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70 French bulldogs' and puppy's Rescued.

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Hi, my name is Tim Beaton
I run a small kennel and raise French bulldogs. When I was contacted by a friend who knew someone who also had a kennel and needed help, she had to go in for heart surgery. Because of her failing health, her dog kennel got out of control. We agreed to help. We rented a van from Enterprise and went to rescue the dogs.
The Enterprise van broke down after three days. Enterprise confiscated the van at the repair shop and left us stranded. That is a whole story by itself. We had no choice but to purchase a van from the car lot in Joplin, Missouri, to finish our trip/Rescue. The van cost $36,500. 100% of your donations will go to the purchase of this vehicle so we can do more rescues.

We want to keep the van and do some more rescues, but our finances are not allowing that. When Enterprise confiscated the van that we rented for ten days, that threw a wrench into our finances. We rescued over 70 French bulldogs. Over 50 puppies/ Dogs went to a Compassion For Canines rescue organization out of Virginia Beach, Virginia. They found all of their beautiful homes. They are a good organization.

We kept a few puppies back to rehome ourselves and help cover some of our expenses, but we feel very short of our expectations.
Times are tough. We rehomed our rescue babies for $500 for most of them and got $1500 for a few of them. We were not in this to make money. We were there to save the puppies. I am sure we can save some more puppies. If you know of any Kennels that are overwhelmed and need help, feel free to have them contact me. You can also support us by purchasing one of our puppies for your very own. http://eastcoastfrenchie.club
Any amount of donation will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much in advance for your consideration.
Tim Beaton


Tim Beaton
Elizabeth City, NC

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