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Well Adjusted is going to FringeNYC! We are so excited and cannot wait to perform this show in New York. Well Adjusted our baby, but it's expensive to take a baby to New York. We really want this show to be the best it can possibly be, which is why we're asking for your support.

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Director: Marty Moore

Kate: Sarah Edwards
Ben: Phil Horst
Mark: Robert Rydland
Beth: Claire Chandler
Abby: Lora Lee Jones
Betsy: Kelsey Boggs
Natasha: Deandra Irving

What the donations go to

Ahhhhhhh. Those are my feelings about the set. We have 15 minutes to set up set and 15 minutes to strike it after the show. Also, it has to be flameproof. Daniel Hager will be making this happen using some sort of magic. A large part of the budget is going to be used to pay for the materials for the construction of set and then we’ll have to spend roughly $400 to get everything certified flameproof.

Price Estimate:
Materials: $800
Flameproofing: $200-$400
Total: Roughly $1100

So you know that set I just talked about? We have to drive it to New York City. We also have to store it there. We can’t store the set and props at the theatre, so we’re going to have to rent a Uhaul for the entire time we’re there. This is a major expense. Actually, this is a terrifying expense.

Price Estimate:
Rental to Return: $454
Rental for 16 days: $297
Rental to Return: $454
Parking: $50 a day ($800)
Gas: I don’t even want to think about it
Snacks for the drive: $20 (we might get hungry on the way up there)
Total: Roughly $2020 plus gas

Isn’t that horrifying? It deeply upset me to put all of those numbers together. There are also tolls, but I just can’t put anymore numbers on that list. You may be thinking that there’s got to be a better way. I agree, I really do. Is there a better way? Another option is a storage unit and only renting a truck on the days that we have shows. That would work out to this:

Option 2 Price Estimate:
Rental to and from: $908
Parking: $300 (we would rent it the night before the show and then return it the next day)
Rental for 2 days for each show: $40 times 5 shows=$200
Storage unit for 1 month: $144
Snacks: $50 (we’ll need more snacks with all the additional moving we’ll be doing)
Total: Roughly $1650 plus gas

The second option is obviously cheaper, but we’re concerned about the amount of travel required for that option (get to the Uhaul rental place, get to the storage unit, get to the parking garage, get to the theater, get to the storage unit, get to the Uhaul place, return home). We’re really going to base this decision on how much money we’re able to raise. The concern is that we’re on such a big time crunch with everything that we can’t afford to get stuck in traffic or in a parade on our way to any of those places. If anyone has a better idea, please let us know.

Fringe NYC Fees

Participation fee: $700
Venue Manager fee: $200
Insurance: $200
Total: Roughly $1100

This is incredibly cheap to do a show in New York. If we didn’t have to deal with all the other things, this would be a steal.

Guess what. All of our props and set dressings need to be flameproof as well. We have a couch, table and chairs that we can use, but we have to buy new cushions (flameproof somehow) and an island for the kitchen. In addition to that, we also need to buy a lot of celery and cheese. It’s a shocking amount of cheese. In case you don’t remember, we use about 8 blocks of cheese per show and two bunches of celery. Unfortunately we’ll have to buy new cheese and celery for every performance.

Price Estimate:
Cheese and celery (it’s humiliating that this is a budget line item): $150
Cushions: $200
Miscellaneous items: $300
Total: $650

Set: $1100
Transportation: $1650-$2020
FringeNYC Fees: $1100
Props: $650
Grand Total: $4500-$4870

Wait! Why are you asking for $5500?

Good eye, potential donor. The other $700ish is to help offset food for the 7 cast members and 2 crew members staying in New York for 16 days. I’ve heard that New York is a relatively expensive place to live. I think that this is a vicious rumor started by parents in the Midwest who don’t want their children to run off to the big city and chase their dreams. We’re lucky enough to have a place to stay for free, but we need to eat. We all want to be thin, but not eating for 16 days is a little dangerous. All of the actors involved in this show are taking time off work to do this, so no one has a ton of money to throw around. It would be nice to have some money to offset the out of pocket expenses for the actors.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and (hopefully) donating.

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