Colorado Gators Scuba Lagoon

Colorado has more scuba divers per capita than any other state, and no place to dive for most of the year.  We are adventurous folks, but the local lakes are too cold and murkey for most of the year.  So we have to go to far away places which requires a lot of time and money.  
With the 87 degree geothermal water resource at Colorado Gators the Young family has grown tropical fish (tilapia) for 40 years and kept alligators since 1987.  Now we want to build a large, warm, and crystal clear lagoon for scuba diving, as well as to house many of the giant pets that pet owners have given us, such as pacu, catfish, and turtles.  It will be far more cost effective for divers to visit for a weekend than take a week long trip to a tropical reef.  And the photo opportunities will be phenomenal.  
Stage one has begun, digging out a hole 30 feet deep and 200 feet in diameter.  Once that is done, the pond will be lined and filled with rocks and boulders, and a series of caves will be built.  The dirtwork, lining, plumbing geothermal water in and out, moving in over 200 tons of rocks, and building caves will cost approximately $20,000.  We hope to finish phase 1 by July, 2016.   
Phase 2 will be to build dressing and equipment rinse facilities.  
Phase 3 will be to cover the entire lagoon with an inflatable dome to keep it warmer year round.   A larger alligator habitat with a giant plexiglass window will allow divers to come face to face with an alligator without danger.  
This project will be beneficial to all divers in Colorado that want a warm, clear water place to dive and see some really cool critters.  
Donate today!  Any diver that donates more than $100 will recieve a one year pass to the lagoon!  Thank you!


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    • $200 
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Jay Young 
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