautiful and hardworking paralegal in Austin, TX and to be alone in her hometown attempting to fix as much as she can is extremely OVERWHELMING. That is why I ask this caring community that I call home, to help as much as possible. She has also been hit with the travesty of finding the home burglarized. Only Sheila would know what is missing so police were unable to make a report. 

Amanda needs help with her mom's medical expenses and possible legal expenses. If Sheila is unable to wake up and sign a Power of Attorney for Amanda, she may need to go to court to have a judge grant her Power of Attorney. Amanda will also need help with repairs to home, and Amanda's rent in Austin for July. Her family grew up with little to nothing - her mother never having medical insurance and money to spare - has allowed her health to be where it is. Amanda moved to Austin to change that. Please help this wonderful young woman! Sheila may be her only parent she has but help from her community here in Austin can step in. Prayers, well wishes, or financial help is of great need. With all my heart and soul I ask you for help for this young lady... she is one sincere, kind hearted individual that does not deserve loosing her mother. We are guaranteed one thing in life... is that it will end... but Amanda's mom has more life to live with her daughter. <3 All she does in this city, is for her mother in Florida. Let's now let her give up on that dream. 
-Her Friend
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