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Grace, Kevin & Jonathan's fund

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Hello everyone,
My name is Daniel Preteau and my wife Jen and I are setting up a Fund me page for three students from a school where I worked.  I would like to introduce you to Grace (19), Kevin (17) and Jonathan (15) who arrived in Canada one year ago from the Congo.  They arrived in Winnipeg in November of 2014 and registered at a highschool where I was principal.  When we registered these three children, my vice-principal Nicole and myself quickly realized that they arrived here in Canada without parents and that both parents were dead.  
Not an easy task to come to Canada as teenagers and learn to live alone, learn a new culture, make new friends, learn a new language etc. without the guidance of parents.  
This is where Nicole's family and mine along with our three children have stepped in,  with support from staff members in the school, our communities and our close friends and family.  We have been able to provide them the essentials to make their appartment their home.  However, despite all the efforts to support them in their new country, they still have a debt of just under $8500.00 they need to pay for their airfare.  This debt is owed to the Canadian government and with a very tight budget and without jobs, these children are having a very difficult time.  I am relying on my friends and network to help support these young adults and help them take care of their debt.  
Lets come together and pool what we can.  Every little bit helps and from the bottom of my heart, we say MERCI!

Dan, Jen, Dee, Ty and Zoé
Nicole, Robert, Justin and Déanne


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Dan Preteau
St Malo, MB

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