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Several years ago I was diagnosed with the blood disorder Chronic Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura (ITP). At first I thought it was just a little obstacle to overcome. I soon found out that it was going to be a life changer with debt that as of the time of this posting continues to mount. Luckily for me I have health insurance and an amazing wife that I absolutely adore. This is my story. My journey has been a private one by choice. The disease is just that "a disease" there is no shame or blame. Very few friends or family are aware of my health issues. I've begun to be somewhat of a recluse dealing with an onslaught of medical treatments, surgeries, doctor appointments, and complications. As for employment, it has been out of the question and remains elusive. ITP is treatable usually with the removal of the spleen. I had exhausted all pharmaceutical treatments Prednisone, WinRo, Rytuxan, IVIG, and platelet transfusions too. I don't know if it was harder on me or my wife having to witness the side effects of IV therapy for months. I agreed to surgery with an understanding of the risk factors or so I thought I did. Two months post surgery I found myself back in the hospital with a bad case of Shingles. The look on the doctors' faces were priceless as I kept a smile on all that week knowing I had a high platelet count thinking Shingles would be temporary. On the second of my six day stay in the hospital the doctors discovered I was having a bad reaction to the antiviral medicine and was heading into kidney failure. What a roller coaster ride that week was. Somehow someway dialysis was averted as my kidneys made a rapid recovery. Shingles and recovery would not be that simple . It's been just over two years since my shingles hospital stay and since been diagnosed and dealing with Postherpetic Neuralgia. The nerves effected by the shingles virus have mutated. Treatments have included epidural steroid shots, and a list of pain medicines with the objective being pain management. The pain medicines do help in fact they work so well I unknowingly had appendicitis. In dealing with ITP there are follow up lab appointments to keep up with not only for health but for study being that it is a rare blood disorder. It was on a follow up appointment six weeks ago that my platelets took a dramatic drop. A CT Scan revealed a swollen appendix and I was hospitalized once more for surgery. As for the ITP I am back on a weekly schedule for labs and am in discussion with my doctors about future treatments. So that's it! My story. Everything is now out and in the open. Before this all began I was a provider a husband that lavished his wife with flowers, gifts big and small, vacations, and contributed to the household. Never would I have imagined that I would put my personal business out in the open or that I would ask for help. As for my beautiful wife her answer to the medical bills is overtime and payroll deductions. What an amazing woman.
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