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In February 2014 my mother had a biopsy done from a dime sized mole that had grown on her head a week later she was diagnosed with stage lll metastatic melanoma on her scalp, two weeks later it spread from the size of the dime to the majority of her scalp including her neck. Infiltrating the melanoma in 70+ lymph nodes in a short time. The decision was made to go through with a major 15 hour operation the happened on march 19th 2014 . The operation removed her scalp and skin on neck and deep muscle tissue also including the 70+ lymph nodes as well, after removal a ten inch incision was made on her side to remove muscle tissue from her back to reconstruct her neck and a large area of skin was grafted from her thigh to help cover and reconstruct her scalp and neck as well. The healing process as been very painful and slow. She was aloud to come home after 3 and a half weeks. In April she started a high dose of radiation 5 days a week for 8 weeks. The radiation has taken a tremendous toll on my mother as her side effects have been sever. Her side effects alone have included dry mouth, mouth and gum sores, stiffness in her jaw, nausea & vomiting, lip dryness/crusting, difficulties in speech, chewing, and swallowing, oral burning sensation, taste disturbance, heightened sense of smell, severe pain, loss in the little remaining hair left, radiation burns on skin and surgery site (slowing healing process), causing discoloration of skin as well,  constipation with bowel obstruction's , and infections. She has been hospitalized for a week at a time every other week since she has started her radiation treatment. Since the end of May she has been in remaining in the hospital as she can not swallow any pills ,eat or drink she cant even keep down boost or water. She is unable to keep down any fluids and is receiving everything intravenously. This week first week of June we have found out the melanoma has grown all throughout and in both lungs tops and bottoms, her liver with over 6 widespread lesions which are inoperable, finding of the melanoma in her bones and a tumor which was located on her spine causing nerve pains as well. They have also put in a pain pump this week and a pain specialist team are helping to control and treat pain and nausea issues. She only had two more radiation treatment however she has had to stop early as to the severity of her side effects plus all the new locations of her cancer she has now been upped to stage lV metastatic melanoma.


My Mother is one of the best people I know, a wonderful mother, sister, daughter, friend, and  wife!! She is also a WARRIOR with the right outlook and positive attitude who will give every ounce of fight she has. She has always been the support for other people, it is our turn to help support her in any way possible, prayers, donations, and positive thoughts.


As her family myself, daughter Christy (28) Daughter Jenn (38) Son Ben (37) Step Daughter Kathy(43) Step Son Danny(41) and her husband  Sam (69)  her Mother Elaine and Step Father David, Father Gerald Lang, Step Brother Kip Lang & Steph Sister Jamie Hunter and her 6 grandchildren Amber, Zennon, Alaina, Dominic, Jr, Mia  & additional famiy and friends who have been touched by a part of my moms life are determined to save her life but we can't possibly afford to do it all on our own. Thus we are asking for y our help. The expenses are piling high as you can see from the itemized list below. We are requesting that all our friends and family who wish to help and share their love and support please make a contribution to our finical needs. Also I have limited contact information for many of the people who have been a part of my mom


 Cancer Center Co-pays (surgery, tests, radiation, etc.)

$9,000/year as to date.

Cancer Center Travel Expenses

$2,500 to date  (much more expected)


Prescription Drug Costs


Insurance Premiums


Any contribution is greatly appreciated.  We are in desparate need of help from anyone and everyone.  

The melanoma is attacking her organs and if moving at a very increased rate. A scan was done today the showed NO evidence of the melanoma metastasis of the brain. The plan now is she need to take a week or two of healing from the damages of radiation. She will then be starting Targeted Therapies

ZELBORAF (vemurafenib)

Zelboraf is FDA-approved for patients who carry the BRAF V600E mutation and who have unresectable Stage III melanoma (melanoma that cannot be removed surgically) or Stage IV melanoma. Before receiving Zelboraf, patients must test positive for the BRAF mutation.

She will be using this treatment for a period of 1 to 2 months until a new antibody treatment that became available to the United States and FDA approved in April of this Year.

Purpose: Yervoy is an anti-CTLA-4 monoclonal antibody. It is designed to restore and strengthen the immune system by supporting the activation and proliferation of T-cells, a critical component of the immune system. By supporting T-cells, Yervoy helps sustain an active immune response to fight the cancer cells.

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