Please help my Mom

Hello, my name is Lee Tockar and this is a GO FUND ME page for my mother, Laura. 
I really don’t know how to begin so I’ll just give the dark details in point form. 
Many years ago, after my stepfather passed away, my mother was preyed upon by a man who stole her away from our hometown in British Columbia to a tiny town in Alberta. Here my mother became estranged from myself, my sister, the entire family. No one heard from her for more than 20 years.
Six months ago I received a call from the police saying my mother was found in a random motel room where she had been drugged and brutalized. 
She was terribly wounded, and eventually she gave me power of attorney to access her medical records and police report to help her get her to safety.
I got her into a woman’s shelter in another town, then to a hospital, and then to a care facility, where she is now happy and making friends, despite the lingering effects of her injuries.
Over the last few months, getting to know my mother again, certain horrible truths have come to light.
I’ll be brief with this part. Suffice it to say, for the last 25 years my mother has lived in terror, suffering unspeakable physical, sexual and mental humiliations and abuses.
She was essentially a prisoner. Not allowed to talk to family or be out of his sight. She was even told he would kill my sister and me if she spoke to us.
But she escaped. And now (with help) perhaps a new journey may begin for her.
My mother is strong and sharp-minded. She swears a bit too much and is a brutal realist, but she still stands proud, (somehow even from her wheelchair). 
And here’s the crux of it all: Since she escaped, and is now officially a single person, the Government of Canada has cut back her pension, which means she is $700 shy of rent every month until her next re-assessment in July. Until then, her life is in peril while her abuser lives happily, Scott-free, in the home she had purchased.
I don't have much but have given her everything I can - she won't accept any more even when I try. When I told her about GO FUND ME she didn’t believe me that something like that existed, thinking I was tricking her into taking money from me again. Eventually though she had her social worker confirm it is a real thing.
Being a proud person like my mother, I hate to even ask were it not for the fact that it is for her wellbeing… but here it is:
My mother is going in for surgery soon and needs to stay where put long enough to recuperate. After that she would like to move back east to be with our  family again, near her hometown where she was born. There, she wants to spend her final days surrounded by her cousins, aunts and uncles who love her and miss her… the family who her abuser kept her away from for a quarter of a century.
During these funny frenzied times, I understand that people don’t have a lot of extra money but any little bit helps and there are no donations too small.
My goal is to raise $10,000 for mother’s rent and moving costs but because times are tight and work is hard to come by, I am hoping to at least raise $7,000 just to keep mom in her current care facility with friends through Christmas until she heals from surgery and can move home to see her family once again.
Once she is reassessed by the government in July, she will have enough money to live out her remaining days. I just need to get her there.
On behalf of my mother and myself we thank you for any and all considerations you may offer, and please ‘share’ this request with any and all.
Lee Tockar
  • Josh Frye 
    • $25 
    • 14 mos
  • Rachel Anda 
    • $10 
    • 18 mos
  • Lee Tockar 
    • $1,000 
    • 20 mos
  • Jason Mckinnon 
    • $50 
    • 21 mos
  • Horst Dammholtz 
    • $1,000 
    • 21 mos
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Lee Tockar 
Vancouver, BC
Laura Anthony