Lack of happiness is a serious issue. 

Our mental, emotional, and energy-health are challenged every day. 

I have been on a reckoning to figure out how to be "happy" and "healthy" and I’ve made it my work to share it with others.

I’m Kym Grove, a thinking, truth-seeking, life-living, mountain-hiking, adventure-loving, pining for nothing and seeking everything I desire, ambitious human.

I’m the founder of the blog and philosophy Kymology, the expression of my experiences and perspectives and values, intention-ing to “make you” think and inspire you to become your potential.

“May I Muse You?” Let's GROW! 

At first I wrote: I’m passionate about helping people live better, be happier, love more, and BE.
I saw part of that as untrue as I read it now, so I am rewriting it. 
I don’t like the concept of help. As if you need help or I need help. I am not here to HELP you.
I am here to MAKE you think, make you think differently, MAKE you, if you CHOOSE to.
I have refreshed this line as I have updated my being.
I’m passionate about “making” people think by living an unusual life and by sharing that life at a level that is "different" and intentionally Challenged. 
I believe in sharing. I believe it can SHOW what is possible. 
It's why I’m passionate about sharing.

I believe if it’s not shared, it can’t be used, and USE-ing is ultimately LOVE-ing. 
So I share what I do to create this life I love. 
That’s my thing. 

And I believe we can do anything we believe. 
Anything we truly desire, is possible and I believe the purpose of my life is to be energy for this belief. 

To encourage the contemplation - WHY?
Why is it so important to do and have what we want, to pursue those things?
Why is desire important and not selfish? 
Let's get on with it. 

What Inspired Me?
We walk around angry, unhappy, complaining, stressed out and tired, waiting to live, waiting to live better, waiting to take the vacation, spend more time doing the things we love and with the people we love, waiting for when we have more money, when we get the promotion, when we have more saved, when we have this done and that done, always putting what we want off until our shoulds are in a row and we have more money and more time. 
I’m here to "make you" think those ducks aren’t coming and the time is yours, NOW!

Me more than 5 years ago, was waiting for the right time. Putting my desires off. Feeling bad for wanting more. 
I was approaching my 30th birthday and that milestone number woke me up. 

I literally opened my eyes one morning and thought: This is not my life. 
I did not recognize myself, I was not the woman my 10-year-old self imagined and I used that to WTFU. 
Wake the fuck up. 

Basically, it scared me, so I changed. 

I didn’t know what to do, where to start, I didn’t even know what I wanted! 
(How can you not know what you want?, I thought!)

I had a few self-help books claiming: reclaim your life. 
I could Google it and I did, but there was no How To on what I wanted so I just started with the little bits I resonated with and I created it for myself and then for YOU.

Press forward more than 5 years later, I am as happy and healthy as I have ever been. 
I do what I love and I love what I do. I am connected to what’s important. 
I do few shoulds, many want to’s, and I wake up everyday thinking: I love my life. 
I know my values. I know my strentghs. I know my weaknesses.
And I know my work! 
I know my work!
And this is it! 

I want everyone to wake up like this, to life like this. 
To live their desires.
I want to share what I figured out. 
I want to inspire others to stop waiting to live.    
This is Life folks, use it! 

My mission: 

To be energy for myself and others to become our potential.
Potential is the point!

How I did it? 

I transformed my life, through my daily practices and my thinking. 
We are what we do daily. 

I call them rituals now. You may say routines, habits.

The idea - We are what we do daily. 
Days make Life! 

I created systems that  kept me accountable and MOVED me. 
I curated my perspective and allowed no excuses.
I decide my standards. I met my standards.
I meet my standards. 
Because of this, I know how to consciously change. 

Change is inevitable. Desired change is not.
This is my power. To change at will.

I know how to grow. I know how to connect. 
I know why HOW is not that important.
I know.

I want to share all these isms and distillations with others, with YOU, for the possibility of your potential.
Because if you’re getting your potential and I’m getting mine, not only are we both “happier” we are contributing to Life.
The point.

Nothing is wasted. That matters.

I don’t have a magic something you can swallow, but I do have magic. 
I have distilled and found my own truths and I know HOW to teach that so you can find your own! 

And while the HOW is not as important as the WHY, I know the HOW AND I know the WHY.
That is power. That is "the secret", the "short cut", the solution.

What I ask.
Because if you don’t ask, no one can answer.

Questions create opportunities for collaboration and that cliché - together you achieve more - is a cliche for a reason.

If I had it all my way, anyone who has ever resonated with my work,  would contribute back to me.  
My work is what I do, what I share, my writing, my sharing, that’s My Work.
If I had it all my way, anyone who has ever resonated with My Work and valued it, used it in some way, would exchange for it, show appreciation through value for it. 

If you have ever felt something for what I’ve shared, if it has added value, "made you" think, if you’ve felt me like a muse, if you gained new perspective because of something I wrote or a video I shared, if you've thought: "man I needed that today",  if you simply enjoy what I share and want to see me do more of it, OR if I have annoyed you or provoked you, if you have criticized me and used it, pay for it.

I put it out there and I want it to be an exchange.

If you don't feel this as an exchange and feel it as a gift, that's beautiful too. 

My ideal is that you believe in my me and feel to give energy.  
Whatever that comes from for you. 
Where the feeling comes from is not as much as the matter. 

What will the money be used for?

This money is funding the launch and expansion of Kymology, the creation of Kymology products, and sharing this energy with the world.

I build my website, I'm writing a book, I create things like: guided meditations, 30 Day Challenges, journaling prompts, growth workshops and adventures. 

My ASK. 

Will you help me?
Will you contribute?
Will you pay for what you value?
Will you give for what you use?

It's not pay it forward. It's pay for it. 

We expect so much for free, this is conditioned in our lives, and I challenge you to challenge that.

Why do you expect what you expect for free? 

Why do I Ask?

I think asking is hard. I also think asking is powerful. 

When we ask, we are being vulnerable.
It’s about faith and trust and connection, possibility, relationship. 

What is yours with me?

When we ask, we are really saying: 
Do you love me? Do you like me? Do you believe in me? Will you help me?

If I don’t ask, I can’t know.
(Would they help me? Do they believe in me? What can I give?)

If I don’t ask, you can’t know either.
(What does she want? What does she need? What is she doing? How can I help her?) 
So here’s the asking, so we can all know. 

If you’d like a suggested donation, here’s a list of levels I’ve come up with in that format.
However, please know, it’s most meaningful to me, if you give what you feel. 
If there’s a 54 in there, you know that’s another kind of message to me to me! 

Tiers of 54:
(What's up with the 54?

Donate $54 and get the first-ever Kymology 30 Day Challenge Guide and an “Ask Anything” personalized Kymology-musing on any question or issue you have. 

Donate $154 or more and get the first-ever Kymology 30 Day Challenge Guide, an “Ask Anything” personalized Kymology-musing on any question or issue you have, and a super cool T-shirt, limited to co-funders (that’s you) as a thank you for contributing to making this happen! 

Donate $554 or more and get the first-ever Kymology 30 Day Challenge Guide, an “Ask Anything” personalized Kymology-musing on any question or issue you have, a super cool T-shirt, limited to co-funders (that’s you),  and a signed copy of The Book when it’s published!

Donate $1054 or more and get the first-ever Kymology 30 Day Challenge Guide, an “Ask Anything” personalized Kymology-musing on any question or issue you have, a super cool T-shirt, limited to co-funders (that’s you), your name IN The Book,  and a signed copy when it’s published.

Charity and good-will
If you only give to charities, non profits, and community service organizations, please think of how this is a form of that. 

There’s a quote that says: “Hurt people, hurt people.” 

Transposed, that also says:
Stressed people, stress people. 
Unhappy people, unhappy people. 
Sad people create more sadness, and so forth. 

If this is true, the same must be true for the opposites. 
Happy people, happy people. 
Loving people, love people. 
Fun people create more fun (people), and so forth. 

The more positive states of being we are, the more we all effect the world positively. 
And my intention is to create more positive states and energy in this world. 

Energy. Truth. Art.


I deeply appreciate any and all contributions to Kymology. 
I believe BIG-ly in energy.
I believe Kymology is energy.
I believe money is energy. 

I am asking for money-energy to help me give Kymology-energy, to sustain it and expand it.

THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me and encouraged me this far.
When you take the time to tell me what My Work does for you, when you pay for it, when you use it, it means to me and it adds to my days.
Days make life!

THANK YOU for believing in me. 
Thank you for using me.

I believe in you and I use you, too. 

Energy to you!

Kym G


P.S. Other ways you can support this vision: 

Share stuff.




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