I am Being Foreclosed Upon

I hate this, if you know me, you know I hate asking for help. Nevertheless, the reality is bad and the need is real. I am still living day to day with the  results of my turbulence accident on the aircraft in 2006. I was declared disabled in 2009.

I am on a very small income, SS only, and I am grateful for that, and I am on Medicare too, which is very helpful. Nevertheless, I live check to check...like so many other folks...always one illness or other situation away from financial disaster.

This past January, it happened . A continuing pain in my right shoulder progressed to severe pain, despite constant care and attention from my trainers at the gym. A few Doctor visits ($25 each) and MRIs  ($82 each) later, I was in surgery. , Turns out , a fall in my laundry room broke off a chunk of the labrum (cartilage lining of the shoulder joint) and that was like a rock being tossed around wildly nilly in my joint.  They took that rock out, and after PT (3X a week X $25) was better, but all my income ($1194 a month) was gone. I fell behind in my mortgage payments ($466) and got the letter from Wells Fargo that I was to be in an "accelerated foreclosure." Then half my palo verde tree fell down in a windstorm and it cost me $500 to be fixed.  So here I sit. I had applied for a loan mod through Wells Fargo a few months back and was turned down. 

The amount I owe is $79k. What funds that are gifted me here  will hopefully help cure the default, and then will go toward that balance. It's a lot of money I owe, and I so appreciate every penny I receive, my friends. 

This house my parents bought for me and my kids in 1978 after I moved to Phoenix. It is not a fancy house, but it contains the memories of three generations of my family.  I walk from room to room and hear my kids laughing, my dad tapping away on his computer, my nieces playing in the living room. My dad had outlived his money  (a good thing) and  took out the loan in 2004 for $80k from Wells Fargo with the house as collateral.

Daddy lived here until the day he died, in 2007. Sometimes even now, I can smell his aftershave  in his bathroom...(Stetson, of course)  

I am afraid...I have nowhere to go and no money to go anyplace anyway. I want to not have to leave this house. I do not know how to stay either. I can't believe I am asking my friends for help. I am told there is no shame in it. Please don't think badly of me for asking. 

Thanks for for being my friends always. I love Southwest and wish I were up there flying with each of you. God bless you!

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