Sweetest 4 yr old with Leukemia

Elizabeth Story
Dec 3, 2012 "“ Elizabeth had been complaining multiple days about leg pains. I decided to take Elizabeth to the doctor. I'm very grateful that doctor she took us seriously and ran some blood test. Around 3:00 pm that afternoon I received the call I will never forget. I was told Elizabeth has Leukemia and I needed to get Elizabeth to the ER room at the hospital right away and they are waiting for her. The next day Elizabeth was schedule to have port implant in her chest to make treatment easier. I was told that it would be best if quit my job. Wondering what I was going to do, being 4 months pregnant with my second child.
Her first treatment was 12 weeks. Part of the treatment was steroid. After been on the steroid my little girl could barely walk because she had gotten so big. Her face was swollen like a balloon. People didn't recognize her. We had hope that was going to put in remission, but it didn't.  
In Mar 2013, Elizabeth started more intensive treatment. It required Elizabeth to be in the hospital for a couple days while she received the chemo treatments. Due to the intensive treatment, she lost her hair. She wasn't allowed to go into stores or public buildings. She got sick and was required to stay the hospital weeks at time. One time she was in the hospital for a month, this time she developed sores on and in her month. I started to have issues with my pregnancy in April there were times where I was in the hospital on one floor while Elizabeth was another floor. I am so very thankful, that I have such a wonder grandmother. She helped me out greatly; she would always stay with Elizabeth when I wasn't able to stay with Elizabeth. She is angel from heaven. In May by second child was born, Nevaeh. I was on the 5th floor, baby Nevaeh was in NICU, and Elizabeth was on the 8th floor. It was heart breaking unable to be with my kids. I am so gratefully that my mom, my grandma, brother, and sister in-law was there to help to us. 
In Aug 2013 we were told the cancer was remission. She still had to continue to go in once a month for treatmenttests and take a medication daily. Feel like weight had been lifted from my family. I was able to go back to work. Life was wonderful, by Christmas Elizabeth was finally getting her life back. We were starting to plan for the future.
April 2014, we receive the news that Elizabeth leukemia is back. It is heart crushing news. Its hard to hold my tears back. I have spent the last weeks in daze, how can this happen. I have no idea what the next months are going to hold for us, all I can do is pray. I believe Elizabeth knows she is sick. When she was out shopping with my mother; she said "Grandma I'm tired. I need to go home and take my pill and go to bed.   
What can you say to a little girl who ask "Mom why doesn't my nose stop running" 
Knowing Elizabeth was going to start chemo again, we planned an early Birthday Party for her. I wanted to have her celebrate her birthday before she got sick. She got a bike for birthday and she loves it.    
We have been told that treatment will be even more intensive then last time.
Elizabeth starts treatment next week, where she will be admitted to the hospital of a month, after she will be able to go home for a couple days then return to the hospital for another month of treatment 
They will be looking for match from the national bone list of live donor and umbilical cord. We were told all donors must go thru the national donor list and be available to be a donor for anyone. Elizabeth blood information will be added to list in 2-3 weeks; need to wait for test results/blood evaluation process to be completed. We were told that it unlike that a family which match; best match is normally sibling with the same parents. If no match is found then family and friends could be added to the national donor list and see if they match Elizabeth or someone else. 
Once a donor has been found and Elizabeth leukemia count and blood count are at acceptable level for the doctor then Elizabeth will start the transplant process. 
Transplant Process 
Step 1: 7 "“ 10 Days of testing and evaluation at the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children's Hospital. Testing is to ensure Elizabeth can handle the transplant. It will include more blood test, kidney, liver, heart, lung and etc: 
Step 2: Starts 3-4 after step 1. Elizabeth is admitted into the hospital and will need to remain in her room until she is release. She will start intensive Chemo for 7 "“ 10 days and maybe radiation 
Step 3: Transplant, which the Doctors call Day 0. Elizabeth will receive a donor bone marrow, via an IV. It will take about 30 minutes. In the next 30-100 days will determine whether or not Elizabeth will accept the bone marrow. She will be in the hospital until her blood counts are back to normally, which normally happens within 23 - 30 days. After blood counts are normally, then we can live in the Ronald Mc Donald house. Where we will be required to return to the hospital daily; after a while will be required to return every two days, then it change to 3 days so on... 4 days... 5 days.. etc. until we need we can return home. Best case we could be away from home around 120 days. Risk: - Infection that could result in death - Leukemia comes back before 100 days, mean treatment failed - Her body is rejecting the bone marrow, which can result serious side effort such liver, kidney, lung issues/failure.
ALL the money raised is to help Elizabeth. The money will help pay for gas, food, hotels and any other expenses that are going to be piled onto her parents, since her treatment is two to three hours away and they'll be gone for several months doing chemo and other treatments. Her mom quit her job to take care of her baby like any parent would. Please feel free to give whatever you can. It's for a great family, pretty little girl.
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