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The Naked Mormonism Podcast has grown and matured, as the history of the church becomes a more fascinating, and public topic of discussion. Fortunately for all, the show has outgrown the limits of one person's part-time hours.

For a year's worth of episodes, the Podcast has reached thousands of faithful listeners, but has dealt with an ever present blind-spot with the believing Mormon community. This blind-spot is a problem that can be remedied with new mediums.

As an Ex-Mormon I can provide unique insight to the substantial amount of Mormon history that waits to be told. It needs to be made available in an easy, digestible format. It's time for Naked Mormon history to expand in medium and content.

Books!  It's hard to get somebody to listen to a podcast, but it's easy to give somebody a book to read. I'll be writing 2 books about Mormonism to help the everyday non-historian or scholar understand the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

The first book will be about early American and Mormon history, leading up to the Book of Mormon.

The second book will be a simple deconstruction of the Book of Mormon, along with common pro, and anti-Mormon arguments that are made about the Book of Mormon. They will be presented in a way that everybody can understand both sides of the arguments, and judge the historical evidence for themselves.

Mormon history is something that has been covered up, or skewed for a very long time. Only with the recent advent of the internet, are these challenging historical topics, coming to light, and being widely discussed. We need to understand the history of the Mormon church in the 19th century American context from whence it sprang. The Mormon Church didn't rise from a vacuum. It rose from a very turbulent and misinformed world, which is something that shows through the history.

6 Months is all that's needed to bring an ex-Mormon, secular humanist's perspective on Mormon history. 6 Months will allow enough time to put out to 2 books about Mormonism, that are rich, interesting, and informative.

If you think that the spread of  NAKED Mormon history, from the perspective of an ex-Mormon is a noble and worthy goal, please donate to the page, or sign up for recurring per-episode donations at Patreon.com/nakedmormonism. Anybody that contributes on the Patreon page will receive an email with a free link to download the books in PDF format, once they're released.

If you donate more than $5 to the GoFundMe, you will get an email with a pdf of the books, once they're released.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for listening to the podcast. I hope we can all agree that it's time for more 'Naked' Mormon history.

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