Mezcal Lovers....Please Help

Earl Fish, aka Popeye, aka  Wuof -- great friend to a good many of you, a true outlaw and long time champion of all things mezcal  --the man with the map of Oaxaca writ in the smiling wrinkles of his mirthful mug -- is in need of us pitching in to help with mounting medical bills.

Earl had his leg amputated in Oaxaca about 3 weeks back due to blood clots. Though losing one leg will barely keep him down (I'd still have him as my back up in a bar room brawl any day of the week) the cost of recovery may smother him.  Let's help a brother out.

DIrect donations here are greatly appreciated.

In addition we have set up a website with t-shirts and bags on sale where 100% beyond cost go directly to Earl. The shirts and bags are printed with a photo of Earl and either a quote from his 1967 Prison Psychiatric Report or the report in its entirety. I have pasted the entire report below, because it is humorous and because you may very well see a few lines in the report that in fact describe YOU. The shirts and bags are available at

For those of you who do not know him, I hope you get to some day.  Earl in a former life was a safe cracker in Minneapolis, Minnesota (troubled childhood) and spent a good part of his youth and early twenties in the slammer for both robbery and 2 jail breaks.  He later went on to work in prison reform, work for the prisoners union, direct plays, work a bunch of honest jobs and basically straighten up but definitely never fly right...

He's been living mostly in Oaxaca for the better part of the last two decades and has been a fellow traveler and companion to many of us on the mezcal road, making that journey all the richer and memorable (when we could remember it). He's also been a great friend to many a mezcalero, and has helped spread the word and teach the uninitiated.

COMMITTED NAME: Earl Fish REG. NO. 3-22835 DATE: 2-7-
Subject was soft spoken, talkative, and moderately animated. He answered 
questions relevantly and with appropriate elaboration. He was not hostile, 
belligerent, or anxious but did appear mildly depressed. Subject possessed 
many idealistic and unrealistic expectations of others causing him to be 
especially sensitive to their deficiencies, particularly deficiencies and 
contradictions in the functioning of authority figures. Subject's logically 
coherent, hypercritical attitudes toward authority appear to serve as a 
justification in his mind for aberrant behavior and attitudes of “righteous 
indignation”' These hypercritical attitudes toward authority are probably a 
function of early traumatic experiences with a punishing, 
uncompromising, dictatorial father, or father-figure. 
Not the typical inmate. He is manifestly neither anxious, or depressed and 
denies any emotional problems. Others did view him very favorably, being 
impressed with his friendly, outspoken, persuasive manner. However 
subject's agreeableness is superficial and unconsciously exploitive. His 
covert attitude center about intense feelings of hypercriticalness toward 
others and subtle but definite and intense rebellious impulses. 

Passive-aggressive personality associated with somatization reaction and 
sociopathic acting out features. 
Average. Short term prognosis is viewed favorably. Subject is able to 
control socially rebellious impulses for short periods of time, a few years. 
Significant positive emotional ties which may satisfy strong underlying 
dependency needs could further forestall manifest social problems. 
However, episodic acting out will occur despite environmental rewards 
and subject's personal efforts to adjust in accordance with the expectations 
of others. Subject cannot tolerate success; he must rebel against the 
System and not become a part of it. 

One year continuance followed by parole 
Referral for psychotherapy at this institution as well as when released 
into free society. 
In order to make any impact on subject, especially in the supervisory 
role, it is necessary to penetrate his intellectual defenses by being 
candid, firm, and dealing directly with his feelings of injustice and 
righteous indignation. 
 W. Roy Evans 
 Clinical Psychologist
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