I have posted a few times in the past seeking help with raising money to pay bills concerning a foreclosure my family has been facing for sometime now. Honestly, I never understood how serious it was due to the fact my parents handled all the money related things whilst I just helped pay the bills by working my job at Wendys. Though that does not mean I was ignorant of the darkness to come, just... today it really blind sided us, swallowed up the sun and made it never shine again kind of blind sided. We have one month to try and figure out a solid plan to save the house, we finally were given a final notice that ready or not, they're coming for our house and selling it for every penny its worth because we were unable to make the payments needed to save it.

I whited out my address for my own safety, plus we're scared that people will find our address to prepare for October to go buy the house from us. We don't want our house sold... its our home. I am going to tell you a long winded tale of how and why this happened, so you have the insight that it wasn't because we were reckless losers throwing cash around all willy nilly every time something came across our path to buy.

It all began several years ago, I was still very young at the time. I think I was in the middle school range. My mother was browsing Facebook when she came across a childhood friend she knew when they were both in gradeschool. He is called Bob. Bob and my mom were very happy to reunite and decided that they should catch up after all the years that had passed. Bob came to New Jersey and he liked it here enough to eventually stay in the area. Problem was, Bob had nowhere to go and so my mother offered he could bunk with us so long as he helped pay the bills for rent payment. Bob agreed and he stayed with us for a long time, bordering upon years. However... there was trouble in paradise. What seemed to be a happy living arrangement was anything but that in the background, he was bunking with my brother Mike who is autistic, so sometimes he isn't the easiest person to deal with. We found out Bob was verbally and emotionally abusing my older brother when he knew there would be no eyes around to witness. My brother Mike didn't say anything for awhile and eventually told my mother just how much of a jerk Bob was being to him. Mom decided the best course of action was to ask Bob to leave, she gave him a 30 day notice to get ready and find a place to go. In the process of asking Bob to leave, my mother broke her foot [shattered it twice in fact] falling from a high height thanks to being distracted by him when they were having an argument... that part of the story will return soon enough.

However he wasn't going to leave without a fight and this fight left us with a financial scar that has been bleeding out ever since. He had been paying his share of the bills with his credit card we eventually found out. Once Bob was gone, he had called his card's company to file that someone had been using his card unjustly and that it was not his own doing. The money was revoked and the bills were thrown back into our face, thousands upon thousands of dollars we couldn't pay. We even lived without electricity for awhile due to the power company taking it away once the money was revoked from us.

We are trying to sue Bob but he has disappeared.

With my mother's foot severely broken we had to focus our attention on making sure she got help for her medical bills. It was a very serious break as when she fell it shattered her heel twice. She had been seeking to get a job but had to put the search off to heal and recover from the fall. The bills from that as you can imagine were hard enough to deal with on top of the house bills Bob left us struggling with. She had to go to doctors visits and physical therapy sessions for many years to come, even to this day she has issues but she cannot fix them now because we just don't have the money to do so.

I have a literal hole in my front tooth that I can't fix because we are so badly off...

Another situation that put us in this hole was when my life was ruined forever. I don't think I ever told you guys this story, it was one I kept secret because it was a mental scar that shaped me into a depressed anxiety poor health ridden mess. I was in highschool when this happened, I just turned sixteen and it was the beginning of sophomore year. I had been dealing with many mental issues even before then but it was manageable before this event... I was bitten by a black widow spider. I was in my room taking a nap when my father awoke me to come eat dinner. I got up with a stretch and saw a large black mass resting upon my knuckles. We had a ant problem back in the day, like carpenter ants and in the darkness of the bedroom I thought nothing of it. So ever so casually I flicked it off my hand and went to the kitchen to enjoy a nice dining with the family.

If only I never did that...

Literal minutes it felt like it took for the effects of the venom to take place. My arm was swollen like a watermelon and red as a rash. I felt funny, not the funny ha ha but the dreadful something is wrong funny. I couldn't breathe, I had shakes and my arm hurt awful bad. Everything after is a blur since trauma tends to block out parts of your memory so your brain doesn't melt at the seems. I remember riding in the ambulance, a breathing mask upon my face and paramedics telling me to relax, that everything would be alright.

Obviously I lived to tell the tale but it was a horrible experience I wouldn't even wish on my worst enemy. Medical bills stockpiled up after, as I had many physical and mental issues once the hospital let me go home free. The doctors said it may take time for the venom to leave my system and it took quite a while for me to feel normal again. It gave my thyroid problems and I was put on Xanax because I would have nightly panic attacks to the point my mother would have to rush my to the hospital due to fact I was so sure I had to be dying. I kept flash backing to that night when the spider first bit me. I had to consult therapists and physiologists and god knows how many doctors... it didn't help us financially as you can imagine. Those bills are death traps.

And now my friends, you know the entire story of how we got to this point. We owe 40 thousand dollars. I'm not going to soften the blow, thats really the amount we owe or else our home is lost forever. I'm not asking anyone to donate 1000 dollars right out the bat or something but even just one dollar would help for those who say they cannot help and merely reblog. 1 dollar can change many when amassed by many. I was scared to ask for help... because I already feel awful I couldn't even afford to help save Juicy back when she needed her life saving operation for those pesky tumors we found several months ago now. I don't want to seem money grabby, like my family is lazy because we are not. We had a string of terrible luck and if you want more evidence I will be more than happy to give it. If you are able to help perhaps find house saving organizations, please email my mother at [email redacted]

I'm afraid guys, I've very very afraid of where the road is going to take my family... especially our poor innocent little pets. We have four dogs and six cats, all rescues we took in when the world turned its back on them. The cats are all former ferals and I know for sure if we gave them to a shelter because we'd be unable to find a place to take pets they would be surely be put to sleep, killed simply because we couldn't save our home. We have a colony of feral cats we take care of as we do TNR and they depend on us. Who's to say the new people who steal our home away from us would take pity on them like we did? Instead not lay out rat poison for them to eat or chase them off with brooms and sticks or call animal control to take away these so called savage feral creatures who's only sin was that their old owners refused to take care of them?

Where will they go because we failed them?

Nowhere... that's where. Same for our poor pets, the dog Juicy you guys helped save could end up locked behind shelter doors and put to sleep if nobody wants to adopt her. 

PLEASE, I am begging you all... spread this journal around. If you are unable to donate a lot of money, just 1 dollar would help us if its from multiple people. We have until October 9th or else its game over. I will also take commissions [my deviantArt is Wolf-Chalk] if you are willing to pay me to do so...

Feel free to ask us anything. Thank you.
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