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Hi, my name is Summar Ellis. I am a Sophomore Mathematics Major Education Studies Minor in College. I am trying to do a Summer Study abroad program in May 2018. This program is titled The Industry of Knowledge: Higher Education in a Global Context and it takes place in Florence, Italy. I am creating this go fund me, so I that I may have the opportunity to broaden my educational horizon on an international level.
I am studying to become a mathematics teacher for children in secondary school. I am going to graduate school for my Ph.D. in education and with this I will fulfill my aspiration to become a Principle. I hope to inspire children, just as my teachers have inspired me. I have been in two National Honors Society and graduated from high school with honors. I am driven to be successful in college, by taking advantage of all the opportunities here. Allowing me to better my academic experience and become a great competitor in my field.
Studying Abroad will optimize my college experience. It is an enhancement to my personal and academic life. By venturing into another country, it will prepare me for the diverse world we live in. Immersed in an education system, different from my upbringing, gives a glimpse of learning in a different manner. Observing different methods of teaching permits me to know how to explain differently, so I may reach more students. As well as, enabling me to conceptualize new problem-solving strategies and easily adapt to difficult problems. This program makes me a strong competitor in the areas of education and mathematics.
My diligence and perseverance through obstacles assists in my drive to be successful in college. My GPA is a 3.32 and will only increase with each semester. Hopefully, I can add to my GPA with this unforgettable summer experience as well. I have completed the application and been accepted to the program. The last step, is receiving the funds to fully guarantee my trip.
I need $575 dollars for my advance payment to secure my spot, 10 business days after my admissions which was Feb. 9. The group flight is $1,200; I must register for this by Feb.23. The tuition and program fee of $10,253 dollars is due in April. Personal expenses when I am in Italy that the program will not provide me with are $3,150 dollars. The trip is from May 31, 2018 to July,13 2018.
If you are able to assist me you will not only be allowing a college student to better educate herself, but aid her to get in the field and better teach the next generation. I am grateful for any amount of funds that I obtain. I have gone through so much trying to make this opportunity a reality, your generosity would mean the world to me and my gratitude would be immeasurable. Thank You.


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Summar Ellis 
Atlanta, GA