Prince Truth Documentary


“A Royal Loss” (Prince Truth Documentary), is an Independent film, that gives tribute to the
life of one of the industries most prolific entertainers Prince. It also challenges the rumors,
surrounding this musical icon, who sold over 300 Million Records, as  being a junkie.                     D
ealing with, & revealing the little known facts, and the inaccuracies concerning  Prince's
death, and the mountain of inaccurate media spins.

It has been 5 years, and no one has ever been held responsible, in the death of Prince, or even complicit, for suppling him ‘fake’ pharmaceuticals. Yet there is overwhelming circumstantial evidence as to those who may be complicit… we reveal the truth.

This film examines the investigative, & Court files. We interview Prince’s Family, Friends,
Fans, & Alumni, to give a complete comprehensive look into his case. See why his Family feels the investigation was botched from the very start.

If you love Prince, then you owe it to yourself to hear what we uncovered. What those who
knew him have to say. And equally as important, why the DEA still classifies this as an
inactive Homicide case!

This documentary is the voice for those, who utterly reject the absurd idea, that musical icon ’Prince’, died of an accidental pill overdose. literally a mountain of evidence  indicating suspicious circumstances, and possible foul play. Yet we are led to believe it was an accidental pill
overdose, that took out the most prolific Artist in history?

Not to mention, reports indicated he had enough fentanyl in his system to kill him many times over...  And DEA said it would be “impossible” for him to consume that much fentanyl in pill
form alone. So how can that be construed an accident?

A Royal Loss, is an Independent film, not influenced by The Estate, The Family, The Police Investigators, or anyone else! It challenges the rumors, and deals with the little known facts concerning  Prince's death. We have an Established Director/Producer, Independent Doctors as Consultants, an Never before seen pictures, never before heard interviews, and facts that have been lost in the fine print, of a investigation of the greatest musical mind of our Century! 

The one and only ‘Prince’.

Interviews from individuals who worked for & with Prince, that have never been heard before!  We are determined to tell the 'Truth' concerning the loss of an icon of The Century.

Because we are an independent film, sparked by fan outcry, we don't have a financial budget. So we need your donations to help bring this project to light! We now have everything in place, we    just need your support.

Director/Producer: Benjamin Jimerson-Phillips first met Prince April 18, 1980, Backstage after  his concert appearance at The Mid South Coliseum in Memphis, Tennessee. It was part of Rick      James “Fire It Up Tour”. At that time Jimerson-Phillips was working closely with The Bar Kay’s,    who were based in Memphis.

Later in 1993, because of his close friendship with Denise Matthews aka Vanity, he began               Touring The Country with her as she gave her testimony of her new life in Christ.

In fact, it was Benjamin Jimerson-Phillips who actually sent Prince a Western Union Telegram, to Paisley Park & his Glam Slam Night Club. Notifying Prince that she had been Hospitalized in intensive care and was not expected to live.

Jimerson-Phillips recalls how even a year or two later, when he saw Prince in San Diego prior to a sound check, Prince asked him: “How is she doing”.  Prince & Vanity were soul mates, so it comes as no surprise to him, that their departure was just 2 Months apart.

These are simply suggestions on how we can get this film funded. Prince has given so much to so many, through both his music and his resources. A film like this, is the least we can do on behalf of his passing.  A loss which raises more questions than answers.

Additionally, because this is a grassroots effort, the first 1,000 supporters will have their names     immortalized in the Thank You Credits at the end of the movie. A befitting way to say I Love You   to Prince. If we exceed our financial goals, we plan to give a free screening of the movie to the fans; and donate on behalf of the memory of Prince, to some of his favorite charities.

Anyone who personally knew Prince and would like to share your stories and memories in this     movie, please email:   [email redacted]

These children (Clifton & Melody), are just one small example of the influence and musical legacy of the icon, the World knows as Prince!!! ☂️

In closing let me state plainly, this is an independent film project. I am NOT beholding to The
Family, Paisley Park nor The Estate. No one is going to put words into my mouth to speak!
The facts speak for themselves! #NoAccident. In keeping with Prince’s business model... I own
the masters to this documentary, and there won’t be any sell out of integrity!!!


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