REVISED 01/01/2020 WITH CORRECTED UPDATE: ADSN has 1,000,000 shares, 200,000 (20%) are available for investor-shareholders. If interested, read investor-shareholder info at the end of this fundraising presentation.

We call upon God and ALL ancestors to raise up the brave and trailblazers, and bless our noble mission of freedom from 400+ years of injustice and our own independent government in all of N.America. #Amen
Welcome family, friends and allies!

LET IT BE KNOWN: This Project is 30+ years in the making by a PRO-BLACK LIBERATION team of research-contributors, and then formalized under Duquesne U: Project:GATE (2006) before going through 12 years of cross-referencing data, national laws, international law remedy, and consolidation of multi-ethnic heritages into one culture and economic blueprint. We all did our part to focus on INDEPENDENCE & inalienable Human Rights rather than be distracted by petitions, protesting and the arbitrary nature of US Civil Rights. It is our unbendable belief that the ADOS/Black folks deserve a nationality and a nation and government that values their lives, and that frees them the 400+ year on-going generational Black Injustice under the US government, and to answer all that ADOS-Afra'ni (as a nationality) is that NATION, and ADSN is that government. ADSN is seeking a minimum $400,000 donations thru this GoFundMe for step-by-step blueprinted ADSN government development.

After decade after decade of injustices and marching, protest signs, and being denied equality and justice when our unarmed babies are murdered by police who get qualified immunity when the deceased victim is "Black"...
52864822_1609648060755730_r.jpegwe are entitled under UN law to have our own nationality, nation and government, so ADSN is the best solution to preserve our dignity as a people, and best solution for the safety of our babies. WE CAN DO THIS, AND WE, ADSN, ARE DOING IT.

Long story short: As long as US "BLACKS" do not have their own identity/nationality, we are 2nd Class Citizens, as the 14th Amendment (1868) only granted "equality" to livelihood, religion, property, and participation, but NEVER made said Blacks equal to a White man under the constitution (Scott v. Sandford, 60 U.S. 19 How. 393 393 (1856), decided 1857 and NEVER changed to date 2020) 

The Most Wise & Honorable Elijah Muhammad (RIP) knew that someday a NEW name of power would come to ADÓS/"No name" Black people in N.America, but also knew THAT name was not his spiritual mission:
The Hon. Elijah Muhammad is one of the key inspirations that fueled our quest for independence, and he is held in the highest respect for always directing his beloved ADÓS/Black people to unify, look towards the future, and do what is good for our people despite the racist government elements that wants to keep our people divided to maintain their White Privilege status quo. One of the biggest demolition to White Supremacy has always been when "No name" Blacks in N.Amerrica take a NEW, revolutionary-evolutionary, nationality for themselves. Ironically, coincidentally, or whether by some divine guidance, the word/name "AFRA'NI" specifically spelled with a hyphen phonetically unlocks a deeper meaning. Under the most ancient esoteric vibration language (still in use in higher circles of Buddhism and Hinduism), "Afra'ni" translates in english as "Children of God(s), Universe & Man Forevermore." And connects us to the ancient people/kingdom of "ANU", whose kingdom was spread across the C.Afrika region, and who are the origin of human DNa. The Anu kingdom was unearthed near Kenya around 1900 by french archeologists.

The implication is clear: There has NEVER been a "no name people" EVER, except the "no name" Blacks in N.America. Our task is to wake up, and convince, 4m ADÓS/Blacks that despite their current kumbiyah beliefs in inclusion to governments rooted in slavery and White Privilege,  they are, have been, and will continue to be, without a NEW and RIGHT nationality 2nd Class Citizens under the sophisticated esoterics at play under US law since 1868.  ADSN fully respects there is centuries of pride built in being only-BLACK (a non-nationality designation) and ADSN is not going to wrestle with those who are content with the challenges of their 2nd Class status; ADSN only want ADÓS/"No name" Blacks who want/need a nationality for their children, protections and representation of government (ADSN) founded upon inalienable Human Rights, and reparations. This is not a competition: This is a corrective justice/empowerment opportunity under Articles of Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN, 1948) to a.) ADÓS people or b.) those having "No name" BLACK on their state birth certificate. 


HIDDEN TRUTH IN PLAIN SIGHT: US Blacks have NEVER been 1st Class Citizens of the United States: Chattel slave Blacks were emancipated 1886, becoming 'EMANCIPATED Slave Caste' but not citizens. The 14th Amendment (1868) only #transitioned the emancipated slave caste to "equality" to pursue livelihood, business and access to courts but only as 2nd Class citizenship, NOT 1st Class reserved for White people. Thus, the reason why White people who murder unarmed, surrendering, non-threatening, compliant Blacks 99.9% of the time are protected by the fullest application of their 1st Class Citizenry status over a 2nd Class (inferior) Caste. The only lawyer we know of who alluded to the 2nd Class paradox was the brilliant, fearless, Johnny Cochran (RIP), who was working on getting US Black folks reparations before he transitioned to the ancestors. As brilliant as he was, it is reasonable to believe he knew international law and the #1 issue was American "Blacks" do not have a indigenous nationality ANYWHERE which is a Human Right and we are denied that defining dignity under "Civil Rights."

52864822_1609647000823500_r.jpegThe late, great, ever-evolving Malcolm X knew our solution laid in Human Rights, and we must solve the roots of our constant condition of  injustice: ".....the problem facing our (Black) people here in America is bigger than all other personal or organizational differences. Therefore, as (Black) leaders, we must stop worrying about the threat that we seem to think we pose to each other's personal prestige, and concentrate our united efforts toward SOLVING the unending hurt that is being done daily to our (Black) people here in America" ADSN is solving the issue of nationality - pursuant to UN Charter, Article 15, UDHR (1948) - which automatically implies nation, and nation leads to government, and we in compliance to international law have taken the unprecedented, legal action and filed in the UN on August 28, 2020, as THE sole independent, N.America tribal-nation government free of any compromising treaty, or jurisdiction, of any other government, including the United States.

Just to be clear: There shall be an "adjustment period" for all concerned, but ADSN is now the 4th government in N.America and claim our rights as government as set forth under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961.

If Y-O-U are truly fed up with being discriminated against, of electing politicians who enforce the White Privilege status quo, of being jailed at a rate 5x higher than Whites who commit the same crimes (and 70-80% of said Whites get probation or dismissal), of US race soldier (cops) murdering your friends and family in front of you and arrogantly smiling, AND have dignity, pride and trail-blazing spirit, it is time to take a new nationality under your own nation and government --- made and founded by your own people --- and free yourselves from taxation without 1st Class Citizenship and daily stress under a racist, tyrannical government.

WHAT ADSN IS OFFERING: A nationality (Afra'ni), nation and government founded by ADÓS-Black people for ADÓS-Black people, and due to our unique heritage it grants: An ADÓS-Black government recognized as a member of the UN; Exemption from EMPLOYMENT taxation by all current N.American governments; Dual Citizenship (never lose public assistance, SSI, 41Ks, or any benefit/entitlement from whichever N.America country you reside); Continental land rights to travel, live and work anywhere in N.America as opposed to restricted to the 3 Territorial countries; exemption from forced vaccination; automatic political asylum status with an automatic protective war crime charge, fines, and extradited imprisonment to UDSN-ally prisons, on cops who murder unarmed registered members of ADSN; 1-2 year renewable ADSN Photo ID stating political asylum status (to be shown with state ID when dealing banks, government, businesses, and with hostile police); etc. 


#1.) Help us reach our pre-UN membership fundraising (minimum) $300,000 goal here at GoFundMe to hire key staff and a tech firm to design the online ADSN Registration webpage portal;
#2.) Soon as the PHASE:ONE ADSN Registrar is available online register (you and each family member) with the ADSN for $3ea (ADULTS) for downloadable Photo ID letter from ADSN spelling out your dual citizenship, political asylum status, and penalties on agents (law enforcement) if you are harmed or murdered by trigger happy race soldiers (Adults should register the names of all children, 0-18yrs, for $1ea to receive an additional letter with registered Adult and children covered under said adult) Goal: 1m (men, women & children) registered as a nation;
#3.) Wait for ADSN UN membership, then ADSN will go PHASE:TWO full operational government and spell out diplomatic relations to the 3 Territorial countries in N.America, work out details, and inform you. 
#4. *Enjoy the benefits your dual citizenship status with assurances and insurance built in for you and your children (*Your ADSN benefits does not extend to non-Registered family and friends per government-to-government diplomatic protocols. You are responsible for your annual/bi-annual registration so ADSN can legally enter jurisdiction. If your ADÓS/Black family and friends are NOT ADSN-registered the best thing you can do is have them register for themselves so they have their own ADSN benefits, assurances and insurance.)

MOST IMPORTANTLY: ADSN is not a religion, social site, gossip group, nor in competition to any "grass roots" organizations. We are a GOVERNMENTAL ENTITY filed with the UN
...intending of UN membership in 2021-23 after reaching the goal of 1m ADSN-registered (men, women & children) as ADÓS-Afra'ni. 

As it is filed August 28, 2020, with the UN, our ADOS-ADSN government is NOT under the court jurisdictions of Canada, United States and Mexico; ADSN has filed EXCLUSIVE claim to CONTINENTAL nation/government and spans the entirety of N.America with a potential of 40m+ ADÓS/no name Blacks to be Afra'ni.
About ADSN GoFundMe objective: ADSN PHASE I:

PHASE I. High tech firm to create registration network system ($100,000) of local Registrars for ALL "no name" Black people who want their own nationality, nation or government and the benefits of "dual citizenship." ADSN will have a Phase I system of a print-out photo ID letter signed by Prime Minister's Office stating holder is: "Afra'ni"; is member-citizens of ADSN; royal citizen of the 13th House of Anu; under political asylum and subject to protections under ADSN/international law; etc. (A hard plastic enumerated plastic ADSN photo ID with an annual registration will come in Phase II.) PHASE ONE Sample here:

PHASE I. (Priority): Commercial property (Pittsburgh area) leasing to establish HQ, and full staff of Directors & personnel ($100,0000) Phase II ADSN diplomatic offices will be located in Washington, DC. and New York United Nations. (UPDATE: ADSN has potential ambassadors living in Washington, DC and Australia as of 12/11/2020.)
PHASE I. (Priority): Attorney/Law Firm ($50,000) to oversee revenues, registration process & operations, to file ADSN to the UN for member-state status 2021-22, oversee our indigenous/originating land right claims to N.America land in the UN, and Afra'ni as the prophesied "no name" people and rightful inheritors of the 13th House (Afra'ni) Anu Kingdom. WE ARE ADAMANT THAT OUR ATTORNEY(S) BE PRO-BLACK/ADSN  LIBERATION & EMPOWERMENT. WE EXPECT GOOD DIPLOMATIC SKILLS, BUT NO "AGENTS" OR KUMBIYA TO OTHER NATIONS. THIS IS POLITICAL, NOT PERSONAL.
PHASE I. (Priority):  Establish personnel assigned to the development of the ADSN AFI  (Afra'ni Fellowship Initiative) network region by region. (Note: Any ADÓS-Black registered under ADSN will be eligible to apply for ambassador positions Continental (7), Canada, US & Mexico, and 1ea in each state/ province, with full diplomatic credentials, at PHASE TWO) 
PHASE I-II. (Priority) As ADSN is a government entity, ADSN will establish it's own REPARATIONS BANK thru the UN. Said bank will have N.America section and international section accepting development grant funding to the scope of ADSN of N.America. ADSN shall allow UN monitoring so qualifying ADÓS receives cash reparations through one or both sections of the bank. 
✔ Network to establish Commission over ADSN Summer Olympic Team to debut 6-8 years after UN membership.

LASTLY, we welcome and appreciate all assist in our noble quest. Thank you.

REVISED UPDATE: 02/25/2020: ADSN has 1,000,000 shares. 200,000 (20%) are 100yr term, available to full risk investor-shareholders for $50ea. (to make them affordable for serious investors of any incomebracketr, as it is our intent to create Generational Wealth for all parties.) MAXIMUM shares per Investor-shareholder: 1000 shares. IF interested in owning foundation shares in ADSN government, please feel free to contact us.

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