Bring J Home

Here are some pictures of the work that has been done. There are still some things left to do like fix the bathroom floor, but the plumbing and the flooring and the new walls are done and they look great. Thanks to everyone who helped and provided labor and funds (some of the funds came from elsewhere), as well as those who have prayed. 

It's amazing how God has provided during this process and I'm sure he will provide for the floor to be fixed somehow. My family and I are very grateful. 

I thought those that were interested and who invested in this project would like an update. :)

J is a five year old little boy with multiple disabilities. His mom and his two brothers and his sister really want him to return home as soon as is beneficial for him.

In order for J to come home to his family, work needs to be done to his home. The work needs to be done immediately in order for the home to be approved for J's return. 

In order for the home to be safe for J to return (due to his particular disabilities) the bathroom needs to be completely remodeled and flooring needs to be installed in the home. This will make it safe for J to return home. Following is a brief summary of what needs to be done:

- Two walls and a floor need replacing completely, as in, cut out and re-done.

- The project began with just putting down flooring and covering the walls but it was found there was a structural issue with the house due to plumbing leaking for a long time before we even moved in here, some studs are rotted out as well as the entire bathroom floor.

- The leaking plumbing, two walls, and the entire bathroom need to be torn out and re-done.

- Laminate flooring needs to be laid in the living room, dining room, and boys bedroom.

- Walls in J's room (which he will share with his brothers) need repairing.

- The ceiling in the boys room needs to be replaced.

- The plumbing under the kitchen sink which leaks under the house needs replacing a new sink and new cabinet installed as the current ones are rotted out.

- The house only has the one bathroom (which means the family cannot just use the second bathroom as there isn't one) and two bedrooms (which the family have lived in happily...the little girl shares a room with her mother), the family is not trying to make their house fancier just fix the issues.

J's family have missed him very much and are anxious to have him home. He is a wonderful little boy who lights up their world. He has been institutionalized for six months, and it has helped him tremendously and was the best and only decision to make at the time, but now it is time for him to go home. Any money that is raised above what is needed for the alterations to the home will be used towards the support and adaptive technology needed for J's return.

Thank-you for caring about J.

Here are some pictures of the house. These don't show the damage to the walls and doesn't show the 3ft long hole under a load bearing wall.

Kids bedroom

Kids bedroom

Kids bedroom

Kids bedroom

Kids bedroom flooring

Kids bedroom/hallway.

Hallway to kids room.

Hallway wall

Hallway from living room to bathroom right by the kids room


Living room, entrance.

Living room the door goes to the dining room.

Living room and then you can see the hallway to the bathroom and kids room.

Living room taken from front door.

Hallway flooring.

Rotten floor in bathroom, this is the only part that is visible under the flooring but it is also one of the better parts.
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