Help me Save my baby girl.

52897034_1606595737459521_r.jpeg52897034_1606595747373706_r.jpegAs I sit here and think about what to write with tears in my eyes my hands are shaking and my heart is broken.  I dont know where to begin.  We are in a race with time. I'm here asking for a very small amout of money to help save my 24 yr old daughters life. I am going to try and make this as brief as possible. Our family is tiny, we rely on only each other. My daughter has suffered so much loss in her life. In 6th grade she started loosing friends to gun violence, drugs & sucicide.  I think now we are up to 16 senseless deaths, possibly more.  Growing up in the inner city with out a father in her life is absolutely the reason for many of her stuggles. Being raised by a young single mother  who struggled with Mental illness and addiction from a very young age did not give Hailey a fighting chance. I never thought I was in the wrong because she always had my parents.  I was wrong, she needed me. She needed her parents. I put her in dance starting at age 3, we moved around quite a bit. I think she attended 9 different schools from K- 12th grade. At age 7 she attended a fancy dance school in Doral, Florida. Then for 6th grade she attended Cleveland School of the arts for 2 years. Then onto join a prodominat Dance Academy in Rocky River. I knew Hailey had a rough go, but I always tried to give her some little shimmer of happiness through dance. As High school approached and she switched to Rugby her life and her interests switched, honestly seemed like it was for the better. We loved the sport.  (which she aquired about 5 seperate concussions).
At 14 she had a near fatal encounter with one her friends fathers. The father- daughter team fed my baby a mixture of pills ( he said they were anti hangover pills) and alcohol & almost killed her.  She woke up in ger own vomit. We moved quickly with the detectives and was able to obtain all the evidence & We put him in prison for 15 years.  Shortly after that we moved out of state to Colorado where as a family we began to heal. Unfortunately we were not able to stay and we had to move back to Ohio.
  Fast forward to Hailey w/ her 1s boyfriend in  her adult life, he verbally abused her till she felt like nothing. Knocking her down on a daily basis.  Forcing her to take drugs she never would have imagined to only because he told her it would make her lose weight and so she could be more attrative to him. ((( This killed me, she was and still is  Stunning & he looked 5xs his age and was disgusting- Im not even exaggerating ))) This took her away from us. This is where she began her deccent into the darkness. This is where she lost her self esteem, her self worth, her self love. He complete self image was destroyed. This is where she learned to live and hide in the darkness. This is where she learned the magical distruction of what drugs actually could do.  This is where she learned to mask her pain. She was living between his parents house & her grandparents house. Hurting her grandparents in ways Hailey would have never ever done had she been in her right mind. This went on for about a year till one night he was driving her car without a licence & insurance and she was trying to break up with him and he did not like  that,  so he drove them straight into a tree. The airbag snapping her left forarm & doing permanent damage. He ran from the scene & left Hailey alone injured & terrified. Hailey was left responsible for the damages.  Moving forward not even a full year later Hailey meets bad guy #2 . Right away we knew this was not going to end well. It started fast. Huge intensity & they matched eachothers ability to drink & take pills to mask all of thier pain and problems. This kid had many run ins with the law, he was even on the news for being a porch pilot during the holidays... Well it didnt take long before he was driving car number two on the highway while they were both intoxicated they were arguing, she was suppose to be in her way home to me, it was raining and they were driving in the middle lane and for whatever crazy reason she told him they were done. That didn't go over so well so he (with no licence & no insurance) decided to throw the car left  into the cement median in the highway. The airbag reinjuring her same left arm and he pushed her out so he could slide over and made her tell the EMS she was driving.  In the hospital he threatened to kill her if she told anyone the truth. So she didnt. Totaling her second car & aquiring a total of 26 on her licence.  She did manage to meet bad guy #3 but he only threatened her with a gun a few times.... So I finally was able to get her to move next door to me where she has been working and keeping a job but still having many issues with drinking.  Shes currently been on a medical leave for the last 2 or 3 mo. now and now has found her way back up to Cleveland to Bad guy #2 again... A year after she has been away from him and now I am more terrified then ever for her. She thinks she invincible. She does not fear death and she talks way to often about not going on with her life. Her Depression/ Anxeity and PTSD are off the charts.  She thinks her angles are carrying her so nothing she does will kill her.  She has been to treatment and made it through 30 days. A year ago.  Now here we are again.  I have been blessed to have 10 years of recovery from opiates behind me.  Life will never be perfect for us. But we are strong. We are extreamly close and we never give up. Everyday can be a struggle if we allow it.  Everyday we chose to fight it. I pray one day to open a Holistic Healing Center for women who struggle like we do w/ Domestic violence, Addiction & Mental Illness.  Now here comes the good stuff Nov. 2,2020 I get a job at a local Rehab.  I am pretty excited. It one of those really fancy ones that people like us only can dream of going. Fancy rehabs like this are too far out of our reach... So I thought.  Well, 2 weeks into my new job as a Rehab Coach I started asking questions.  It was hard for me to do my job when I knew my Baby girl was out there struggling. I didn't think it was fair, I was helping all these people and I couldn't even help my own baby girl.  So I called the admissions number to see what I could do to help my baby get the help she needs. That call went surprisingly well & much faster then I thought. Here is the God stuff:  The rehab costs $1,000 a day.  Its a 30 day program so its $30,000 they have offered to help pay the $27,000 and I am responsible for the $3,000.  Pardon me for one second,  I'm a numbers gal, My Dad, Hailey's Papa passed away on 3/27 last year and he passed in room 333.  See all those similarities. I know he is carrying her through this. I also know there is only so much he can do.  So with all that being said, that brings me to the purpose of why I am here today asking for $4,000.  We need that $3,000 to get her checked in ASAP.  I am asking for the extra $1,000 to help with her bills and expenses like airfair to Texas and back. They have appproved her 30 day with no insurance I just need to come up this little amount that doesn't seem like much in comparrison .... But thanks to Covid 2020 I have been in my bed quarentined for the last week.  I acquired covid while working at my new job in the 1st 3 weeks.  Talk about irony.  Not only were we not able to be together for Thanksgiving, Hailey spent it alone with bad guy #2 and with no dinner.  Please help me save my baby. If I lost her my life would lose half its meaning. She has a 9 year old brother that prays for her every night.  I dont know what loosing her would look like for our family.  I lost my best friend, my neighbor since birth in 2005 to an overdose and I see how her Mother has had to go on & I don't wish that type of life on anyone.  We have come so far. I CAN'T GIVE UP HOPE YET.
I would like add, I had her home, sober since Aug till Oct 30, when we learded her cousin who we had helped care for till age 5 , left rehab and just hours later was dropped off at a hospital then life flighted because he overdosed & passed away. I had him before I gave birth to her. They were close. That has been what sent her back out most recently. Now this is why I am fearing for her life & why I am so desperate to get her into this rehab.  If you made it this far, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can't imagine what its like to lose a child. I dont want too. Any help you can offer will be part of her miracle. Our miracle. Please help me save my baby.

I've included a few  pictures of her with her Papa, & her brother on top of a Mountian in the middle of the Rockies52897034_1606596247568297_r.jpegand her little cousin Wayne who we just lost to an overdose. Also a pic of her that I hate so much. She thought it was funny. It breaks my heart to see that pic of her passed out with her friends. That guy is a another one of her friends she recently lost to gun violence last year. She has had so much loss. Please help her find find something to look forward too.  I would like to add, shes absolutely on board with going but does not believe she will beable to because we dont have the $3000. 


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