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Please Help Me Pay For My Root Canal

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Hi, everyone! My name is Veronika and I'm 24, almost 25. I live in the Boston area. The story: I have epilepsy (cue the picture with all the wires), general anxiety disorder and URGENTLY need a root canal. In Massachusetts Root Canals are NEVER covered by my insurance. Due to my health issues, including multiple grand mal seizures and bad side effects from Topamax (an anti convulsant), I took some time off of school to work only part time. I work at a bookstore, usually about 20 hours a week on 11 bucks an hour and get paid bi-weekly. I also started to get $15 monthly from SNAP. I now live at home, with my god parents (aunt and uncle) who took me in after my mother's death. They do help me very much, and keep me safe. However, none of us has any spare money. My aunt is retired and disabled, my uncle works for uber. I usually make enough to get to next weeks paycheck, providing for myself and paying my due at home. This is why I put off the root canal as much as possible, ignoring the pain. But now my tooth is breaking apart and the dentist told me the root is dying (I feel almost no pain now, which scares me) and I have to have it done ASAP. I am afraid of what will happen if I leave it much longer, and removing it would be very bad for my mouth. I can still save it. But I admit, I need some help. So I am putting aside my pride and asking. The root canal itself is around 600 dollars, which I can afford if I am careful. However, the post and crown are $340 and $1400, which, even with a payment plan, would be almost impossible for me without giving up food and travel money (bus/subway passes) In short, I'm asking for anyone who can to consider getting me to my $1,800(ish) goal. I understand times are hard for everyone, and while the tooth being so bad is partly my own doing, I can only go forward. I appreciate even just reading this. Thank you so much!



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Veronika Rios-Gonzalez
Boston, MA
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