Indigo Iona Saga & Expedition Greenland 2 films

"The Indigo Iona Saga and the Settlement of Iceland" and "Expedition Greenland" are two live action/animated historic fiction films (English & French versions) and graphic novels about the Viking era. Both short films are apart of my Norse Womens' Saga series and the stories are rooted in the sagas and deal with, emigration, ambition, conquest, slavery, deception, love, war, women and the settlement of Iceland and Greenland. I wrote these two scripts with these themes, as I am interested in the cross-cultural links between my Norwegian and Scottish heritage and how they are connected to the settlement period of Iceland and Greenland.

Episode 1. Synopsis: The Indigo Iona Saga and the Settlement of Iceland tells the story of three women from three different territories during the Viking era. The saga chronicles the rise of Queen Hertha, who leaves Norway to settle in Iceland with the goal of acquiring new lands and power. While stopping in Orkney to resupply, she steals the valuable Celtic slave girl, Iona, from the tyrant King of the Isles, Ketill, for the girl’s knowledge of his trading partners and ambitions. She brings Iona to Iceland during the settlement period as a slave. When Thorsteinn (a rising Earl from East Iceland) proposes marriage, Iona accepts, and is granted her freedom. With Thorsteinn she bears a daughter she name

Epsiode 2. Synopsis: Greenland - Solveig’s Strength and Aud’s Prosperity tells the story of two first-generation Icelandic women – Solveig, who is looking to marry, settle and have a family, and Aud, who is expanding her opportunities in the walrus ivory trade. The women’s friendship is tested by the handsome and broken Óttarr when they leave their young colony of Reykjavik to join Erik the Red’s settlement of Greenland. This historic fiction occurs in the context of the Norse epics, The Saga of Erik the Red and The Saga of the Greenlanders, which describe the Norse expansion west across the north Atlantic. This story follows Solveig’s and Aud’s personal adventures during the discovery of these new lands and while establishing the first settlement on Greenland.

Episode 3. First Contact (2016) completed Synopsis: From the west, a Proto-Beothuk hunting party.
From the east, an expedition of Norse Greenlanders looking for farmland. At the turn of the first millennium on the island now called Newfoundland, native North Americans and Europeans chance upon each other for the first time.

This project was conceived during my 2017 and 2018 SIM residencies in Reykjavik, Iceland. I was inspired to write the Indigo Iona Saga and Expedition Greenland scripts after seeing the "Bundle-Up In Blue" exhibition at National Museum of Iceland, which was of a Scottish Viking woman's skeletal remains and grave goods which were found in the East of Iceland in 1938.

With the first batch of money raised, I returned to Reykjavik for my July 2018 SIM residency, during which time I auditioned and selected Icelandic actresses and recorded them narrating the script. We also filmed some spectacular live action (with a drone and in 4K video) of key locations and photographed stills of the actors and actresses in period costume for the animation process.

My SIM residency for June 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19 travel restriction and has been moved to August 2022. During my residency I will complete the live action filming for both films with my DOP Lasse Lecklin and present the graphic novel version of the films to a publisher in Reykjavik. 

We are still looking for the following production costs :

- $1000.00 Return travel for Director of Photography Lasse Lecklin Helsinki, Finland to Reykjavik, Iceland August 1st - 7th 2022
- $3000.00 Food and car rental during shoot and residency
- $2500.00 To hire Director of Photography Lasse Lecklin for five day shoot, to film remaining live action in Iceland during my SIM residency

- $3000.00 To hire Jo Meuris to stabilize animations and do all VFX (special effects)
- $3000.00 To hire editor Jeremiah Hayes for off line edit (both films)
- $2000.00 To record narration and mix music William Le Gallee (both films)
- $3000.00 To create sound design Paul Scriver (both films)
- $2000.00 To license music for sound track Stina Agustsdottir (both films)
- $600.00 two film trailers(both films)
- $3000.00 Graphics and promotional materials Studio Tag Team Jessica Charbonneau (both films)
- $1000.00 Send to festivals (both films)
- Sell license and distribute both films to libraries, schools, museums in Norway, Iceland and Scotland. 

Once we have assembled this material for a first rough edit at MacLeod 9 Productions. We will do the post-production phase, the on-line, colour correction, sound mix and credits will be done at the new ONF-NFB facility the new Balmoral building.

As a filmmaker and artist, I am interested in knowing more about my female ancestors via the sagas, history, archaeology and migration patterns of the Vikings in order to examine the sage knowledge that can be gleaned from their lived experiences and history. Studying and sharing their stories, is an opportunity to become knowledgeable of the negative outcomes of war, exile, slavery, religious differences, famine and equally their successes to the greater world narrative of women’s contribution to the building of families and society as a whole. 

These two films will be sold to schools, museums and exhibited in festivals, galleries, on TV and accompanied with educational guides for teachers, students and the public. The University of Iceland and Brown University in Rhode Island have committed to showing the work on completion.

$50 Contributors will get a signed print of an animation drawing. 

$100 Contributors will get a signed print of an animation drawing and your name will be in the credits.

$1000 + Contributors get an original animation drawing and a producer credit.  

I am committed and passionate about completing the "Indigo Iona Saga and the Settlement of Iceland" and "Expedition Greenland."

Thank you for your interest and support. 

G. Scott MacLeod
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