Home For Mother of Six

Hello Friends and Global Community! We have a special opportunity to help Black women own homes and create generational wealth for their families. We've already provided the funds to bless two Black women with this act of love by moving money and transferring power in the past 2 years (Chloe and Jasmine) through the Catriceology® Homes for Black Women campaigns. Chloe and Chase are loving their new home and Jasmine is still trying to find the perfect home.  Thank you for supporting those campaigns. 

I will tell you more about this opportunity, but first let me share some valuable and staggering information about African Americans and home ownership in America.

Did you know that Homeownership is lower for Black college graduates than for white high school dropouts?
How can that be true? How can someone with a college degree NOT have a better chance at buying a house? A researcher with the Urban Institute explains, “African Americans with four-year college degrees have a lower homeownership rate than white Americans without a high school diploma,” citing data from the 2017 American Community Survey. (1)

Did you know that student loan debt is a big reason why Black home ownership decreases for Black Americans?
According to a 2018 issue brief by the Center for Responsible Lending on the ways student loan debt widen the racial wealth gap, “Student loan debt was mentioned as a potentially significant contributor to the growing gap between black and white homeownership. Of all racial groups, African Americans have more student loan debt, and African Americans with a college degree are five times more likely to default on their student debt than white Americans. These inequalities in the shouldering of the student debt burden may therefore also be contributing to the widening homeownership gap, as those who carry or default on student debt are less likely to meet mortgage lending credit standards.” (2)

The Wall Street Journal reports , “Black homeownership is in crisis. Although homeownership rates for other racial groups have largely recovered since the 2008 housing crisis, black homeownership continues to decline, recently hitting an all-time low in the first quarter of this year.” (3)

“Homeownership is beneficial for building household wealth, increasing intergenerational economic mobility, offering a hedge against inflation, and increasing civic engagement, all of which make the ongoing decline in black homeownership deeply troubling," according to the Urban Institute . (4)

At the Housing Finance Policy Center’s recent data talk on the black homeownership gap, experts presented important data on the state of black homeownership. These five facts effectively sum up the crisis. (5)


We need your contributions and support to help Marea Perry, a mother of six children, community activist and healer turn her pain into power, healing and create a safe haven for her and her children.  Marea has been putting her boots on the ground and serving the Twin Cities community for over a decade and continues to show up for families affected by community violence and police brutality. Why? Because she loves her community and humanity and has been personally affected by community violence by losing her 21 year-old son Quez to community violence in 2019. She knows what the pain and grief feels like and chooses to show up and support families to help them turn their #PainIntoPower.  Marea is a phenomenal mother, a committed community member, dedicated activist and a loving soul who knows how to love people through their pain.

In 2018, she lost her home due to a fire and for the past three years she has been working to keep her family together and housed all while dealing with the loss and grief of her son's death. In spite of her challenges and grief, Marea consistently shows up for her community and other people dealing with loss and grief. It's time for Marea to have a safe place to call home so she can continue to keep her family together so they can not only adequately heal but thrive and experience joy! You can help her do that by contributing to this campaign. 

Hear Marea’s Story in Her Own Words:

“My Name is Marea Perry, a loving mother of 6 amazing children that give me life. Three major life events almost took me out, but I am still standing. In March of 2018, a place we called home was sadly disrupted due to a house fire. This tragedy separated our family for a while but then eventually we were blessed with small apartment, and we made it work with love, humility, understanding, faith, and patience. After six months of being in our apartment my oldest son, Quez, who was 21, was tragically murdered on May 3rd of 2019. It felt like I was dying too when I heard about the death of my son, my baby boy! His death broke me, I was devasted and in so much unbelievable pain. This was not the journey I was expecting. Who loses their child? I felt like everything was testing my faith. I guess that wasn’t enough, six days later my second oldest son’s biological mother was found unresponsive in her home. I didn’t just lose a son, my son loss his mother too. These last three years has changed my family forever. 

After all that has been taken from us, I am hoping we can finally begin to rebuild our lives. Having this opportunity for home ownership (hopefully debt free) will allow us to create a new journey, embrace our healing, build generational wealth and finally getting my family back in space that we will call home. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be the next Black women to receive a home through “Catriceology’s Homes for Black Women” This is a huge honor and one my family will forever be grateful for. Programs like this make such lifelong impact for black women like me and our families. My son. Quez would be so happy right now."


I am asking you to support this reparations fundraiser by contributing frequently and sharing consistently with your networks, specifically other white people. Marea will need at least a 4-bedroom house and the money gathered through this fundraiser will help her to do that hopefully debt-free to avoid the additional stress of needing to pay a house payment. We can do this.  We must do this as one way to right the wrongs of chattel slavery. Let’s do it.

The funds will go directly to Marea's account so she can have complete sovereignty over her choice for a home.

If possible, please add an additional 3% to your contribution to offset the fees of hosting this fundraiser on this platform.

Thanks in advance for your contribution. Contribute often and share widely. Let's do it. 

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Organizer and beneficiary

Catrice M. Jackson 
Omaha, NE
Marea Perry