Getting back to my wife

I travelled to the United States as a child because my family was looking for a better life, just like most of the immigrants there. Hiring lawyers to make sure our process to live there was lawfull, my family spent all of our savings and most of our earnings to pay for the legal expenses. After years of an ongoing process that gave us legal stay temporarily, our process suddenly took away our legality due to a wrongdoing from our lawyer, we quickly changed lawyers and tried to repair the damage done, which resulted in another extensive process that renewed our temporary legal status. Unfortunately years later we received notice that even though we could have gained our green card, the brief time when our legality expired, prohibited us from receiving it, therefore we were forced to leave the country or stay there illegally. We chose to leave.This all happened over the course of 9.5 years, I was 11 years old when I arrived and 20 when I left. During this time I took the American culture as my own, I assimilated English as my primary language, and during this time I met, became best friends and fell in love with the woman of my dreams, Victoria. We met in middle school, became best friends in high school and began dating during our senior year. And I must say that it blew my mind how amazingly we got along. Our relationship moved from best friends to soul mates very quickly. She moved to Tallahassee to go to college after graduation, I followed shortly thinking this would be the last time we would ever have to be apart (oh boy were we wrong). After over a year of living together, we got the terrible news of my imminent departure from the country, we thought of getting married right away to keep me in the country but even then nothing was for sure and we were afraid of ruining such a good relationship by rushing into a marriage, so we took what we decided was the more mature decision and try to make it work from far away and start planning a way to be together soon. Victoria came to Colombia to live here for a year and a half after finishing school but found no sustainable work opportunities, therefore setting us way behind in our ultimate goal to get back to the country we both feel we belong. We got married on March 26, 2013, and began to work on the steps necessary to get me back to the States. Currently I am studying to get my engineering degree and Victoria is working on a graduate degree in business, as most of you might know being a student and affording to pay even the simplest meals is already a challenge, so paying for legal bills is out of the question. We need help to make our dream come true.

We have been fighting for years to be together again, and we are still very much in love, we would love to finally begin our life as husband and wife.

Donate to our immigration fund and help us spread the word so others can provide aid as well, send mail to your government representatives letting them know that the immigration system is broken. Just like us there are thousands of families split up because of immigration issues, most of them good people who deserve a better life. The fight doesn't stop with us.
Thank you.
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Juan Jose Trujillo 
Miami, FL