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83's Recovery and Stability

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On Saturday, May 4th, 83 also known as Will, was hosting and facilitating a DisCakes party at the recently opened Club444 in Bushwick. Around 12:30 AM another host ran up to him in distress and expressed that they were in danger after the host and their friend were robbed for their bag and phone and threatened down the block.  The bar was understaffed, since there was only one security guard, we asked Will to help us delegate and figure out what happened. We followed the "Find my iPhone location" on the stolen phone which led us to the corner of the street of the party. There were 7 men screaming homophobic slurs and acting out violently. Will calmly attempted to de-escalate the situation and asked them to give us their phone back and the group of men began to scream and act out aggressively. One of the people looking for the phone was shoved by them, 83 stepped in to protect them, they then proceeded to jump him on the sidewalk, they attacked him and stomped him out. The fight eventually went to the street and they repeatedly stomped his head against a tire.

This fight was him alone, against seven men. They were beating him so aggressively, he was unsure that he was going to make it out with his life. One of the guys girlfriend told the group to stop beating him, as he was beginning to enter critical condition. He so so thankfully was able to walk back up to the club and get someone. His whole face was unrecognizable, covered in blood, extremely swollen with one of his eyes near shut, bruises all over and an imprint on his forehead. 
A friend was able to call a cab and get him to the ER, where the doctor told him he was extremely lucky to have no broken bones or internal bleeding. His jaw was in extreme pain he swore it was broken or dislocated, but very luckily and in surprise to the paramedics he didn't suffer any serious bone damage.  Although,  he did sustain a concussion, and has extreme swelling in his face and eyes, his left eye has a bursted blood vessel and it's very swollen. There is a shoe print on his face from being stopped so aggressively, he is also dealing with the trauma of surviving a near death experience. 

Aside from medical bills, he will be unable to work for at LEAST a month. It is pivotal that we raise these funds by the end of May so he can pay next months rent.  Will is an event curator and also a security guard at Elsewhere , since the clubs opening. His job is very physically and mentally taxing as well as demanding. Aside from that 83 is a full time community leader, music producer and writer for his platform S3R News . We are aiming to get him a few months of finances to help him process trauma and heal spiritually, mentally and physically. 83 put his life on the line to help protect the queer, trans, non binary, gay, lesbian and underground music community here in Bushwick. We are desperately asking the community to help us sustain funds for him to recover. I know I speak for a lot of people when I say that Will is a blessing in everyones life, he has been so formative in our growth as a community,  to know him is to love him. Will's dedication to his community, his music, his family, his community music, uplifting and empowering marginalized people, etc is transformative, honorable and speaks wonders. He is a integral part to the queer POC art, nightlife, music and DIY community. Will is a beacon of love and dedicates his life to giving back to the community. He deserves nothing less than the world and we need your help to make sure he is properly taken care of. 

Please feel free to donate directly to him as it might take a while to fundraise..... Venmo him at  

P.S.- White people ~ this a great way to give reparations!


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